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HomepageCullen Family in Argentina
courtesy of Juan R. Cullen and Guillermo Cullen

This are the full descendants of Domingo Cullen, in Argentina, from early 1800's until now. Recompiled for Matías Cullen (number, still living in Buenos Aires, and about 40 years old.

Records of this family are to be found in the National Library in Dublin, Ireland. A Pedigree of this Cullen family of Marymount in Queen's County is in the Genealogical Office, Manuscript 182, Page 259. The Pedigree covers the time period of approximately 1680 to 1919 and includes Cullens of Marymount, Lisbigony, the Canary Islands, and Argentina. Further, in Manuscript 111c, Folio 20, there is a copy of the confirmation of arms to Don Jose Maria Cullen of Buenos Aires. He is located in the family tree below at No and married María Miguens in 1906. Don Jose Maria Cullen is correctly identified as the son of "Joachim Jose Maria Cullen" and the descendant of William Cullen of Lisbigny, Queen's County. Confirmation of arms is dated February 17, 1922.

Cullen's in Irlanda and in Canarian Islands.

Thomas Cullen, born in Marymonnt, Queens Co. Will (Irlanda), on March 13th, 1719, married Ana Cullen. Their son Sir William Cullen, married Elena Macer, and their son, Thomas Cullen born in Tenerife (Canarian Islands). This Thomas married Teresa They. Their son Guillermo Felipe Cullen, born in Tenerife, married Angela Isidra Ferraz de la Guardia, and their son was Domingo Cullen.

Cullen's in Argentina

Don Domingo Cullen was born, in Tenerife (Canarian Islands). At begining XIX Century went to Río de la Plata and settled in Montevideo. In 1818, was appointed for Accountant at Montevideo Customs. In 1820 he settled in Santa Fé, República Argentina. Here, as Governor, he became an enemy of Dictator Rosas, who ordered to kill him. Married Joaquina Rodriguez del Fresno, al Santa Fé. Their sons:

