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HomepageCullen Family History:
DNA & Family Traits
Jim Cullen and Richard Cullen

The Cullen Family DNA Project: The Cullen Family DNA Project is headed by Bernie Cullen & Terry Barton. Made possible by FamilyTreeDNA.com and WorldFamilies.net. Currently there are ten members.

Haplogroup / Haplo-I Subclade Predictor: A free JavaScript utility that predicts your Haplogroup or Haplo-'I' Subclade based on Y-STR DNA results. Currently the prediction database includes 87 of the world's Haplogroups/Sub-Haplogroups and 56 Haplogroup-I Subclades for a total of 143 modal signatures.

Extended Haplotype Estimation of Clade TMRCAs Confirmation by Computer Simulation: Analytic method for estimating the effective TMRCAs of clade sample populations using Y-STR haplotype data. Ken's page includes explanatory text, an Appendix with analytic expressions for the fundamental parameters, and simulation data.

Cullens of Upton DNA: DNA results for Cullen families descended from the Cullens of Upton, Nottinghamshire, England. This branch traces back to several generations before Richard Cullen who died in Upton in 1579/80

I(x) Variant Groups: Analysis of three variant groups that fall within the I1b2* clade. The variant DYS459a,b,455,454 combinations defining these groups are 8,9,10,12 - 8,10,10,11 - and 10,10,10,12. Mainstream I1b2* is found with the combination 8,10,10,12.

"I1b2*" Search Results: Examines search results for the closest matches to the DNA of the Cullens of Upton, Nottinghamshire. The suspected haplogroup is "I1b2*", formerly known as the "I(x)" cluster.

Cullen DNA Haplogroups: DNA results and major Haplogroup determination for all Cullen families.

Hg"R1b" Cullen DNA Results: DNA results for Cullen families, mostly of Irish descent, who are members of the R1b Haplogroup.

Hg"I" Cullen DNA Results: DNA results for Cullen families who are members of the I Haplogroup. So far all are some subgroup of "I1b".

Cullen Family Traits Page: This is ongoing project for the Cullen Genealogy Homepage that attempts to quantify and organize the traits of known Cullen families in an effort to verify the similar descriptions of supposedly unrelated Cullen families.

ASD Calculations: Explanations of the concepts of ASD and haplotype age estimation and a treatment of ASD calculations (tailored for spreadsheets) according to Ken Nordtvedt's conventions.

Error Estimates of ASD Calculations: Concepts of sampling error inherent to ASD calculations, standard error of final results, and corrective factors to haplotype age estimates.

Population Model for ASD Studies: The mathematical model used to obtain sample populations for the study of basic ASD statistics.

ASD Analysis of Simulated Populations: ASD calculations and advanced methods using real and simulated populations. This section concentrates on variance distribution of simulated populations and difficult estimation for small groups and shallow trees.

Links to More Information on I1b2* and Related Subclades

I1b2* Project Page: Tim Weakley's information and research on the I1b2* subclade.
Population Varieties Within Y-Haplogroup I: Ken Nordtvedt's immensely useful and widely popular resource on Hg'I' subclade information and research.

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