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HomepageSurname Cullen in
Irish Records: Part II
Felix Soden

Betham wills: 1538-1680
series 1/book 9/C

page 170
James Cullen , Gent
Esq. 1 Nov, 1672
Elizabeth Cullon
Walter Aspoll
shield with 3 heads ,helmet in the middle and 3 flowers below

The arms were penned in in ink for James Cullen by Betham or one of his secretaries, Betham being one of Ireland's foremost genealogists.

page 38
Pat Cullen
gent of Armagh
3 apr. 1620
son in law (Richard has been stroked through) Nell Mc Gooden(?)

page 156
Sir Hugh Cullan Knt. of Clergh Water
14 May 1630 - 1 Dec 1630
wife Marie(?)
son Arthur
daughter Jane
son in law John Edgeworth
brother Philip
dau ann
2nd son Hugh
3rd son Philip

page 89
Gabriel Cullen of Ballydoorigh, Co. Wicklow
25 June 1653
son in law George

Betham Wills: 1700-1737
National Archives,Dublin

11C/, 2/434/1, volume 12, pages 42/45/173

page 42
Number 134 Matthew Cullen of Roskeen in La.??? Co.
5 May 1742, 19 May 1743
son John
- Matthew
- crest done here
shield with either bird or man on top
below if a hand
below 2/ symbol/3
below 3 flowers

page 45
Number 146
Patrick Cullen of Skreeny in Co. Leitrim
5 August 1744, 13 October 1744
Daughter Gissell wife of – Nixon
wife Isabella
Daughter-in-law wife of – Dundass
1st son John
- Patrick
- dau. Margaret Carter??
- son James Cullen Deceased???
- dau. Isabella

page 173
Number 571
Daniel Cullen of Dublin Apothecary
18 November 1756, 1760
sister Elizabeth
wife Margaret

Betham Wills: 1778-1791
National Archives,Dublin

2/434/1, volume 14, page 44

page 44
Number 223
Richard Cullen of Bolahugh als Quinnfield??
in Clonard in the west of Meath
Oct. 1778, 25 May 1781
Wife Mary Hevey??
Son Joseph
Daughter Mary - Segrave??
- Marg
- son Richard
- d-i-l Anne Doyle alias Hevey alias Cullen??

Betham Wills: 1792-1799
National Archives,Dublin

volume 15, page 34

page 34
Number 90
- James Cullen of Dublin
- Grant 1/9/1791, 1794
- directed his estate to be sold and the money to be appropriated to the providing a school in Monkstown in the county of Dublin and also to provide a parish school for St. Thomas Parish , Dublin.

Betham Wills: Unsorted
National Archives,Dublin

2/434/5 vol 9, pp 30,56: vol 10, pp 36,153
vol 11, pp 14,74,142,159

vo. 9/page 30/nr.90
Cullen Richard of Dublin to
James Cullen Esq. the brother
administration granted 9/5/1667

vol.9/p 56/nr.160
Cullen Richard of Kilkenny
to Katherine Cullen als Doleard???the sister
ad.gr. 14 Feb. 1674

vol 10/p36/nr.108
Patrick Cullen of Andrinullen ???, Meath
to Garrett Cullen , Andremullen , Meath , farmer the brother
Ellis Cullen the sister
Ad. gr. 29/11/1714

vol 10/p153/nr.351
Cullen George , Kinnegad Westmeath
to John Twigg , Dublin alderman and Print Auditor
Alicia Cullen the widow , relict
Ad. gr. 3/12/1739

Cullen George , Kinnegad, Westmeath , merchant to
Francis Foster , Dublin Brewer and Creditor
Alice Molloy , als Cullen
administration granted 14/8/1742
wife of John Molloy
merchant relict

vol.11.p 74/nr.220
Cullen Geo . Athboy , Meath
farmer to Patrick Hagan ,Dublin - Victualler and Creditor
Mary Moore orin. Manlay orin Cullen the dau
Ad Gr. 22/12/1752

vol.11/p142/nr. 360
Cullen Thomas , Mariner
Tillbury Indiaman to Patrick Cullen the father
Ad. gr. 4/11/1761

vol 11/p159/nr.393
Cullen John of Clonegath , Kildare
farmer to Jan Colgan the uncle of Mary Cullen

