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HomepageDescendants of Laurence Cullen
of Ballyvaldon, Co Wexford, Ireland
Carol Phelan Anderson & Craig Cullen Tafel

Below is a list of descendants for Laurence Cullen, who was born in Co. Wexford and emigrated to Ste. Catherine, Co. Portneuf, Quebec, Canada in the mid-1820s. It is the results of decades of work by Carol Phelan Anderson, and it is presented today as the most complete set of Laurence's descendants available. If you have any questions or are able to add information to this chart, please contact Craig Cullen Tafel at cctafel@aol.com .

Descendants of Laurence & Ellen (Murphy) Cullen
of Ballyvaldon, Co Wexford, Ireland

1. Laurence Cullen-75 (b.Abt. 1791-Ballyvaldon,Wexford,Leinster,Ireland;d.1 Oct 1856-SCSC,Co. Portneuf,Q,Canada)
  sp: Ellen Murphy-76 (b.1795-Ballyvaldon,Wexford,Leinster,Ireland;m.Bef 1814;d.15 May 1870-Ste. Catherine,Portneuf,Q,Canada)

Descendants of Edward & Johanna (Hennessey) Cullen
of Portneuf, Quebec, Canada

3. Edward Cullen-417 (b.26 May 1852-Ste. Catherine,Portneuf,Quebec,Canada;d.20 Jan 1920-Cook County,Chicago,Ill.)
  sp: Johanna Hennessey-418 (b.26 Nov 1851-SC,Portneuf,Q,Canada;m.17 Aug 1873;d.2 Oct 1938-Chicago,Ill.)

Descendants of Lawrence & Nellie (Nagle) Cullen
of Portneuf, Quebec, Canada

3. Lawrence Cullen-438 (b.29 Sep 1856-Ste. Catherine,Portneuf,Quebec,Canada;d.10 Jun 1932-,Chicago,Illinois,USA)
  sp: Nellie Nagle-5718 (b.?-,,Illinois,USA;m.BEF. 1876;d.1 Mar 1940-,Chicago,Illinois,USA)
  • 4. David Cullen-5723 (d.25 Mar 1957-,Chicago,Illinois,USA)
  • 4. James Cullen-5724
      sp: Lida Martin-5737 (m.BEF. 1912)
    • 5. Known descendants: LIVING
  • 4. Richard Vincent Cullen-5719 (b.1885-,Chicago,Illinois,USA;d.1951-St. Anne's,Chicago,Illinois,USA)
      sp: Mary Grace Sears-5730 (m.1911;d.30 Sep 1973-St. Anne's,Chicago,Illinois,USA)
    • 5. Lawrence Aloysius Cullen-5731 (b.21 Apr 1912-,Chicago,Illinois,USA;d.5 Feb 2006-,Northbrook,Illinois,USA)
        sp: Margaret Mary Kehoe-5732 (b.5 Nov 1912-,Chicago,Illinois,USA;m.19 Sep 1936;d.8 Dec 1998-,N,Illinois,USA)
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
  • 4. Helen Cullen-5727 (b.1885-,Chicago,Illinois,USA;d.21 Jan 1986-,Chicago,Illinois,USA)
      sp: Lyman Benson-5742 (m.(Div))
  • 4. Mae Cullen-5726 (d.23 Mar 1967-,Chicago,Illinois,USA)
  • 4. Thomas Patrick Cullen-5722 (d.6 Jan 1936-,Chicago,Illinois,USA)
  • 4. Francis Louis Cullen-5721
  • 4. Margaret Immaculata Cullen-5725 (b.28 May 1889-,Chicago,Illinois,USA;d.5 Feb 1975-,Chicago,Illinois,USA)
      sp: Michael Albert Nagle-5740 (b.6 Jun 1888-Co.Cork,I,Europe;m.23 Jun 1923;d.6 Apr 1965-,Chicago,Illinois,USA)
    • 5. John Thomas Nagle-5741 (b.31 Aug 1931-,Chicago,Illinois,USA)
        sp: Grace Joan Clark-5792 (b.20 Jun 1932-,Chicago,Illinois,USA;m.25 Sep 1958;d.28 Jan 1960-SRS,C,I,USA)
  • 4. Lawrence Aloysius Cullen Jr.-5720 (b.13 Aug 1894-,Chicago,Illinois,USA;d.15 Jun 1916-,Chicago,Illinois,USA)

Descendants of Hugh & Catherine (Cullen) Black
of Portneuf, Quebec, Canada

3. Catherine Cullen-440 (b.13 Apr 1860-Ste. Catherine,Portneuf,Quebec,Canada;d.16 Jan 1945-St. Ignatius,M,Quebec,Canada)
  sp: Hugh Black-445 (b.20 Mar 1851-Ste. Catherine,P,Q,Canada;m.28 Jul 1891;d.10 May 1938-St. Ignatius,M,Q,Canada)
  • 4. Mary Ann Betsy Black-3881 (b.22 Dec 1892-Hop/Gen/Srs.Gris,Montreal,Q,Canada;d.25 Apr 1961-SI,Montreal,Q,Canada)
  • 4. (Detective) Joseph Francis Black-3882 (b.28 Mar 1895-,Montreal,Quebec,Canada;d.26 Aug 1976-SI,Montreal,Q,Canada)
  • 4. Charles William Black-3883 (b.18 Oct 1896-,Montreal,Quebec,Canada;d.5 Feb 1912-St. Ignatius,Montreal,Q,Canada)
  • 4. Mary Margaret Yvonne Black-3884 (b.17 Mar 1899-,Montreal,Quebec,Canada;d.12 Jun 1982-St. Joachim,PC,Q,Canada)
      sp: Wilfrid Louis Jacques-Oscar Fontaine-4038 (b.9 Oct 1904-,Montreal,Q,Canada;m.11 Sep 1929;d.27 Nov 1951-)
    • 5. Known descendants: LIVING
  • 4. David John Edward Black (Brother Benedict)-3913 (b.7 May 1901-,Montreal,Q,Canada;d.Oct 1976-PB,L,Quebec,Canada)

