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Cullen Genealogy Homepage - Daily Log

10Mar2007: It took a couple months but the process of moving all files and programs off of the old computer system and into the new computer system is finally complete. Site updates will begin again shortly. For those interested in the details, the old system I used was a P166MHz MMX laptop running Win98 SE with 64MB RAM. The new system is a P4 1.6GHz desktop running WinXP with 512MB RAM. The laptop was so out of date that getting programs and files transferred was difficult. Besides floppy disk there was only Direct Cable Connection available to get the job done. Files were transferred via DCC to another desktop system ( P166MMX desktop running Win95 OSR2 ) that has a RW CD-ROM installed. The data was burned to CD and then read into the new system when setup was complete. Software updates and configuration, along with the istallation and setup of new hardware, took some time but went as well as can be expected - Windows XP actually made the tasks easy. If I have any advice based on the experience, it would be this... keep all your downloaded software packages in one place and DOCUMENT them with text files in the same directory. Software identity or versions are not always clear based on the file name or properties box alone. Burn them to CD ( or DVD ) for an extra layer of backup. For all files created or downloaded on the system, I suggest keeping one folder to hold all of the files and their documentation and back up that folder to CD or DVD also. I've always kept a folder called 1Data on the C Drive to hold all of my created or downloaded files. A second folder, called Current is located on my desktop to hold subfolders and files for current projects. As projects are completed, subfolders of 'Current' are moved to '1Data'. Transfer to a new system then consists of three moves: a folder of software packages, a folder of working and/or archived files, and a folder of current projects. In theory it's a nice idea but my own implementation got a bit messy over the years.

25Nov2006: I've begun the slow process of integrating all the various notes, files, notebooks, and other sources on the Cullen families of Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire into one set of pages,. The results are just now being posted to the Records Archive. It will take several passes through the data and revisions of the webpages to bring the whole thing to the state I'd like to see it. The beginnings of this work can be seen, in progress, on the page for Cullen Families of Nottinghamshire. This will actually be probably a three-part data page to hold all the collated information for all the Culllen families I have information on. It will be inevitable that some details will be missed in the process. Any and all information or pointers would be much appreciated. Also, please have a look at the page for Upton, Nottinghamshire. The story of our little village in the English Midlands is receiving some overdue attention. Bill Coldham of Oxfordshire, who was born and raised in Upton, has provided some narrative to help bring our Upton page to life. Ultimately I envision a page where one could get a good enough introduction to the village and it's history so as to be able to visit Upton in person and almost know what's around every corner. It's important also to have some knowledge of the past that has shaped the village into the place 'Uptonians' call home today.

23Nov2006: I'd like to thank the family of Frank West in the UK for their help - their kindness is greatly appreciated by our family. Frank West is the author of 'Rude Forefathers - The Story of an English Village 1600-1666' and was Archdeacon of Newark from 1947 to 1962. He also authored four other books after 'Rude Forefathers'. The author's son has been very kind to provide a copy of the 2'nd edition of 'Rude Forefathers' published in 1989 by Cromwell Press. I was also directed to a copy of 'Upton Women' written by Andy Barrett, a radio program broadcast by the BBC in 2001. Covering the events in Upton about the years 1643-1646 during the civil war, the story described the roles played by the women of Upton in the absence of their husbands who were called off to other duties in the war effort. The main narrator of the tale was Jane Cullen, wife of William Cullen a farmer of Upton. I have not found the records for William and Jane Cullen in Upton during this time period but this doesn't diminish a fascinating tale. Drawn from the parish records of the time ( and other sources ), the trials of life in a small village during the civil war are given a stark reality by the radio actors and outlines the fact that, though times have changed, people are just as challenged by harsh circumstances and harsh choices today as they were back then.

31MAR2006: Site work has slowed the last week or two but there is constant new material and work being done in the background. The Cullen Test has been going very well with a slow but constant receipt of new entries. I thank everyone who has participated. Even though there are not enough results yet to make any generalizations regarding types of Cullens, there are some interesting patterns. In theory the Cullen Test seemed a workable concept but in practice it has proven to be a very sticky problem. I've received an offer of help in this area and the issues raised will result in changes to the test. The changes will be mostly minor and full details will be given when the new version is posted to the site. I will attempt to minimize the number of new versions so there will be as few inconvenient retests as possible. There will be an addition to the Kids Corner (overdue) and I've gotten some info that may prompt an early start on the Cullen DNA page. I'll post here if that works out.