ROD Will Abstracts by Ellis and Eustace

3 wills for Cullen
Darby, page 246
Jas., page 246
Mary, page 246

Heighington Robert
Cross Keys, Co. Dublin
not date
full ½ p.
10 Dec 1800
To be interred in Donard

To my natural daughter Mary Heighington the sum of £10 to be raised out of my lands and no more. To the Hr. Executors, Administrators, and Assigns of Rebecca Hoyle one shilling and no more. To my beloved niece Mary Cullen, otherwise Valentine, my yearly interest out of the Wine Tavern held by lease for three years from the Earl of Aldoborough an all arrears due thereby by Motley Hoyle, and the cock of hay in Burgge Co. Dublin and all chattels.

Exec: Jas. Cullen and Darby Cullen

Witnesses Peter Kieran and Pat Doyle and Lane all of Morginstown Co Dublin.

John 394
will of John Bell
John Cullen is a witness to this and William Lahey Mullaghboy, Cavan

Luke 567
will of Thomas Byrne ,Kiltygl......Wicklow
Luke Cullen is a witness

Crossle Wills

James Cullen
Screeny Co. Leitrim
abstract with Kilmore
dated 14/5/1742
v. Beatty /vol p

Graduates of Trinity College in Dublin
List of the 'Alumni'

Notes: This is a surprising source of family information. The date entered is given along with the age of the student at that time. Further, the father is listed in many cases along with the County of residence. The Cullens of Leitrim appear frequently. 'Pen' means pensioner, but this seems to have had a meaning other than the modern definition.
Vern. is autumn and Aest. is Summer
Juris Consultus / lawyer
Tribunus Militum, tribune of the soldiers, military officer.

Cullen, Carncross S.C
Tutored by Mr. F. D. Kenny
entered 2/11/1770 at 16
son of Jonah, clericus
born Co. Kilkenny
1698 BA Vern
Cullen, Charles
1631 BA Vern
1631 Fellow
1635 MA
1664/26/9 DD
Dean of St. Canice’s
Cullen, Edmund, Pen.
Tutored by Dr. Benson
8/7/1767 (NFP)
Scholar, 1770
BA Vern, 1772
MB & MD Aest. .1793
See Allibone
Cullen, Francis, Pen.
Tutored by Mr. R. Gwynne
7/7/1823 at 18 years
son of James, defunctus, Leitrim
Cullen, James, Pen. (PT)
1/6/1846 at 20 years
son of John, Tribunus Militum,
defunctus, Leitrim
Cullen, John, Pen.
Tutored by Mr. Smith
17/1/1835 at 16 years
son of John, Generosus
b. Leitrim
Cullen, Patrick, Pen.
Tutored by Mr. Paisley
8/7/1765 (NFP)
BA Vern, 1770
Cullen, Edmund, Pen.
Tutored by Mr. Grehan
2/7/1841 at 18 years
son of John James, Mohill
born Leitrim
Cullen, Robert, Pen.
Tutored by Mr. Boldaunt
15/5/1750 at 15 years
son of Robert, Physicus
born Queen’s Co.
Cullen, William, Rev.
Tutored by Mr. Coghlan
6/11/1826 at 16 years
son of Michael, Jurisconsultus
born Dublin.