Descendants of Moses & Ellen (McClintock) Cullen
of Portneuf, Quebec, Canada

3. Moses Edward Cullen-414 (b.8 Jan 1867-Ste. Catherine,Portneuf,Quebec,Canada;d.1 Mar 1944-Riviere a Pierre,P,Q,Canada)
  sp: Ellen McClintock-419 (b.Feb. AFT. 1864-Capsante,CP,Quebec,Canada;m.2 Dec 1888;d.16 Mar. BEF. 1927-)
  • 4. Veronica Bridget VERA Cullen-546 (b.27 Feb 1890-Beaudet,Portneuf,Q,Canada;d.19 May 1951-SPSC,Q,Q,Canada)
      sp: LIVING -553
    • 5. Known descendants: LIVING
  • 4. Mary Cullen-540 (b.31 May 1893-Beaudet,Co. Portneuf,Quebec,Canada;d.23 Sep 1953-St. Patrick's,QC,Q,Canada)
      sp: Joseph Eugene Napoleon Poitras-547 (b.4 Mar 1891-,Quebec,Quebec,Canada;m.15 May 1916)
    • 5. Known descendants: LIVING
  • 4. William (Willie) Henry Cullen-543 (b.3 Jul 1896-Beaudet,Portneuf,Quebec,Canada;d.29 Apr 1964-CJ,Joliette,Q,Canada)
      sp: Mary Battle-550 (b.2 Oct 1899-,,Quebec,Canada;m.9 Sep 1924)
    • 5. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. George Brian Cullen-1646 (b.3 Jun 1928-,Quebec City,Quebec,Canada;d.6 Nov 1950-St. Patrick's,R,Q,Canada)
    • 5. Ursula Louise Cullen-1647 (b.14 Oct 1929-,Quebec City,Quebec,Canada;d.13 Feb 2007-,Montreal,Quebec,Canada)
        sp: Hector Zigayer-4823 (b.6 Dec 1922-,Montreal,Q,Canada;m.4 Nov 1960;d.14 Aug 1988-S,Montreal,Q,Canada)
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. Joseph Miles Cullen-4388 (b.23 May 1943-,Rawdon,Quebec,Canada)
  • 4. Ann Cullen-541 (b.2 Aug 1897-Beaudet,Portneuf,Quebec,Canada;d.27 Feb 1979-,Toronto,Ontario,Canada)
      sp: Henry (Harry) Keane-548 (b.27 Jan 1891-,QC,Quebec,Canada;m.22 Sep 1919;d.23 Aug 1962-,SI,Q,Canada)
    • 5. Arthur Francis Keane-1644 (b.10 Aug 1920-,Quebec,Quebec,Quebec;d.11 Apr 2005-,Levis,Quebec,Canada)
        sp: LIVING -2062 (m.(Div))
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. William Henry (Hank) Joseph Keane-2063 (b.23 Aug 1921-,Quebec,Q,Canada;d.5 Aug 2002-,Ottawa,O,Canada)
        sp: LIVING
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. Mary Mildred (Milly) Dorothy Keane-699 (b.28 Feb 1923-,Quebec,Quebec,Canada)
        sp: William Henry Kennedy-703 (b.27 Jun 1919-,Quebec,Quebec,Canada;m.12 Jun 1948;d.3 Sep 2007-)
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. Margaret (Peggy) Ethel Keane-2066 (b.7 Jul 1924-,Quebec,Quebec,Canada)
        sp: LIVING -4394
      • 6. LIVING -4395
    • 5. Annie Helen Keane-2067 (b.25 Apr 1926-,Quebec,Quebec,Canada;d.19 Dec 1936-St. Patrick's,Quebec,Q,Canada)
    • 5. Gerard Lawrence (Larry) Keane-2065 (b.25 Apr 1926-,Quebec,Q,Canada;d.31 May 2001-HDQ,QC,Quebec,Canada)
        sp: LIVING -4365
      • 6. LIVING -4396
          sp: LIVING -6787
    • 5. Jerome Lindbergh(Lindy) Keane-698 (b.22 Apr 1928-,Quebec,Quebec,Canada;d.5 Jul 1978-,Sept Iles,,Canada)
        sp: LIVING -702
      • 6. LIVING -2086
      • 6. LIVING -4397
    • 5. LIVING -697
        sp: Mary Joan Waters-701 (b.1934-,Quebec,Quebec,Canada;d.May 1988-St. David's,Pierrefonds,Q,Canada)
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. Mary Doreen Keane-2068 (b.13 Jan 1931-,Quebec,Quebec,Canada;d.1996-,,Ontario,Canada)
        sp: LIVING -1551 (m.(Div))
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. Aidan Kenneth Keane-696 (b.29 May 1936-,Quebec,Quebec,Canada;d.Apr 1997-,Toronto,Ontario,Canada)
        sp: LIVING -700
  • 4. Ellen Cullen-542 (b.31 Oct 1899-Beaudet,Portneuf,Quebec,Canada;d.8 May 1972-,Quebec City,Quebec,Canada)
      sp: Joseph Louis Alphonse Metevier-549 (b.20 Jan 1899-,Quebec,Quebec,Canada;m.23 Aug 1921;d.11 Dec 1975-)
    • 5. Joseph Louis Gerard Metevier-2069 (b.27 Sep 1927-,Quebec,Quebec,Canada;d.13 Nov 1928-SPS,Q,Q,Canada)
    • 5. LIVING -2070
        sp: Rolande Morneau-5985 (b.12 Sep 1930-,La Sarre,Quebec,Canada)
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
  • 4. Marie Catherine Marguerite Cullen-544 (b.6 Feb 1902-Beaudet,Beaudet,Quebec,Canada)
      sp: George Andrew Bernard Gunselman-551 (b.30 Jul 1894-,Lawrenceburg,T,USA;m.11 Sep 1924;d.27 Jun 1982-)
    • 5. George Cullen Gunselman-4389 (b.22 Jun 1926-Brookyln Hosp.,PH,B,USA;d.23 Oct 1949-,Brooklyn,New York,USA)
    • 5. David James Gunselman-4390 (b.4 Jan 1927-,Brooklyn,New York,USA)
        sp: Ruth Elinore Frees-5557 (b.12 May 1930-,Brookyln,New York,USA;m.24 Oct 1950)
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. Andrew Bernard Gunselman-4391 (b.24 Jun 1930-Pt.Lookout Hosp.,Oceanside,Long Island,New York)
        sp: LIVING -5563 (m.(Div))
    • 5. Kathleen Clare Gunselman-4392 (b.2 Dec 1932-,Jamaica,Long Island,New York)
        sp: LIVING -5564 (m.(Div))
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
  • 4. Herbert Gerald Cullen-4393 (b.17 Apr 1904-Beaudet,Portneuf,Quebec,Canada;d.1 Aug 1981-S,Sillery,Quebec,Canada)
      sp: Marie Valeda Boudreault-4399 (b.11 Sep 1897-,Lac a la Tortue,Quebec,Canada;m.8 Aug 1927)
    • 5. Known descendants: LIVING
  • 4. Cullen-5891 (b.17 Apr 1904-Riviere a Pierre,Co. Portneuf,Qc.,Canada)
  • 4. Mary Margaret Johanna Cullen-545 (b.21 Dec 1905-Beaudet,C,Quebec,Canada;d.15 Dec 1972-St. Casimir,C.,Q,Canada)
      sp: Joseph Ernest Henri Boily-552 (b.10 Jan 1902-,Quebec,Quebec,Canada;m.15 Aug 1927)
    • 5. Known descendants: LIVING