13FEB2006: Many projects are underway though you may not see results of this work on the homepage. Stand by - an exciting new project is about to get started... but first a few words on what is being planned. Over the last five years a new technology has been developed that has staggering implications to family history. The science of DNA has come to be applied to the world of genealogy. Also, National Geographic is currently in the midst of a five-year study of human DNA world-wide. This is the Genographic project you may have heard of. I plan to have my own DNA analyzed and, since so many others have proven connections to my Cullen family line, the results of these tests will apply to those Cullens as well. Testing will likely be through the Family Tree DNA website to start. The tests are just a bit pricey but the prices for testing have dropped dramatically. Specifically, I plan to have the Y-type testing done which follows the specific mutations of the Y-chromosome passed from father to son over the generations. Unfortunately, our line of Cullen ancestors is all but guaranteed to be of the R1b haplogroup, a very broad and very common type of DNA. Recently, there have been developements that have allowed for deeper testing within the R1b DNA family and so I have finally decided that the cost of testing is far outweighed by the potential value of the information obtainable from the DNA test results. I would very much appreciate any thoughts or comments from the visitors to this site concerning the plans for this test. If you'd like to do some background reading, there are a couple sites I can recommend: Family Tree DNA, and Ethno-Ancestry.

16DEC2006: Today I uploaded the Graphics Giftshop. I've completely rewritten and edited it so that it occupies only one page. This is a result of space consideration on the server - the original version of the Giftshop was just too large and maintaining it as it was would take away time that I could be spending on the genealogy material for the site. I hope this pared down version will be just as enjoyable for everyone.

28DEC2005: After a very long time away I'm trying now to catch up site content again. For only the second time since I began this site in 1996, there was a problem with the web mail at my ISP and I've lost some of the mail so expect there to be some missing postings. I've just uploaded many many backlogged postings and it's not all of them. Some were lost and some have just not been completed yet. I'm beginning my updates with some pages with updates and some new material also. One is a page of mathematical work I've done on the Cullen Numbers. The graphics giftshop is complete but not uploaded yet.

26JAN2005: It's cold and flu season again so I'm running behind on things right now. I may put off the Graphics Giftshop upload for a bit longer to be able to keep up with the rest of the work. Next item of concern is updates and some clarifications on Wendy Weedon's page for William and Elizabeth Cullen's family, early 1800's, around Boston in Lincolnshire.

21JAN2005: Today I've gone around the site, doing some touch ups and some minor updates. I'm also taking some time to do a little research and prepare a new page for the site. This will be completed and updated in another day or so. The new information concerns William and Elizabeth Cullen's family, early 1800's, around Boston in Lincolnshire.

20JAN2005: About a year ago I coded a new section of the site that developed around the casual idea of making available some of the graphics work that I've done over the years. I called it the Graphics Giftshop and it includes items such as desktop wallpapers, background graphics, and gifs. Unlike many online giftshops, all items are free! I went a little overboard on the amount of coding so what I'll do is cut it down to a few page of thumbnails with direct links to the actual files. I hope to have this all posted to the site in a week or two, depending on the time I have available. I think this light-hearted side of the site will be a welcomed diversion. After that I plan to put up something for the kids to have some fun with.

19JAN2005: I should mention that although this page is called the DAILY Log - I wouldn't expect that I'll be writing something here each and every day. I will however make extensive use of it.

18JAN2005: I've added this page in order to be able to communicate planned activities and updates in a less formal setting. I expect this page may grow to be rather large since I plan to use it also as a scratchpad to aid my memory in guiding site development. That said, expect there to be bits and pieces of genealogy here that don't have a home yet! Having just gotten back to work on the site, I've first attempted to upload backlogged postings. I know that a large batch was lost due to my use of webmail. I had the postings stored in an Update folder. Evidently there was a problem on the server or the email system was updated or experienced some other problem. Whatever the case, these posts were lost. I've now turned my attention to a mountain of data forwarded to me some time ago. There are at least three new pages of data for the Data Archives just to start - wills, marriages, and other data for Nottinghamshire. In the works also is a special section devoted to the various coats of arms attributed to Cullen families. Parts Four and Five of the currently three part Cullen Surname History are planned. Part Four will deal with the Cullen families located in Scotland while Part Five will discuss continental origins. While there is separation of the discussion of the Cullen families of Ireland, Scotland, England, and Europe, it should be remembered that many of the histories connect or run together at various places and times. Is your Cullen family Irish, Scottish, or European? The answer to the question depends on your particular family line and exactly what time period you're interested in! -- Please note that unforseen developments may cause my plans to change and so the above outline of intended updates may not occur in exactly the order given. As with anything else, priorities may change due to time and circumstance, but the latest news will always be found here on this page.

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