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Awards we have received
The Cullen Genealogy Homepage began applying for awards on February 14,1999.

The IAWMD is the International Association of Webmasters and Designers, the leading association of IT and web professionals on the internet, now serving its members in over 130 countries worldwide. Among the sponsors and affiliates are some of the worlds largest and most respected companies such as General Electric, Microsoft, and Hertz. The IAWMD also sponsors the Golden Web Awards, with the association members voting on submitted sites. The Cullen Genealogy Homepage has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2001-2002 Golden Web Award, displayed here to be shared by everyone who has made this site a great success.

Many thanks to the folks at Quatec for the Site Design Award. We should be proud of this one. In a database of 50 million plus websites, a link search turned up a mere 482 pages with this award!

Doras, the world's most comprehensive directory of Irish and Irish-related websites, has awarded us with a Three Shamrock Rating. Each site is thoroughly reviewed before even being listed but their care assures quality. For a young site such as mine, 3 out of 5 Shamrocks is a great compliment! Doras provided the following review of the Cullen Genealogy Homepage:
"This well organised and informative site profiles the origins of the Cullen family, beginning with the
Norman invasion of Ireland in 1169. The main genealogy chart traces the family name back to the early
eighteenth century, and the site also features a number of nineteenth century Dublin directories, and
a useful guestbook for queries. The site is user-friendly and effectively designed."

Receiving Local Ireland's Recommended stamp of excellence is a compliment that is very much appreciated. "A local heart with a global beat", Local Ireland is one of my favorite sources of Irish news and information. Reproduced here is Local Ireland's kind review of the Cullen Genealogy Homepage:
"The Cullen Genealogy Homepage has been awarded the Local Ireland Recommended stamp of excellence. Based on exemplary design, quality of information, user-friendly navigation and overall website excellence, The Cullen Genealogy Homepage is now included in the Local Ireland listings of Irish websites. " - Nov 25, 1999

Note Concerning Site Awards: There are literally hundreds of awards available for site design, content, etc. Though an award for our site is a very nice compliment, it would not be so meaningful if one finds that the award is given too freely! I would not apply for an award unless I thought the organization would truly grade a site based on its merit. I support the above awarding sites in that I have found them to have genuine interest in the quality of web pages on the Internet and have been around long enough to speak with some authority. Any award this site receives is to be shared equally with the contributors and other visitors to the Cullen Genealogy Homepage. Your efforts often exceed my own - Congratulations to all of you!

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