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HomepageDescendants of Nicholas and
Margaret (Toole) Cullen
of Castalia, Erie Co., Ohio
Jim Cullen

Nicholas Cullen (1819-1905) was born in Ireland and married Margaret Toole (1831-1899) about the year 1852. According to the 1860 census, their first four children were born in Ireland, the youngest being only 1 year old. This puts the arrival of the family into Ohio just before the census or about 1859. However, the obituary for Nicholas Cullen implies that the family arrived prior to 1840. Nicholas had at least one brother, John Cullen of Venice, who came to the US with him. Information on the descendants of Nicholas and Margaret was obtained from newspaper obituaries, monument inscriptions, and the census. The family still lives in the area around Castalia, Ohio.

Nine children are recorded:

Nicholas Patrick Cullen (1861-1932) married Elizabeth W. Lipp (1869-1949). Said to have been residents of Fostoria as of 1905. In 1926 the family lived in Bloomingville. Nicholas, a well-known resident of Oxford Twp, passed away in 1932. Burial was in St. Joseph's Cemetary. Pallbearers were: Albert Byers, Fred Schnee, John McCann, William Mack, William Laws and Alphonse Riedy. In 1949, when Mrs. Cullen passed away, this couple had 15 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. The pallbearers at Mrs. Cullen's funeral were all grandsons; Leo, Vincent, Charles, James, Jack and Thomas Cullen. Burial was in St. Joseph's Cemetary in Sandusky, Ohio.

Five children are recorded:

William J. Cullen (1897-1964) married Catherine McCann (1895-1960).

Seven children are recorded:

I have not taken the time as yet to trace this family out any further. I know that this line of Cullen is not related (directly) to mine but they are in the area so I've included the information I do have on them for anyone who can make any use of it. I have heard that relatives somewhere outside of town may have already done a family history on this very branch but I have not located them.

John Cullen, brother of Nicholas Cullen (1819-1905)

From the 1860 census of Ohio we find John Cullen, aged 35 (born in Ireland), and wife Mary, aged 34 (born in Ireland), living in the city of Sandusky. At this time five children are listed: Mary (age 11) born in Mass., John (age 10) born in Mass., James (age 4) born in (Ill?), Kate (age 2) born in (Ill?), and Peter (age 8mo) born in (Ill?).

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