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IGI, LDS Library

Very little is known about the related Cullens in Dublin. Most of the dates are fairly early and, as yet, no one has come forward with any more information on any of these individuals. What is presented here is the information found in the LDS library, in the IGI, that connects these Cullens to the other families in Nottinghamshire, England, and in Co Leitrim, Ireland, by the notations of a past researcher, John F. Atterton. The intent here is to at least make the information available to anyone who may be interested or who may be able to help connect these Cullens to the others described throughout the site. The data is given in simple table format until more information becomes available.

Cullen Relatives in Co Dublin

First NameLast NameEventYearLocationParents / Spouse
Mr.CullenMBabt 1730Dublin, of Dublin.
AnnCullinFC17JUL1656Dublin, Dublin.
AnnCullenFC29APR1703Dublin, Dublin.
Ann, Mrs.CullenFBabt 1732Dublin, of Dublin.
CharlesCullinMBabt 1656Dublin, of Dublin.
CharlesCullenMC26OCT1678Dublin, Dublin, St. Peter & St. KevinCharles Cullen / Sara
CorneliusCullenMBabt 1646Dublin, of Dublin.
Mrs. CorneliusCullenFBabt 1648Dublin, of Dublin.
CorneliusCullenMC29MAY1668Dublin, Dublin, St. John the EvangelistCornelius Cullen /
EdmondCullenMB15JAN1752Dublin, Dublin, St. Peter & St. Kevin / Ann Cullen
EdwardCullenMM25MAY1746Dublin, DublinMary Man
EdwardCullenMM18SEP1766Dublin, DublinMary Ryan
Mrs. ElizabethCullenFBabt 1718Dublin, of Dublin.
GeorgeCullen (in)MM1659Dublin, DublinMary Smith
GeorgeCullenMC21MAY1730Dublin, Dublin.
JamesCullonMC21OCT1669Dublin, Dublin, St. Peter & St. KevinJohn Cullon /
JamesCullenMBabt 1708Dublin, of Dublin.
JohnCullenMBabt 1633Dublin, of Dublin.
Mrs. JohnCullinFBabt 1635Dublin, of Dublin.
JohnCullanMBabt 1646Dublin, of Dublin.
Mrs. JohnCullanFBabt 1648Dublin, of Dublinspouse: John Cullan
JohnCullenMM10JUL1676Dublin, DublinMargaret Jones
JohnCullinMM03NOV1691Dublin, DublinHannah Gibbins
JohnCullinMBabt 1716Dublin, of Dublin.
JohnCullenMM22FEB1762Dublin, DublinCatherine Wemys
JohnCullenMM01FEB1801Dublin, Dublin.
Mrs. MaryCullenFBabt 1675Dublin, of Dublin.
Mrs. MaryCullenFBabt 1710Dublin, of Dublin.
MichaelCullenMMMAR1792Dublin, Dublin.
NicholasCullenMBabt 1673Dublin, of Dublin.
PeterCullinMC08JAN1738Dublin, Dublin.
Peter ?CullinMC08JAN1737Dublin, Dublin, St. Nicholas WithoutJohn Cullin / Elizth.
RobertCullenMM29DEC1721Dublin, DublinMary Burk
Mrs. SarahCullenFBabt 1658Dublin, of Dublin.
ThaddeusCullenMM27JAN1651Dublin, DublinAmy Tabanor
ThomasCullenMC07JUL1655Dublin, Dublin.
WilliamCullenMC16JUL1695Dublin, Dublin.
WilliamCullenMM28JUL1701Dublin, DublinMargaret Bodfield

Cullen Relatives in Londonderry

AnnFB1693Ulster, Londonderry
HenryMB1671Ulster, Londonderry
HenryMB1676Ulster, Londonderry
Jane (d/o Thomas)FB1667Ulster, Londonderry
Mrs. Jeane (d/o Henry/Jeane)FB1693Ulster, Londonderry
Mrs. MaryFB1676Ulster, Londonderry
MaryFB1697Ulster, Londonderry
OwenMB1634Ulster, Londonderry
Mrs. OwenFB1636Ulster, Londonderry
Richard (s/o Owen)MB1656Ulster, Londonderry
ThomasMB1645Ulster, Londonderry
Mrs. ThomasFB1647Ulster, Londonderry

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