Descendants of James & Julia (Mahar) Cullen
of Portneuf, Quebec, Canada

3. James (Jim) David Cullen-443 (b.28 Mar 1870-Ste. Catherine,Portneuf,Quebec,Canada;d.20 Feb 1950-SC,P,Q,Canada)
  sp: Julia Mahar-444 (b.4 Dec 1872-St. Catherine,Portneuf,Q,Canada;m.12 Aug 1892;d.21 Apr 1926-SPS,Q,Q,Canada)
  • 4. David John Cullen-1120 (b.30 Apr 1893-Ste. Catherine,Portneuf,Quebec,Canada;d.2 Sep 1893-SC,Portneuf,Q,Canada)
  • 4. Mary Ann Cullen-1121 (b.19 Nov 1894-Ste. Catherine,Portneuf,Quebec,Canada;d.24 Sep 1952-SC,Portneuf,Q,Canada)
  • 4. Catherine Veronique Cullen-1122 (b.28 Dec 1896-Ste. Catherine,P,Q,Canada;d.15 Jan 1897-Ste. Catherine,P,Q,Canada)
  • 4. Margaret Stella Cullen-1640 (b.9 Jun 1898-Ste. Catherine,Portneuf,Q,Canada;d.20 Dec 1904-SC,Portneuf,Q,Canada)
  • 4. Joseph Edward Antoine Cullen-1123 (b.23 Jun 1901-Ste. Catherine,P,Q,Canada;d.2 Aug 1901-SC,Portneuf,Q,Canada)
  • 4. Joseph John Harold Cullen-1124 (b.5 Jan 1902-Ste. Catherine,Portneuf,Q,Canada;d.24 Aug 1986-SC,TR,Q,Canada)
      sp: Margaret Ethel Neil-2125 (b.17 Jan 1899-SC,P,Q,Canada;m.4 Dec 1923;d.7 Aug 1967-,Three Rivers,Q,Canada)
    • 5. Eileen Margaret Cullen-2140 (b.20 Jul 1924-,Three Rivers,Quebec,Canada)
        sp: Jean Louis Jourdain-2778 (b.31 Jul 1917-,TR,Quebec,Canada;m.16 Oct 1954;d.13 Jun 1987-C,TR,Q,Canada)
    • 5. Walter James Cullen-2132 (b.12 Oct 1925-,Three Rivers,Quebec,Canada;d.17 Mar 1972-St. Patrick's,TR,Q,Canada)
        sp: Eva Carmella Hoare-2133 (b.2 Jul 1927-,Stellarton,Nova Scotia,Canada;m.10 Sep 1949)
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. Known descendants: LIVING
  • 4. Edward John Cullen-2058 (b.28 Sep 1906-Ste. Catherine,Portneuf,Quebec,Canada;d.23 Jun 1969-,TR,Quebec,Canada)
  • 4. Marguerite Stella Cullen-2059 (b.30 Sep 1908-Ste. Catherine,Portneuf,Q,Canada;d.11 Mar 1977-,TR,Quebec,Canada)
      sp: Mennal Courtenay Hunter-1641 (m.8 Jul 1950)
  • 4. William Patrick Cullen-2060 (b.22 Apr 1911-Ste. Catherine,Portneuf,Q,Canada;d.17 Jul 1911-Ste. Catherine,P,Q,Canada)
  • 4. Catherine Aline Cullen-2061 (b.1 Dec 1912-Ste. Catherine,Portneuf,Quebec,Canada;d.2 Jan 1920-SC,P,Q,Canada)