Convert Rolls, Edited by Eileen O'Byrne, 1981
Irish Manuscripts Commission


certifed and enrolled 21/3/1765 (A)
Cullen Mrs. Alicia ,parish St. John
conformity 17/3/1765(B)
Cullen , Barbara
see Moynehan Barbara
page 205
certified 26/2/1776
enrolled 25/3/1776(A)
certified 6/2/1747
enrolled 23/2/1747(A)
Diocese Killaloe
conformity 15/1/1747(B)
Dorcas, widow
certified 25/6/1745
enrolled 27/6/1745(A)
Diocese Dublin
conformity 25/6/1745(B)
Cullen, Elizabeth
certified and enrolled
Cullen, John
certified and enrolled 4/10/1756(A)
conformed 3/10/1756(B)&(D)
John Cullen
certified and enrolled 4/5/1770(A)
Cullin John of Nenagh, Tipperary, wigmaker
conformed 5/11/1769(B)
Lucy Cullen
certified 17/5/1737
enrolled 5/6/1738(A)
conformed 5/11/1769(B)
Michael Cullen
certified 4/3/1763
enrolled 9/3/1763 (A)
Cullen Mr. Michael
conformed 3/3/1763(B)(D)
Cullen, Terence
certified 22/6/1771
enrolled 3/7/1771(A)
parish and diocese Armagh
conformed 9/6/1771(B)
Cullenan, Ann
certified 1/10/1733
enrolled 1/11/1733(A)
parish Clonmel
diocese Cloyne
conformed 21/10/1733(B)
of Great island
diocese Cloyne(D)
Cullenan, James
diocese Ardagh
conformed 21/10/1733
certified 31/10/1733(B)
of Great Island
diocese Cloyne (D)
Cullenan, James
certified 26/5/1768
enrolled 30/5/1768(A)
parish Annaduffe
diocese Ardagh
confomred 1/5/1768(B)
Cullin James
(bracketed with John Cullin)(D)
Cullin, Ellinor
of the town of Gorey
certified 18/4/1789
enrolled 15/9/1789(A)(D)
Cullin, James
see Cullenane, James
Cullin, James
certified 28/5/1768
enrolled 30/5/1768(A)
parish Annaduff
diocese Ardagh
conformed 1/5/1768(B)
(bracketed with Jane Cullin or Cullenane)(D)
Patrick Cullen
diocese Ossory
certified 5/4/1762
enrolled 7/5/1762(A)
conformed 4/4/1762(B)
Richard Cullen
certified 18/2/1725
enrolled 19/2/1725(A)
Diocese Dublin
conformed 17/2/1725(B)
Cullen Richard(C)
Cullinan, Bryan
certified 16/5/1783
enrolled 12/6/1783(A)

Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland
Vol 40: Counties of South Ulster
Cavan, Leitrim, Louth, Monaghan and Sligo

Edited by Angelique Day and Patrick McWilliams
The Institute of Irish Studies in Association with The Royal Irish Academy

The Memoirs are a detailed history of the northern half of Ireland during the times immediately preceding the Famine. They document a wide range of topics for the area including geography, land-holdings, population, cities, buildings, local history, employment, and local market information. There are even details concerning zoology and climate. Taken as a whole, the Memoirs are indispensable as a source of information for creating an image of the life and times of those who lived in this part of the country in the early 1800's. The Cullen family is mentioned and, as can be expected, they were members of the Manorhamilton group of Cullen families. Many of the names will be recognized and do appear in the Pedigree of the Cullen Family, written by David Cullen of Lackagh Lodge about 1860. Mentions of the Cullens appear in the Memoirs in the Union of Manorhamilton, Parishes of Cloonclare, Cloonlogher, and Killasnet, dated April of 1837. Some details extracted from the Memoirs and are as follows:

The History of Sligo
Town and County - Vol. I.

by T. O'Rourke, D.D., M.R.I.A.

In the aftermath of the events of 1798, magistrates were appointed to investigate the claims of those who claimed to have suffered at the hands of the French or the Insurgents. In County Sligo, one of the appointed magistrates was Rev. Carnecross Cullen. The other named magistrates were: William Harloe Phibbs, Esq., Arthur Irwin, Esq., Rev. Charles West, and Rev. W. Duke. Their first meeting was held on September 30, 1799. Rev. Carn Cross Cullen was also Captain of the Manorhamilton Corps of Cavalry. An address and reply from the Sligo Journal of August 23'rd, 1805 was provided as an illustration in The History of Sligo:

To the Rev. CARN CROSS CULLEN, Captain of the Manorhamilton Corps of Cavalry.
We, the Officers, Non-commissioned Officers, and Privates of the Manorhamilton Corps of Cavalry, beg you to be assured how very sincerely we participate with you on the loss of our much valued and respected Captain.- We, at the same time, are anxious to express how highly gratified we are at your succeeding him, and as a Token of our Esteem and Approbation, beg your Acceptance of a Sword.

