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How the site works...

First and foremost, the Cullen Genealogy Homepage is a personal homepage, not a commercial enterprise as some of the internet search engines will report. I sell nothing here - I have no products for you to buy. The Cullen Genealogy Homepage started out very small with the information I had on my own Cullen family and it grew over time to encompass Cullen family histories and documentation from all over the world and from innumerable sources. All of this was made possible through contributions of family information and other material from my many visitors. There is no possible way I could have come up with this wealth of Cullen Family knowledge on my own - I can barely keep up just posting all of it! This sharing of information has proven to be the key to the success of the site. I've had many people ask me, "What can I do to help?" Keep sharing, keep searching, keep in touch!

No page on this site is really completed. They all grow over time from bits and pieces of information that are continuously coming in by way of your e-mail. I'm often complimented on the wealth of family history to be found on-site but it's all of you who should be receiving these compliments because you are the ones who created the collection! I do try to give credit by placing your names at the tops of the pages you have contributed to and I plan to continue doing this. Anything you read at the Cullen Genealogy Homepage may be added to. Just send me an e-mail with the information that you have and I will post it. Your name goes up with the others at the top of the page as a token of my appreciation for the help you've given me.

The Awards Page - YOUR Page

Have you taken a look at the Awards Page recently? You should since the awards belong to you. I could not have acquired them without your help and so they are to be shared equally by everyone who has ever lent a hand in the creation of this site.

Site Maintenance

Since this site is maintained by only one person and requires some effort to keep it going, I've had to implement some unusual methods in order for me to be able to continue site maintenance on my own. Please read the following so that there will be no misunderstanding concerning the guidelines I have set for the site:

I receive many e-mails requesting help in the search for lost Cullen relatives. These messages are very much appreciated and I've done my best in the past to do all the research myself but I am often not able to keep up. Your e-mails, which often contain useful genealogical information, can become misplaced, lost in a drive crash (I've had several), or deleted by mistake. Also, your e-mails are not available to anyone besides myself. With these things in mind, I must make the requirement that your request be made available to others through the Posting Pages before I take any further action with it. Why is that? (1) This site is backed up on floppy disk as well as on the computer; your post is unlikely to be lost. (2) This site is searchable from the Site Map thanks to the services of HotBot and therefore your post is able to be searched for keywords such as surnames and locations, etc.; you are then far more likely to be contacted by someone who has the information you need. Visitors come from all over the world and are able to provide help in ways that I will never be able to. The Posting Pages are ideal in this case. You may even post a reply to any post you find. (3) I myself am a visitor to my own site and I will often use the site search feature to locate information for others if they have not been able to find it. E-mail is difficult or impossible to search. (4) Time considerations: it takes so much time to keep up with the e-mail requests that I'm unable to develop this site in the way that I would like. The work of site development is very important and makes the Cullen Genealogy Homepage more useful to everyone.

If you already make posts to this site or if you are already a regular correspondent, then absolutely nothing has changed! Requests concerning my own line of Cullens in Nottinghamshire, England and Co Leitrim, Ireland will of course be answered immediately since I can probably help you there. I will still read the mail that comes in without a posting request but I may not be able to respond unless I know of the Cullens you are looking for or am able to help you in some other way, given the time that I have available.

To make a post to my site, go to the Posting Pages, where you will find the latest postings and an index of links to individual posting pages for the Irish Counties (as well as other locations). There will be a link at the top of each posting page which provides an e-mail form with the subject already filled in. This e-mail is the request form. If your browser cannot use the e-mail links, just be sure to put the word Post in the subject line of your e-mail.

In the works right now is a page that will walk you through the steps I usually follow in processing your requests. You'll be shown how to do the simple genealogical searches that I would normally do for each and every e-mail request received. This will save even more time and will also help you with your research into family names other than Cullen.