Descendants of James & Mary (Cullen) Buckley
of Portneuf, Quebec, Canada

3. Mary Hannah Cullen-39 (b.11 Jan 1868-Ste. Catherine,Portneuf,Quebec,Canada;d.10 Jul 1936-SAC,Montreal,Q,Canada)
  sp: James Buckley-38 (b.8 Sep 1855-,Sillery,Quebec City,Canada;m.28 Aug 1888;d.11 Jul 1936-SA,Montreal,Q,Canada)
  • 4. Mary Ellen Mae Buckley-37 (b.10 Jun 1889-,Sillery,Quebec City,Qc., Canada;d.15 May 1966-SMSH,Montreal,Q,Canada)
      sp: John Patrick 'Jack' Kiely-36 (b.3 Oct 1883-,Montreal,Q,Canada;m.8 Sep 1908;d.21 Aug 1963-SRSC,O,Q,Canada)
    • 5. Mary Agnes Eileen Kiely-5 (b.23 Nov 1910-Jeff.Hale Hsp.,Quebec,Q,Canada;d.12 Dec 1990-CC,Montreal,Q,Canada)
        sp: Norman Francis Michael Phelan-35 (b.15 Jan 1911-,Montreal,Quebec,Canada;m.14 Aug 1939;d.30 Jan 1963-)
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. John Patrick Joseph (Grattan) Kiely-6 (b.27 May 1912-,St. John's,N,Canada;d.8 Nov 1990-QE,Montreal,Q,Canada)
        sp: Margaret Mary (Peggy) Callary-10 (b.17 Jul 1915-,Outremont,Quebec,Canada;m.12 Sep 1942;d.6 Nov 1996-)
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. Lillian Kiely-7 (b.1917-,St. John's,Nfld.,Canada;d.1917-Basilica,St. John's,Nfld.,Canada)
    • 5. Margaret Joan Kiely-8 (b.22 Jan 1918-,St. John's,Newfoundland,Canada;d.14 Sep 1980-,Monterey,California,USA)
        sp: Leo George Levesque-9 (b.14 Nov 1915-,Montreal,Q,Canada;m.26 Dec 1939;d.20 Sep 2001-LG,P,M,Quebec)
      • 6. LIVING -22
          sp: Roland Sherman Martin-27 (b.7 Oct 1939-St.Francis Hosp,P,N,USA;d.24 Sep 2001-SFH,NYC,N.Y.)
        • 7. Known descendants: LIVING
      • 6. Colleen Marie Levesque-23 (b.2 Aug 1943-,Montreal,Quebec,Canada)
          sp: John Robert Press-28 (b.3 Dec 1941-,Montreal,Quebec,Canada;m.20 Jul 1963(Div);d.28 Jul 2001-)
        • 7. Known descendants: LIVING
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
  • 4. Matthew Joseph Buckley-44 (b.16 Nov 1892-,Quebec,Quebec,Canada;d.16 Nov 1932-Elk Lake,FM,DOT,On.,Canada)
      sp: Helen McMann-394 (b.1892-Little Current,Ontario,Canada;m.9 Aug 1919)
  • 4. Mary Agnes (Aggie) Buckley-43 (b.5 Apr 1893-,Quebec,Quebec,Canada;d.14 Apr 1971-St. Michael's,Toronto,O,Canada)
      sp: Perce R. Allison-54 (m.12 Jan 1920)
  • 4. Private James Buckley-45 (b.1 Jun 1895-,Quebec,Quebec,Canada;d.1 Oct 1918-,Vimy,France,Europe)
  • 4. Charles Joseph Buckley-46 (b.18 Feb 1897-,Quebec,Quebec,Canada;d.7 Feb 1950-,Montreal,Quebec,Canada)
      sp: Harriet Mathilda Therese Gambel-57 (b.9 Feb 1907-,Montreal,Quebec,Canada;m.11 Jan 1930;d.5 Jul 1990-)
    • 5. Ronald Matthew Buckley-60 (b.21 Dec 1932-,Montreal,Quebec,Canada)
        sp: Doloris Halcro-77 (b.17 Jan 1933-,Hazel Park,Michigan,USA;m.29 Sep 1956)
    • 5. Charlene Mary Buckley-61 (b.6 Apr 1936-,Montreal,Quebec,Canada)
        sp: LIVING -2849
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
  • 4. Stella Buckley-41 (b.24 Mar 1898-,Quebec City,Quebec,Canada;d.11 Mar 1984-St.Mary's Hsp,Montreal,Quebec,Canada)
      sp: Robert William Cherry-52 (b.5 Aug 1892-,Montreal,Q,Canada;m.28 Nov 1923;d.20 Nov 1963-,Montreal,Q,Canada)
    • 5. Lorraine Olive Cherry-58 (b.23 Feb 1928-,Montreal,Quebec,Canada;d.9 Jan 1999-,Hanover,Ontario,Canada)
        sp: LIVING -74
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. Beverley Joan Cherry-59 (b.1 Feb 1932-,Montreal,Quebec,Canada;d.26 Jul 1988-,Willowdale,Ontario,Canada)
        sp: Ronald Royce Doyle-71 (b.1933-,Halifax,Nova Scotia,Canada;m.21 Jul 1956;d.Toronto, On)
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. Ondoye Cherry-3166 (b.10 Sep 1940-,Montreal,Quebec,Canada;d.12 Sep 1940-St.Ignatius/Loy,Montreal,Q,Canada)
  • 4. William Buckley-47 (b.20 Oct 1899-,Quebec City,Quebec,Canada;d.10 Jul 1968-Q.M.Vet's Hsp.,Montreal,Q,Canada)
  • 4. Elizabeth (Lillian) Buckley-50 (b.20 Feb 1902-,Quebec City,Quebec,Canada;d.20 Feb 1911-St. Patrick's,QC,Q,Canada)
  • 4. John Joseph Buckley-48 (b.13 Oct 1903-,Quebec City,Quebec,Canada;d.22 Jun 1964-Reddy Memorial,M,Q,Canada)
      sp: Kathleen Mabel Tarrant-55 (b.3 Sep 1895-England,Europe;m.31 Aug 1927;d.26 Feb 1978-S,,L,Quebec,Canada)
  • 4. Mary Theresa Buckley-42 (b.19 Feb 1905-,Quebec City,Quebec,Canada;d.24 Dec 1959-At Home,Montreal,Q,Canada)
      sp: Ernest Wilfred Paquette-53 (b.3 Nov 1899-,Montreal,Q,Canada;m.29 Jan 1930;d.9 Jun 1953-SMS,M,Q,Canada)
  • 4. Michael Gerard Buckley-49 (b.28 Aug 1908-,Quebec City,Quebec,Canada;d.28 Jun 1966-Mtl. Gen.,Montreal,Q,Canada)
      sp: Mary Adele Joan Virolle-56 (b.15 Sep 1910-,Montreal,Q,Canada;m.27 Apr 1937;d.12 Jul 1970-,M,Quebec,Canada)

