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HomepageCullens Listed in the
1820 Dublin City Directory
Jane O'Brien

This directory is divided into two sections:
Nobility & Gentry and then Merchants & Traders.

Nobility & Gentry
Cullen John Esq. 3, Crow St.
Cullen Miss E.   5, Up. Dominick St.
Cullen Mrs. M.   1, Kings Inns St.

Merchants & Traders
Cullen A. Cheese Monger 63, Francis St.
Cullen James Corn Chandler 48, Patrick St.
Cullen James Grocer 40, Mary's Lane
Cullen James Tin-man & Brazier 18, Brabazon St.
Cullen James P. Merchant Tailor 16, Arran Quay
Cullen John Grocer & Tobacconist 13, & 14 Barrck St.
Cullen John Miniature Painter 11, Suffolk St.
Cullen Mary Linen draper 18, N. King St.
Cullen Margaret Corn Chandler 76 Francis St.
Cullen Nicholas Linen draper 70 Gt. Britain St.
Cullen Thomas Tailor 19, Gt. Strand St.

Jane O'Brien can be reached at: jayohbee@iol.ie. Jane, who lives in Ireland, has been kind enough to provide this information for my Records Archive. She is a private researcher who has a good 'nose' for the business; her abilities are beyond the standard census and marriage records and her fees are quite modest. Perhaps she could help with your family tree?

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