(Signed by Order)

August 11, 1805.

To the Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates of the Manorhamilton Corps of Yeomen Cavalry.
The approbation you are pleased to express at my being appointed to the Honour of commanding you, is highly gratifying to me. I request you to be assured of my Inclination to promote, to the utmost of my power, the welfare of the Manorhamilton Corps, as that Consideration alone induced me to accept the Command of it.- The sword you are pleased to honour me with, I accept with the greatest Pleasure, as an additional Pledge of the Regard you entertain for me.

I have the Honour to be, Gentlemen,

Your faithful and assured humble Servant,
Capt. Manorhamilton Cavalry.

Skreeny, July 12'th, 1805.

Maynooth Students & Ordinations Index 1795-1895
by Pat J. Hamell

Student NameDioceseEnrollment DateClassOrdained
Bernard CullenRaphoe13Dec1804 1808 A
James CullenFerns25Aug1820Logic28May1825
John CullenDublin25Aug1830Humanity 
John CullenFerns27Aug1833Logic 
Thomas CullenKildare10Aug1836Humanity1842 D
Patrick CullenGalway29Sep1845Humanity21May1853
Hugh CullenRaphoe18Nov1848Humanity 
Thomas CullenCashel26Aug1862Humanity18May1869
James CullenAchonry28Aug1869Humanity21Jun1874
James CullenAchonry09Sep1869Humanity 
William CullenDublin09Sep1870Rhetoric 
John CullenKildare16Nov1874Humanity1880 - 1
Hugh CullenKildare28Sep1881Rhetoric07Feb1888
Matthew CullenKildare13Sep1882Rhetoric24Jun1889
Edward CullenElphin06Sep1883Rhetoric 
James CullenDublin09Sep18861 Philosophy19Jun1892
James CullenAchonry27Aug1891Rhetoric 

Barristers at the King's Inn, Dublin

Note: Ed. stands for 'educated at' and afft. stands for 'affiliated to'.

CONSTANTINE CULLEN: attorney Exchequer, T 1773.
DAVID CULLEN: 1'st son of David, Carrickford, Co Leitrim; over 22; ed. Sligo; afft. father, T 1837.
GEORGE CULLEN: attorney Exchequer, T 1773.
GEORGE CULLEN: ap. to George Connor, H 1810, ms.
JAMES CULLEN: 4'th son of Patrick, Skreeny, Co Leitrim, decd. June1784. L.I., May 1788. June 1791.
JAMES J. CULLEN: Son of James Joseph, Dublin, merchant, decd.; under 20; afft. Mary, widow, mother. T 1858.
JOHN CULLEN: Son of Daniel, Limerick, merchant; under 19; afft. father. E 1859.
LUKE MICHAEL CULLEN: Son of William, Dublin, attorney; under 19; ed. Oscott; afft. father. E 1842
MICHAEL CULLEN: 1'st son of James, Mount Venus, Co Dublin, and Eliza Joyce; b. 01Jan1769. M 1801. I.T., T 1792. M 1801.
MICHAEL KEOGH CULLEN: Son of William, Dublin, attorney; under 17; ed. Tullabeg College, afft. William, father. T 1855.
PATRICK CULLEN: Only son of John, Camden Street, Dublin, merchant, and Judith Doyle, now wife Bart. North, Dublin, merchant; over 16; ed. Dublin; afft. mother. T 1796
STEPHEN CULLEN: Only son of Edmund, Dublin, Dr. of Physic, and Catherine Houghton; over 16; ed. Dublin; afft. father. T 1803. Indenture July 1803.
WILLIAM CULLEN: 2'nd son of Peter, Ballinasloe, Co Galway, and Hannah Scott; over 16; ed. Ballinasloe; afft. Richard Scott, attorney. H 1817.
ARTHUR CULLIN: Son of James, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford, merchant, decd.; under 17; ed. Clongowes; afft. Mary, widow, mother. T 1847.
RICHARD BLAIR CULLIN: Son of George, Dublin, attorney; under 23; ed. Dublin; afft. Juliet, Mother. M 1841.

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