Descendants of James & Elizabeth (Griffin) Cullen
of Portneuf, Quebec, Canada

3. James Francis Cullen-68 (b.8 Nov 1871-Ste. Catherine,Portneuf,Quebec,Canada;d.19 May 1917-S,M,,New Hampshire,USA)
  sp: Elizabeth Griffin-631 (b.1875-St. Gabriel,Valcartier,Q,Canada;m.17 Oct 1893;d.4 Nov 1916-St. Joseph's,M,NH,USA)
  • 4. Private PH James Michael Cullen-4828 (b.2 Nov 1895-,Manchester,NH,USA;d.30 Apr 1963-St. Joseph's,M,NH,USA)
  • 4. Joseph Harold Cullen-2728 (b.1902-,Manchester,New Hampshire,USA;d.1980-St. Joseph's,Manchester,NH,USA)
      sp: Mary (May) A. Talford-2727 (b.27 Aug 1903-,Lowell,NH,USA;m.25 Nov 1926;d.24 Mar 1993-,Manchester,NH,USA)
    • 5. Joyce Mary Cullen-4827 (b.17 Jan 1928-,MHC,,New Hampshire,USA;d.8 Feb 2005-Cath. Med. Centre,M,N.H.)
        sp: LIVING -4843 (m.(Div))
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. LIVING-4834
        sp: George Alfred Chaput-4838 (b.13 Oct 1938-,Manchester,NH,USA;d.21 Aug 2003-Boston,Mass.)
  • 4. Francis Edward Cullen-4829 (b.24 Feb 1905-,Manchester,New Hampshire,USA;d.10 Mar 1905-St. Joseph's,M,NH,USA)

