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The Family of John F. Atterton
Jim Cullen

John Francis Atterton: A name that has been a constant companion of the name Cullen since I started researching over a decade ago. Mr. Atterton's research is notated in the Mormon IGI for the Cullens of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, England. Until recently, no one had a clue who John F. Atterton was or what happened to his original research notes. The IGI has been very helpful but there is much that the IGI is not telling. Mr. Atterton's notes (if they still exist) should help to explain the connections he evidently found for the various families of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire to the Cullen families in Co Leitrim. This page will be updated as more information becomes available.

Grantham, Lincolnshire: The birthplace of John F. Atterton. This location is central for the Cullen families of Lincolnshire as well. Mr. Atterton evidently stayed in the area - he was married at Gainsborough in 1900 to his wife, Ellen. He died in 1966 in Chehalis, Washington. Mr. Atterton submitted his Cullen research material during the 20's and 30's and it's assumed that he carried out research both in England and the US. I am currently trying to contact the family or anyone who knows more of the Atterton family in the Northwestern United States.

Family Tree: Assembled from the Ancestral File located at the LDS Library and from Cullen research carried out by other branches of the family in England.

William Atterton was born in 1847 in Leicester, England, the son of John & Susan Atterton of Stanford, Lincolnshire. William Atterton married Fanny Fincham on November 4, 1873 and they had eight children. Sometime between 1895 when their last child was born in Lincolnshire and 1903 when William Atterton died in Utah, USA, at least some of the family emigrated to the United States. The children of William and Fanny (Fincham) Atterton were:

Note on Fanny Fincham: Fanny Fincham was born 09Jan1857 in Newark, Nottinghamshire, to parents Francis and Anne (Cullen) Fincham. Francis Fincham (04Aug1834-29Sep1903) married Anne Cullen on 12Nov1853. This Anne Cullen is the connection between the Cullen and Atterton Families. Anne was born 27Jul1832 at Brant Broughton, Lincs., to parents John and Peninah (Ellis) Cullen. The Brant Broughton Cullens are a well known branch of the Cullen Family from Upton, Nottinghamshire. You can read more of the Cullens from Brant Broughton and their connection to the main family line of Upton.

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