1.1.- Joaquín María Cullen, b. Santa Fé, 1825. m. Angela Nicolarich.
1.1.1.- Angela Josefa Cullen, m. Miguel Castellanos de la Iglesia.
1.1.2.- Joaquín Cullen, b. Santa Fé, 1852, lawyer, m. Orosia Ayerza, 1877.
Sons: José María Cullen, abogado, m. María Miguens, 1906. Sons: María Angélica Cullen, m. José León Ayerza Mercedes Cullen Joaquín Cullen, died not married María Teresa Cullen José María Cullen María Luisa Cullen María Silvia Cullen Patricio María Cullen Hugo María Cullen Inés María Cullen María Alicia Cullen María Rosa Cullen Enrique María Cullen, m. Clara Bayona. Sons: Joaquín Tomasio Cullen, m. Marta Méndez. Son: Tadeo María Cullen Verónica María Cullen Matías Cullen, m. Cecilia María Barros. Sons: Aileen Cullen Bernie Cullen Alicia María Cullen Clara María Cullen Enrique María Cullen Pablo María Cullen Octavio Cullen Pablo Julián Cullen Rafael Alberto Cullen, médico, m. Ester Paunero. Sons: Ester Cullen, m. Luis Alberto Peró Rafael Cullen Carlos Cullen Alberto Cullen Carmen Cullen, m. Federico de Zavalía Martín Cullen Domingo Cullen Hernán Joaquín Cullen, lawyer and sculptor, m. Clotilde Holmberg.
Sons: Miguel Angel Cullen, m. María Antonieta Bence Alejandro Cullen Dolores Cullen, m. Luis Barrenechea Fernando Cullen Josefina Cullen Elena Cullen Sara Cullen Huberto Toribio Cullen, died when child Hugo Cullen, m. María Amelia Zuberbülher Huberto Toribio Cullen, not married (named same as his brother) Jorge Alberto Cullen, m. Marciana María Martínez. Sons: Jorge Cullen s.j. Isabel Josefa Cullen m. Raúl Héctor Mejía Mercedes Cullen not m. Federico Cullen m. Alicia Gutiérrez. Sons: Pilar Cullen Mercedes Cullen Silvina Cullen Sofía Cullen Guillermo Cullen m. Ana Marilyn Griffin. Sons: Guillermo Cullen m. Silvina Lo Riggio. Sons: Clara Cullen María Josefina Cullen, died when child Jorge Agustín Cullen Alejandro Esteban Cullen Joaquín Cullen, died when child Luciana María Cullen Joaquín Cullen m. María Francia Soulas sons: Emilia Cullen Inés Cullen Isabel Cullen
1.1.3.- Dominga Cullen, m. Luis Pettych
1.1.4.- María Luisa Cullen, m. Andrés Llobet
1.1.5.- Carmen Cullen, noon
1.1.6.- Rosario Cullen, died not married
1.1.7.- José María Cullen
1.2.- Patricio Cullen, Governor of Santa Fé 1862-1865, m. Elna de Iturraspe.
1.2.1.- Elena Cullen, m. Mariano Benito Cabal
1.2.2.- Dominga Cullen, m. (fist) Emilio Cabal, m. (2nd.) José Bernardo Iturraspe
1.2.3.- Juan Guillermo Cullen, died when child
1.2.4.- Urbano Cullen
1.2.5.- Ricardo Cullen
1.3.- Joaquina Cullen, m. Nicasio Oroña
1.4.- Josefa Gerónima Cullen, m. Juan María Gutiérrez
1.5.- Guillermo Cullen, m. Tomasa del Rosario de Iriondo. Sons:
1.5.1.- José Guillermo Cullen, died when child
1.5.2.- Eudoro Cullen, m. Manuela Funes. Sons: Eudoro Cullen, m. Rosa Alina Zambrano José Cullen, not married María Mercedes Cullen, not married Manuela Cullen, not married Rosa Cullen, not married Guillermo Cullen, m. Celina Ferreyra
1.6.- Tomás Cullen, b. Santa Fé, m. Josefa Comas. Sons:
1.6.01.- Tomás Rufino Cullen, "Ministro de Justicia e Instrucción Pública de la Nación, Caballero Gran Cruz de la Orden Pontificia de San Gregorio Magno",m. Elena Adriana Dolores.
Sons: Tomás Juan Cullen, not married Juan Cullen, m. Ofelia Lagos Elena Cullen, not married Rafael Cullen, m. Mercedes Jacobé Miguel Alfredo Cullen Luis Cullen Ricardo Cullen, m. María Elena Rodríguez
1.6.02.- Josefa Cullen, m. Tomás Furno
1.6.03.- José Cullen, médico, m. Mercedes Aldao. Sons: José Cullen Alberto Cullen Miguel Angel Cullen, m. Raquel Soriano Oscar Cullen, died not married Hernán Cullen Brunilda Cullen Jorge Cullen Marcelo Cullen Carlos Cullen Edgardo Cullen
1.6.04.- Mercedes Cullen, m. José Aldao
1.6.05.- Ignacio Cullen, m. Petrona Gómez. Sons: María Ester Cullen, m. Eduardo Vionnet Ignacio Cullen, m. María Luisa Brull Lidia Cullen, m. Dalmiro Videla Mario Cullen, m. Susana Olcese Alcira Cullen, m. Alfredo Carrión Georgina Cullen, m. Eduardo Mantaras Nélida Cullen, m. Manuel Penses Sara Cullen
1.6.06.- Elisa Cullen, m. Bernardo Väsquez
1.6.07.- Ricardo Cullen, m. Gracia Zavalla
1.6.08.- Guillermo Manuel Cullen, m. Vicenta de Iriondo. Sons: Guillermina Cullen, died when child Beatriz Cullen Estela Cullen Guillermo Cullen
1.6.09.- Joaquina Cullen, m. Severio Gómez
1.6.10.- Tiburcio Cullen, m. Mercedes Gómez
1.7.- Domingo Cullen, m. Francisca Crespo. Sons:
1.7.1.- Francisca Cullen, m. Daniel de la Torre
1.7.2.- Laura Cullen, m. Manuel Néstor Echagüe
1.7.3.- Ester Cullen, m. Luis Aguirre
1.7.4.- Gerónima Cullen, not married
1.7.5.- Amalia Cullen, not married

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