Descendants of Francis & Catherine (Cullen) Tate
of Portneuf, Quebec, Canada

3. Catherine(Katie) Ann Cullen-451 (b.2 Aug 1873-Ste. Catherine,Portneuf,Q,Canada;d.10 Dec 1929-St. Mary's Church,KS)
  sp: Francis (Frank) N. Tate-3893 (b.3 May 1868-Omaha,N,USA;m.19 Jul 1894;d.14 Sep 1944-St. Margaret's Hospital,KS.)
  • 4. Joseph Lawrence Tate-3894 (b.6 Mar 1895-,Montreal,Quebec,Canada;d.27 Mar 1896-at home - 5th & Elizabeth Streets)
  • 4. Leonard John Tate-6952 (b.3 Jan 1897-Kansas;d.4 Sep 1983-Nursing Home,Independence,Jackson Co.,MO)
      sp: Verna Lucille Harringtan-7014 (b.3 Mar 1901-KS;m.31-11-1931;d.23 May 1983-Carmel Hills Nursing Home,I,J,MO)
    • 5. Loraine Catherine Tate-7022 (b.11 Apr 1924-Bethany Hospital,KC,WC,KS;d.12 Jun 2005-MO.)
        sp: LIVING -7113 (m.(Div))
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
  • 4. Francis James Tate-6953 (b.2 Aug 1899-Kansas;d.27 Nov 1931-at home)
      sp: LIVING -7114 (m.(Div))
    • 5. Known descendants: LIVING
  • 4. Mary Ethel Tate-6954 (b.9 Jan 1901-Kansas City,Wyandotte County,KS;d.1 Feb 1983)
      sp: Rudolph (Rudy) Henry Hellwig-6975 (b.24 Mar 1898-Butler,Bates County,MO;m.5 Mar 1919;d.1 May 1966)
    • 5. Ethel Marie Hellwig-6976 (b.2 Apr 1919-Kansas;d.2 Jan 1930-Providence Hosp.,KS.CTY,Co.Wyandotte,KS)
    • 5. Norma Jean Hellwig-7017 (b.22 Aug 1923-Bethany Hsp.,Kansas,WC,KCKS;d.14 Apr 2008-Yuma,YC,Arizona)
        sp: Lebaron Albert Bartlett-7112 (m.27 Jan 1978;d.2005)
        sp: LIVING -7224 (m.(Div))
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. Infant Hellwig-7425 (b.19 Sep 1925;d.19 Sep 1925)
    • 5. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. LIVING -7018
        sp: Harold L Guy-7111 (b.29 Sep 1927-CA;d.8 Feb 2003-Sun Valley,LA,CA)
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. LIVING -7108
        sp: Delbert Ray Wall-7109 (m.(Div);d.Abt 2000-CA)
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. LIVING -7016
        sp: LIVING -7107 (m.(Div))
        sp: LIVING -7216 (m.(Div))
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
  • 4. Loretta Marie Tate-6955 (b.8 May 1904-Shawnee,Kansas;d.30 Aug 2003-Sharon Lane Nursing Home,Overland Park,KS)
      sp: Theodore Edward (Ted) Davis Sr-6977 (b.7 May 1903-Boulder,CO;m.7 Feb 1921;d.6 Aug 1959-KS)
    • 5. Doris June Davis-6978 (b.1 Mar 1926-Kansas;d.20 Sep 2006-Ville Marie Hospice)
        sp: Forrest Edward Lynn-7120 (m.27 Apr 1946(Div);d.27 Jul 1983-KS)
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING

        sp: Kenneth Gene Wood-7123 (b.13 Jan 1927-Paducah,TX;m.1 May 1970;d.17 Aug 1987)
    • 5. Loretta Marie Davis-7023 (b.19 Jan 1928-Kansas City,Wyandotte Co.,KS;d.11 Aug 1928)
    • 5. Marilyn Anne Davis-6979 (b.15 Dec 1929-Kansas;d.11 Sep 1989)
        sp: Clarence Leroy 'Corky" Brown-7139 (m.27 Nov 1948(Div);d.23 Apr 1982)
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. LIVING -7130
        sp: LIVING -7148
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. Theodore Edgar 'Ted' Jr Davis-7024 (b.13 Jan 1937-Kansas City,KS;d.5 Aug 1991-Arkansas)
        sp: LIVING -7286 (m.(Div))
      • 6. Lonnie Michael Davis-7287 (b.12 Feb 1958;d.22 Jan 2006)
          sp: LIVING -7288 (m.(Div))
        • 7. LIVING -7289
  • 4. William (Bill) Anthony Tate-6956 (b.13 Jun 1917-Kansas;d.10 Dec 1994-KS)
      sp: Ruth Marie Brown-7019 (b.14 Aug 1909-Spiro,S,Oklahoma;m.12 Feb 1929;d.12 Aug 1995-KSKC)
    • 5. Lawrence James 'Larry' Tate-7021 (b.12 Sep 1930-KCKS;d.7 Sep 2003-Shawnee Gardens Nursing Centre,JC,KS)
        sp: JoAnn Maass-7086 (b.29 Jul 1931-KS;m.(Div))
        sp: Goldie Frances Clark-7261 (b.17 Nov 1906-KSKC;m.Sep 1924(Div);d.3 Sep 1930-KSKC)
    • 5. Dr. Wayne James Tate-7020 (b.12 Sep 1926-KCKS,Wyandotte Cty.,Kansas;d.28 Jan 1988-Lake Waukomis,PC,MO)
        sp: Molly 'Molly Jo' Joan Munn-7085 (b.21 Apr 1927-Trenton,Grundy,MO;m.2 Oct 1946;d.28 Jan 1988-LW,P,MO)
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING

Descendants of Charles & Etta (Warner) Cullen
of Portneuf, Quebec, Canada

3. Charles William Cullen-450 (b.8 Jul 1875-St. Catherine,Portneuf,Quebec,Canada;d.17 May 1959-Venice,CA)
  sp: Mrs Etta T Warner-914 (b.29 Sep 1879-MO.;m.2 Oct 1900;d.2 Mar 1962-Venice,CA)
  • 4. Rachel Rosebud Garton-6946 (b.Dec 1898-MO)
  • 4. LIVING -7435
  • 4. Lloyd Cullen-6947 (b.8 Jul 1905-St. Joseph's,Buchanan Co.,MO;d.19 Nov 1973)
      sp: LIVING -7427
  • 4. LIVING -6948
  • 4. Leonard Cullen-6949 (b.1911;d.6 Jan 1975)
  • 4. LIVING -6950
  • 4. LIVING -6951

Descendants of Joseph & Sarah (Durbin) Cullen
of Portneuf, Quebec, Canada

3. Joseph John Cullen-452 (b.12 Aug 1879-Ste. Catherine,Portneuf,Quebec,Canada;d.9 Sep 1972-Kansas City,WC,KS) sp: Sarah (Sadie) Theresa Durbin-6960 (b.1887-Kansas;m.5 Feb 1908;d.1967-Kansas City,Wyandotte County,KS)
  • 4. Gertrude Angela Cullen-6961 (b.1909-Kansas City,Wyandotte Co.,KS;d.1964-Kansas)
      sp: Edward J. Gallagher-6962 (b.1905-Kansas City,Wyandotte Co.,KS;m.1930)
  • 4. Rosemary Loretta Cullen-7196 (b.6 Mar 1911-Kansas City,Wyandotte County,KS;d.19 Apr 2003)
      sp: Paul Stephen Stanfield-7197 (b.7 May 1907-KCKS;m.Bef 1928;d.Jan 1980)
    • 5. LIVING -7199
    • 5. Robert Donald Stanfield-7228 (b.1929-KS;d.1990)
        sp: LIVING -7230
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. Joan P Stanfield-7229 (b.1930-KS;d.1991-KS)
        sp: LIVING -7251
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING

Descendants of Edward & Ellen (Cullen) Owen
of Portneuf, Quebec, Canada

3. Ellen 'Nell' Jane Cullen-460 (b.3 Feb 1882-St. Catherine,Portneuf,Quebec,Canada;d.12 Sep 1960-SASC,KCKS)
  sp: Edward Frazier Owen-7083 (b.14 Nov 1883-MO;m.23 Dec 1902(Div);d.1964)
  • 4. Alma Marie Owen-7284 (b.21 Mar 1906-KCKS;d.1983-KCKS)
      sp: Vernon E Bowers-7303 (m.BEF. 1938)
    • 5. LIVING -7304
  • 4. Edward Charles Owen-7285 (b.7 Sep 1907-KCKS.;d.1969-KCKS)
      sp: Josephine 'Jo' Evelyn Vogel-7084 (b.1900-Wellington,LC,MO;m.Bef. 1935;d.30 May 1988-Palmdale,LA,CA)
    • 5. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. LIVING -7291
        sp: LIVING -7293
      • 6. LIVING -7305
      • 6. LIVING -7306
          sp: Bonney Heber Palmer-7198 (b.1883-Kansas City,Kansas;d.1945)

Descendants of William & Margaret (Cullen) Barackman
of Portneuf, Quebec, Canada

3. Margaret Agnes Cullen-462 (b.12 Aug 1886-St. Catherine,Portneuf,Quebec,Canada;d.27 Apr 1944-Kansas City,Ka)
  sp: William Blackie Blackburn Barackman-6957 (b.6 Jul 1884-Kansas;m.Bef 1905;d.1936-Kansas)
  • 4. Willie Barackman-6958 (b.27 Apr 1905-Kansas;d.1910-Kansas)
  • 4. Robert (Bob) Cullen Barackman Jr-6959 (b.18 Feb 1925-Kansas City,WC,KS;d.31 Mar 1990-Kansas City,JC,MO)
      sp: LIVING -6963
    • 5. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. LIVING -6965
        sp: Charles Roy Blocker-6971 (b.27 Dec 1946-Kansas City,MO;d.28 Apr 1999-Little Flower Church,KC,JC,MO)
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. Gerald Patrick Barackman-6969 (b.21 Aug 1961-KCJC,MO;d.23 Jan 1984-Kansas City,MO)

