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HomepageThe Old Cullen Family Seat
at Cullenstown, Co Wexford
Jim Cullen

There is now a Photo Gallery of Cullenstown, from pictures taken by Charles Cullen on his visit there in June of 2000. Many thanks to Charles for allowing his pictures to be posted for the rest of us to enjoy. There are no photos of Cullenstown Castle on the internet that I've ever been able to find so, for many of you, this may be your first chance to take a peek at the old Cullen Family seat in Cullenstown, Co Wexford. Please give the page a minute or two to download - I've done my best to make the wait bearable and still provide worthwhile images.

This information has been relocated from the Posting Page for Co Wexford due to its size. I hope to add more information on our family's old Norman seat at Cullenstown, including a map and more information on Cullenstown Castle itself. If you want to add to this page, even if it's just one tidbit you are able to give, your help would be very much appreciated. Just use the below link to send your information via e-mail and include the source of the info, if possible.

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Map: Details to be added.

The Cullens of Cullenstown (Ballycoloun), Co Wexford

In Hilary Murphy's Families of County Wexford, we find mention of the Cullen family as the "Anglo-Norman" Colyns who were prominent in Co Wexford up until the arrival of Cromwell (1649). We find very similiar names in Co Kent, England during the 15'th century. Spelling variations in Co Kent, according to land deeds of the time, are given variously as Colyn, Colyne, Colyns, and Colin, with Colyn being by far the most common variation, evidently the accepted spelling at that time. It can be conjectured that the Cullens were a Norman family that migrated across the channel between France and England, some time after the Norman conquest of England in 1066. Norman merchants and artisans came to England during this time to set up shop in the "new world". From one of the branches of this family may have sprung the line that eventually found its way into Ireland a hundred years later.

It is said that the Norman ancestors of the Cullen family were planted in Wales and then later participated in the "invasion" of Ireland in 1169. Rather than an invasion, the Norman conquests were more than just a single event. Often there were precursory settlements of the Normans, preceding an actual "invasion". For some time after their formal arrival, further Norman settlement would occur as families moved into the area to take advantage of the opportunities in the new territory. In Ireland, the Norman family was prominent in Co. Wexford. Their seat was at Cullenstown Castle in Bannow Parish near where the Normans first landed in force in 1169. They retained their position for quite some time and Cullen of Cullenstown is listed among the leading gentry of Co. Wexford in the Clongowes Manuscript of 1598. There are many mentions of early Cullens in Co Wexford from The Civil Survey of Wexford 1654-1656, Knights Fees in Co Wexford, The Leinster Inquisitions, and other sources many of which are quoted in Hore's History of Wexford. Among those early Cullens mentioned are:

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