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Family Traits Project
Richard Cullen and Jim Cullen

The Cullen Family Traits Project

This section of the Cullen Genealogy Homepage is an attempt to quantify and organize some of the peculiar Cullen Family traits as reported by various supposedly unrelated family lines. I'm sure you've heard some of the oral traditions such as "all you Cullens look alike...", "Cullens are stubborn...", or "that's those Cullen brains for you...". Genetically, we are the result of the union of the the chromosomes contributed by mother and father and so our 'traits' should also be equally derived from those of the mother's and father's' family. However just about any Cullen you talk to would tell you otherwise. Despite the rules of genetics, there does seem to be some ethereal identity that many Cullens share. This seems to hold true whether or not there is a strict genetic relation between individual Cullen family lines that could be revealed through DNA testing.

In order to identify possible distinctive 'kinds' or 'types' of Cullens, I've chosen some general family traits (physical, menatal, temperament, habits, etc) as reported by individual Cullen researchers and organized them into groups, creating a list of multiple-choice questions for use in generating your particular Cullen 'profile'. For comparison purposes, the lists of answers to the multiple-choice questions will be shown in the table below along with the nickname of the person who took the test. The project is still very young (Mar 1, 2006) and so there are only a few results in the table. Right now we are dealing with raw data and so we can expect the list of questions to change or have additions made to them. I expect there will be at least a couple traits that will separate the Cullens into several groups but that remains to be seen.

To participate, take the Cullen Test. It is preferred that you answer the questions before studying the results obtained by others. Be objective and try to give answers that reflect the common traits of as many generations of Cullen ancestors as possible. Due to the detailed knowledge required by some of the questions, it is permissible to use your immediate family as the basis for your answers. If the Cullens are as cohesive as we believe, then we should still find parallels. If you wish to give a more personalized description of your Cullen Family, feel free to write a brief paragraph that outlines some of their outstanding traits. You may also send along a photo of one of your Cullen ancestors that best indicates average physical appearance of your Cullen line. These items will be linked to your test results.

Send me your list of answers in an email with the words 'Cullen Test' in the subject line and let me know what nickname you'd like to use to identify your results in the below table. Your identity as always will remain private here. It is suggested that you use the CULLEN List at Rootsweb to contact each other as needed.

The Cullen Test - Results to Date (Raw Data)


Initial Observations

The sample above is not yet as large as required for accurate analysis but there are some observations that can be made immediately - just realize that such early analysis can only be speculative. It should also be understood that we'll be certain to see some correlation between traits based on nothing other than common personality types. However we can accept this type of correlation as part of the overall pattern in the Cullen traits we're looking for.

When we order the above traits by the answers given to question E4 (Sense of Justice), we find a correlation with the answers given to question M5 (Natural Ability in the Sciences). What this correlation says is that the more sensitive we are to the conditions of our friends, neighbors, or the man on the street, it seems the more likely we are to be able to comprehend and work with abstract scientific concepts, regardless of our intelligence or problem-solving capabilities. In general though, the more mentally adept one is, the more sympathetic one is. Interesting. Further, more along the lines of Cullen traits, the more sensitive Cullens also tend to be born with darker-colored eyes versus having blue eyes or being born with blue eyes that turn darker with age. There may also be a tendency for the sensitive Cullens to be a little taller than the rest.

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