Information in any form that you wish to share and will be of some use to other Cullen researchers is very much appreciated and I will always take the time to find a home on this site for your contributions. There are several pages on this site now that have been created by other Cullen family members. They have contributed much data in the form of Cullen Family Histories, data pages, and other items of interest. This feature is what makes this site truly unique. I've actually turned over the maintenance of these pages to their respective owners. Their names (and often their e-mail addresses as well) are listed at the tops of the pages. These types of contributions are the most appreciated and I find that they generate the greatest response from my visitors. Seriously consider creating a page for your Cullen Family History on this site; with visitors coming in from all over the world, it may well be the best form of "research" you can do!

I am currently (Aug 31,1999) working on an integrated history of the various septs in Ireland that have resulted in a branch of the Cullen family. If you are interested in contributing what you know to this project, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Arachnophilia! Site Creation and History Arachnophilia!

First of all I'd like to mention the software I used to build my site. I happened across a program offered through a unique concept called Careware. The program is called Arachnophilia. In genealogy work, one deals with a lot of text so the RTF to HTML conversion available with this program is a lifesaver. RTF is a format supported by Windows' Wordpad, so you just need to resave your file as RTF and change the extension. Some knowledge of HTML is required to take full advantage of this program. If you've ever entered code by hand as I did, then you've got what it takes. Download and installation is painless. I've had no problem with the program at all and it is well worth the price. Price? No, not money but you'll have to visit the site to learn more about what Careware means! Visit http://www.arachnoid.com

My homepage was originally meant to provide a home for my own Cullen Family History on the Internet. I started my research when I was twenty-one on a visit to the cemetary in Castalia, Ohio. There I found an old broken gravemarker a short distance from the rest of the Cullens. With some work I was able to read the inscription and realized that the man buried there was a Cullen; Enos Cullen. I couldn't read the rest but could make out a date that seemed to be 1870. I asked around in the family but no one seemed to know who Enos was! It took me a year to do it but I found out with the help of a distant relative that Enos Cullen was my third great-grandfather. I've been at it ever since; tracing back into Lincolnshire to the 1750's, back into Nottinghamshire in the early 1600's, and finding other family connections in England, Ireland, Scotland, and around the world. A year ago or so I got a computer and started typing in the information that's on this website. I started small but since then I've spread out a bit. The growth has been a bit bewildering but well worth the effort.

A good portion of the Cullen Genealogy Homepage is devoted to the known relations of my Cullen family, which is sizable. Most of these connections originated with a notation in the International Genealogical Index at the LDS Library. John F. Atterton researched the same Cullen families that I'm working on now. These same families are documented in the book "The Rude Forefathers" by Francis West, in a chapter concerning the life of the Yeoman Farmer in early Nottinghamshire. The source of Francis West's information was a set of old parish registers that he had found stashed away in the parish church and, since so many Cullens were documented in the registers, Mr. West chose the Cullen Family as the subject of the chapter on a yeoman's life. The result of these early researcher's efforts was that many have connected to this same core group of Cullens and have helped tremendously in documenting their descendants.

I've now taken on other Cullen families that are not known to be related but are well enough documented to deserve a place of their own. This part of the work has been the most rewarding and I plan to continue with collecting various other Cullen family histories as long as I have this site on line. At this point in time, it can only be said that these other Cullen families may or may not be related with varying degrees of likelihood. Still, it is likely that most Cullens are related if you dig back far enough - finding the connection though can be a challenge. This is not disturbing. If it were not for the people I met online while working on the Cullen family history, these 'possibilities' would not even exist. I used to have only a handful of fellow researchers working on the Cullen surname; now there are dozens of them. Talk about feeling right at home!

Site Mechanics

The concept for the clickable family trees came from Jim Perrin, who is related to the Cullen family through a connection several generations back. He had sent me a photocopied chart of the early families of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. I had always been confused about those families and how they were related but upon looking at the chart he sent me, it all became much clearer. I then thought how this same thing could be made to work on a webpage using clickable image maps in the form of a family tree. I stripped down my site (again) and recoded it to include the family data in just such a format. I believe it has turned out quite nicely and is different than what I have seen on the web so far (part of my personality that just can't be helped - doing things just a little differently).

