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HomepageCullens Listed in the
1850 Dublin City Directory
Trish Loughman

Name Address Occupation Comment
Cullen Andrew 20 Werburgh St dairyman  
Cullen Catherine 9 Charlemont avenue occup not listed  
Cullen Daniel 25 Nicholas St provision stores  
Cullen Daniel 4 Beaver St occup not listed  
Cullen Denis 21 Golden lane provision dealer  
Cullen Denis 22 Bride St provision dealer  
Cullen Edward 2 Chatham Row green grocer  
Cullen Edward 16 Upper Dominick St surgeon  
Cullen Edward 5 Thomas Court cattle dealer  
Cullen Edward 5 Thomas Court barm brewery  
Cullen James 8 Lower Mecklenburgh St dairy street listing shows a Mary Byrne
Cullen John and Co. 40 Poolbeg St coal office  
Cullen John 13 Mercer St provision dealer  
Cullen John 31 Lower Erne St occup not listed  
Cullen John 24 Portland place Esq. spelt Cullin in street listing
Cullen John 16 Upper Dominick St Esq.  
Cullen John A. 72 Lower Mountjoy St teacher  
Cullen John William 20 Lower Camden St linen draper  
Cullen Luke M. 25 Lower Gloucester St North solicitor  
Cullen M. 2 Binn's court leather seller  
Cullen Mary 10 Blackhall row victualler  
Cullen Michael 57 Pill lane tin-plate worker spelt Collins in general directory
Cullen Miss 8 Mountjoy place not listed at this address  
Cullen Mrs. 17 Lower Gloucester St North occup not listed  
Cullen Nicholas 12 Lower Camden St dairy  
Cullen P. 9 Crow St merchant tailor  
Cullen Patrick 8 Nassau St spirit stores  
Cullen Mrs. R.B. 6 Newcomen terrace occup not listed  
Cullen Richard Blair 3 Grafton St solicitor  
Cullen Thomas 83 Townsend St provision dealer  
Cullen Thomas 55 Barrack St victualler  
Cullen William 24 North Cumberland St solicitor  
Cullen L.M. 25 North Cumberland St solicitor From the Law Directory not listed at stated address

The Directory lists business owners and householders within the City area only. Tenement dwellers are not generally listed. Trish Loughman maintains a site that includes more of the 1850 directory and other good links. Trish can be reached through her homepage at:
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