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HomepageCullen: Recorded Deaths
in Co Belfast
from the research notes of Gar Cullen

Gar has many years of research into his Cullen Genealogy and has been very gracious in sharing his notes with us. His specific interest is currently the ancestry of Ambrose Cullen, son of James Cullen a stone mason. Ambrose was born abt 1823 and married Ann Jane Niblock 19 Dec 1850 in Belfast. A son James was born 11 April 1852. Ambrose married again to Jane Tracey and had a daughter Jane born 16 Jan 1854. There is a suspicion that James the stone mason may have been from Co Wicklow. The names Cullen and Tracey are both common there. You can read the full query on the Co Wicklow posting page. If anyone is able to help with this family, please contact either Gar or myself.

Below are records of deaths of persons named Cullen in Co Belfast. Entries are ordered alphabetically by forename and then by year of recorded death. Below the table is a list of the sources for Gar's material.

Alice Jane1 Jan188311882 
Ann2 Jan1895521843 
Anne3 Jan1885651820 
Bernard 1875761799 
Catherine 1867291838 
Catherine 1869   
Catherine2 Jan1883701813 
Charles 1873631810 
Daniel3 Jan1887501837 
Denis Edward3 Jan1879   
Edward 1864731791 Belfast Parish
Edward4 Jan1891721819 
Elizabeth 186851863 
Elizabeth1 Jan1891621829 
Ellen3 Jan1895571838 
Emily Margaret4 Jan1891581833 
Francis 186591856 Belfast Parish
George Frances 187521873 
Henry 187011869 
James2 Nov1858281830Newsletter 9 Nov 1858
Addr: 2 Hamilton St
James 186681858 
James1 Jan1878221856 
James3 Jan1880141866 
James4 Jan188351878 
James1 Jan1893   
James2 Jan1893   
James3 Jan1896471849 
James2 Jan189921897 
James 1910541856from Rathdrum. letter
James GerardMar1905   
Jane 1873371836 
Jane16 Nov1873371836Widow, Housekeeper.
Addr: Workhouse
Jane1 Jan1885251860 
Jane1 Jan1891511840 
John4 Jan1879121867 
John2 Jan188111880 
John2 Jan1883371846 
John3 Jan1885671818 
John1 Jan1889161873 
John4 Jan1891501841 
Joseph 187041866 
Joseph1 Jan189511894 
Joseph3 Jan1895431852 
Lillian2 Jan1889   
Lucy1 Jan1891361855 
Margaret1 Jan1879431836 
Margaret3 Jan1893   
Margaret4 Jan1895   
Margaret Jane 1870   
Mary 1868701798 
Mary 1868691799 
Mary Ann1 Jan1885121873 
Mary Ann2 Jan189591886 
Mary JaneSep1903131890 
Patrick2 Jan1881281853 
Patrick1 Jan1889   
Patrick17 Mar1901  Linen measurer
Prudence4 Jan1885421843 
Rosina 187321871 
Samuel2 Jan188511884 
Sarah 1869621807 
Sarah 1870381832 
Sarah1 Jan1893301863 
Sarah JaneMar1903   
Sarah Teresa2 Jan1879111868 
Theresa 1870171853 
Thomas3 Jan1889521837 
Thomas FrancisMar190511904 
Timothy 1870521818 
William 1877701807 
William3 Jan1893   

List of sources for the research notes:

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