The graphics on the site are nearly all my own creations. The software used to create them are: Windows 95 Paint for most work, Adobe Photodeluxe for some effects and GIF89a conversion, and Magnalux Ultimate Paint for some effects and some of the JPG conversions. Use of the GIF89a format is most common on my site. The graphics found on the core set of pages would actually require JPEG conversion (GIF files being more appropriate for the simple color fields of "cartoon" graphics) but I used the GIF file format due to file size constraints.

The HTML is coded by hand whenever possible! I use Windows 95 Notepad and Wordpad to do the editing. Arachnophilia is used for RTF conversion and for the creation of tables. I still edit the results by hand in Wordpad with the search and replace functions to reduce the file size. For now I am sticking with the conventions laid out for HTML 3.2 and using only those tags and attributes common to both MS Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. When using any more exotic coding such as cgi script, I provide alternate means to gain access to the same information using the HTML guidelines above.

Page size has always been a concern for me. I have tried to keep the size of the pages to a minimum in order to speed up the download process. Now, there is a lot of information on my site and the only way I can find to reduce the download time is to increase the number of pages! In a way this is a good thing; you download only those items you choose and save some time waiting for the pages to load. The down side to this is that it means more work for me just to keep track of it all. Not a problem. After a while, the process of creating and integrating new pages into the site becomes routine and tricks to speed up the process have been learned along the way. As usual my approach is a little different than most but I find it's the way that works best for me.

Doing things just a little differently has caused a few problems as well! I hadn't planned on the site becoming so large and so the simple navigational system I had in the beginning quickly broke down. My site now weighs in at just over one hundred pages and I have finally decided that a simple navigational bar would be the best approach after a failed attempt at a graphical (some would say Saturnian) navigational tool. This has added 1K of code per page, meaning the site increases in size by about 100K. My site is just over a meg and a half so we're talking about 6 percent of the coding devoted to navigation alone. Sure, I could use frames but that's something I want to stay away from if I possibly can. The 6 percent is a small price to pay for easy access to site content. If there ever is another major change to the site layout, it will be due to the new Style Sheet idea. Watch for this to develop over time since it is an ideal enviroment for people to handle large numbers of web pages with very little effort.

And finally, to everyone who has helped make this website what it is today . . . Thank You!

Copyright Act Considerations

Please note that a large amount of the genealogical information in these pages was originally researched, compiled, and provided through the hard work, time, expense, and good graces of sharing relatives. We have been compiling information on our families from common and public materials, i.e., U.S. Census, Birth, Death, and Marriage Certificates, Land Records, Deeds, Family Bibles, personal and business papers of our parents and grandparents, etc. Many of the contributing cousins privately published books, at their own expense, to make sure information on our families are documented and passed on. This has truly been a labor of love and gratitude for all involved, and we do it as a hobby and for the information of all our relatives.

All readers must be cautioned that a lot of the same information on our family members can also be found in commercial publications that are copyrighted by unrelated authors and publishers - - only to make money. Some of these people "demand" that we obtain their prior "permission" to use our own family information - - and have threatened to sue for royalties if we use "their" genealogical information on "our" family or family members. To preclude such U.S. Copyright Act infringement claims, please be advised that your verbatim copying of published works that was "originated by the author" is illegal without having written permission from the copyright owners. You are, however, by that same U.S. Copyright Act, entitled to "Fair Use" of copyrighted information. You can do this as long you don't copy any of their work verbatim, claim their work as your own, or use their "originated works" for your financial gain.

FOR THE RECORD: If you are a relative of mine, through blood or marriage, you have my unconditional permission to copy and use anything that I have originated. Moreover, any and all of my relatives are welcome and encouraged to pass on to any other relative, any bit of information I found on our family FREE OF ANY ROYALTY CLAIMS. I only ask that you do so without receiving financial gain, and to make the receiving family member aware of this notice.

Jim Roache was kind enough to forward this and, since I agree with it, I have posted it here as well. It would be a good idea for anyone involved in any type of research (not just genealogy) to read these copyright guidelines at least once!

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