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Cullen Families of Armagh
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Extracts of Poor Law Records in Glasgow - Cullen Families of Armagh

Date April 11, 1901
Michael Cullen age 37 born in Armagh, Labourer, RC
Married Nov 26 1888 St Laurence Chapel ,Greenock, Scotland
Father Francis Cullen, Labourer
Mother Sarah Nipe both of Blunddle Grange Armagh
Wife Mary McDade age 35 born in Donegal
Father Patrick McDade (Deceased)
Mother Bridget Donnelly (Deceased)
Michael suffered from Enteric Fever and was admitted to Hospital.
Record ends February 25, 1930 'Admitted to Stobhill Hospital Bronchitis.

Date September 27, 1899
Patrick Cullen age 51 born in Armagh Parish of Clonfeacle, Masons Labourer, RC
Married November 26, 1877 Armagh
Father Hugh Cullen, a Nailer (Deceased)
Mother Ann Haggerty resides in Blackwaterstown, Armagh
Wife Margaret McVey age 41 born in Armagh
Father Edward McVey, Labourer (Deceased)
Mother Mary Mullen residing in Ireland
Patrick suffers from Pleurisy as certified by Dr Cullen. He came to Scotland at age 18 and at one time had a Cab on Glasgow South Side.
Record Ends April 10. 1924 - Senile Debility.

Date January 24, 1900
Hugh Cullen age 46 born in Armagh Parish of Clonfeacle, Cabman, RC
Father Hugh Cullen , Nailer (Deceased)
Mother Ann Haggerty, resides in Blackwaterstown, Armagh
Wife Bridget McGraw age 44 born in Rosscommon
Father James McGraw (Deceased)
Mother Bridget McParlane (Deceased)
Hugh was suffering from Cancer the family house was measured at 2 paces by nine paces and his wife requested he be removed to the Poor House Hospital.
Taken to Hospital January 24, 1900 died January 29, 1900 'Buried by Friends'

Date May 28, 1897
William Cullen age 67 born in Drumnasue, Armagh, Cabman, RC
Father John Cullen, Weaver (Deceased)
Mother Rose Ann Marlow (Deceased)
1'st Wife Ann Kennedy
2'nd Wife Marion McFarlane Roulaud
William had failing eyesight and had age related problems. A newspaper article attached to the file describes him as 'Glasgows oldest Cabman 50 years a Driver' and shows a photo of him. William died November 19, 1907.

May 25, 1880
William Cullen age 30 born in Loughgall, Armagh, Railwayman, RC
Married 7 years ago in St John's Chapel by Father Val Chisholm
Father John Cullen, Labourer
Mother Mary McKenna both residing in Loughgall,Armagh
Wife Mary Ann Downie
Father John Downie, Gas Works Labourer
Mother Elizabeth Taggart both residing 3 Francis St, Glasgow
Children: William left his home on Saturday fortnight to attend a 'raffle' in Bedford St. he got drunk there and was afterwards seen at 9:30pm the same night. His body found in Canal afterwards. He was a Waggon Marker with Caledonian Railway Co earning 23/6 per week.
Mary Ann Downie or Cullen died March 21,1885 age 35.

Date July 19, 1895
James Cullen age 35 years, born in Tullamore Co Armagh, Carter, RC
Married St Margarets Church December 31, 1883 by Rev Father McIntosh
Father James Cullen, labourer, (Deceased)
Mother Catherine Cullen (Same Surname) residing in Tullamore
Wife Mary Garvie age 30 born Carfin Scotland
Father John Garvie , Tinsmith (Deceased)
Mother Mary Givan (Deceased)
Children: James fractured his leg in a collision with a Tramcar and his cart.

Date January 27 1893
Hugh Cullen age 53 born in Teague Co Armagh, Labourer, RC
Father John Cullen, Labourer (Deceased)
Mother Margaret Daly (Deceased)
Hugh resided with Mrs McKillen 35 Fleming St she requested his removal to Poor House. She said that he had not left Govan for more that 18 months in the last 26 years. He had not worked for 9 months and was in general decline.
Hugh died in Poor House February 19, 1893

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