Descendants of Edmond & Mary (Coughlin) Rioux
of Portneuf, Quebec, Canada

3. Mary Ellen Coughlin-634 (b.7 Jul 1867-Ste. Catherine,Portneuf,Quebec,Canada;d.1 Sep 1952-St. Patrick's,QC,Q,Canada)
  sp: Edmond Rioux-642 (b.1860-,Trois Pistoles,Riv. du Loup,Quebec;m.26 Oct 1891;d.15 May 1941-SPS,QC,Q,Canada)
  • 4. Edward Rioux-1687 (b.14 Sep 1893-,Quebec City,Quebec,Canada;d.10 Nov 1942-St. Patrick's,Quebec City,Q,Canada)
  • 4. Marie Anne Veronique (Vera) Rioux-1688 (b.1 Feb 1894-,Quebec City,Q,Canada;d.22 Apr 1953-SPS,Quebec,Q,Canada)
  • 4. Joseph John Rioux-1350 (b.Dec 1897-,Quebec City,Quebec,Canada;d.12 Mar 1899-St. Patrick's,Quebec City,Q,Canada)
  • 4. Margaret Stella Rioux-1689 (b.Dec 1897-,Levis,Quebec,Canada;d.8 Jun 1922-St. Patrick's,Quebec City,Quebec,Canada)
  • 4. Joseph James Harold Rioux-1690 (b.2 Feb 1900-,Levis,Quebec,Canada;d.2 Jan 1958-St. Patrick's,Quebec,Q,Canada)
  • 4. Walter Joseph Rioux-645 (b.17 Jun 1902-,Quebec,Quebec,Canada;d.27 Mar 1976-St. Patrick's,Quebec,Quebec,Canada)
      sp: LIVING -2044
    • 5. Ellen-Alma Verna Stella Rioux-2045 (b.13 Jun 1925-,Quebec,Quebec,Canada;d.6 Oct 1984-,Quebec,Q,Canada)
        sp: Walter Robert Tweddell-2689 (b.1925-,Quebec,Q,Canada;m.4 Jun 1949;d.2 Nov 1978-SPS,Q,Q,Canada)
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
      • 6. Gary John Tweddell-2794 (b.10 May 1962-,Quebec,Quebec,Canada;d.24 Jan 1986-Quebec City,QC)
    • 5. Edmond Herbert Gordon (Gordie) Rioux-2046 (b.21 Nov 1926-,Quebec,Q,Canada;d.19 Jul 1991-,Hull,Q,Canada)
        sp: LIVING -2692 (m.(Div))
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. Mavis Patricia Rioux-2047 (b.5 Mar 1928-,Quebec,Quebec,Canada;d.20 Jul 2005-Pasedena California)
    • 5. James Patrick Donald (Donnie) Rioux-2048 (b.26 Apr 1929-,Quebec,Q,Canada;d.16 Oct 1963-SPS,Q,Q,Canada)
        sp: LIVING -2856
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. Anonyme Rioux-2788 (b.5 Sep 1932-,Quebec,Quebec,Canada;d.6 Sep 1932-St. Patrick's,Quebec,Quebec,Canada)
    • 5. Walda Marie Iona Rioux-2050 (b.16 Apr 1935-,Quebec,Quebec,Canada;d.13 May 1937-St. Patrick's,Q,Q,Canada)
    • 5. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. Gary Peter Walter Rioux-2052 (b.13 Dec 1940-,Quebec,Quebec,Canada;d.19 Jan 2007-Montreal,Qc)
        sp: Beverley Carol Helena Lawson-2699 (b.31 Jul 1942-,Quebec,Quebec,Canada;m.7 Sep 1964(Div)) 6. Known descendants: LIVING
  • 4. John Francis Rioux-1692 (b.21 Aug 1905-,Quebec City,Quebec,Canada;d.15 Jul 1910-St. Patrick's,QC,Quebec,Canada)

Descendants of James & Marie (Guay) Coughlin
of Portneuf, Quebec, Canada

3. James Francis Coughlin-635 (b.11 Jul 1870-Ste. Catherine,Portneuf,Quebec,Canada;d.4 Apr 1931-St. Patrick's,Q,Q,Canada)
  sp: Marie Louise Corinne Guay-1652 (b.1 Aug 1885-,Quebec,Q,Canada;m.8 Feb 1915;d.1 Aug 1934-SPS,QC,Q,Canada)
  • 4. LIVING -1654
      sp: LIVING -1655
    • 5. LIVING -1758
    • 5. LIVING -1759
    • 5. LIVING -5664

Descendants of Patrick & Mary (Kingwell) Coughlin
of Portneuf, Quebec, Canada

3. Patrick Coughlin-636 (b.29 May 1873-Ste. Catherine's,Co.Portneuf,Quebec,Canada;d.9 Feb 1953-SPSC,QC,Q,Canada)
  sp: Mary Emily Kingwell-648 (b.11 Jan 1878-,Quebec,Q,Canada;m.22 Aug 1905;d.12 Dec 1954-SPSC,Quebec,Canada)
  • 4. James Stanislaus Coughlin-1671 (b.13 Nov 1905-,Quebec City,Quebec,Canada;d.3 Sep 1906-St. Patrick's,Q,Q,Canada)
  • 4. Lawrence Gerard (Gerry) Coughlin-651 (b.2 Oct 1906-,Quebec,Quebec,Canada;d.9 Jul 1978-St. Patrick's,Q,Q,Canada)
      sp: Mary Elizabeth(Beth) Blair Cuthbert-656 (b.30 Jul 1923-,Chilliwack,B.C.,Canada;m.10 Dec 1945;d.15 Apr 2005-)
    • 5. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. Gerard Bruce Coughlin-1674 (b.25 Dec 1949-,Quebec City,Quebec,Canada)
        sp: Linda Louise Rasmussen-5751 (b.17 May 1953-,Lachine,Q,Canada;m.1 Dec 1984;d.1996-,W,Y. T.,Canada)
      • 6. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. Known descendants: LIVING
  • 4. John Henry Coughlin-1672 (b.19 Jun 1908-,Quebec City,Quebec,Canada;d.5 Apr 1985-Snows Fun/Home,H,NS,Canada)
      sp: Wilma Evelyn Weyman-1673 (b.13 Jul 1917-,QC,Quebec,Canada;m.8 Dec 1949;d.23 Jan 1993-Halifax,N.S)
    • 5. Known descendants: LIVING
  • 4. William (Bill) Joseph Coughlin-716 (b.5 Jan 1910-,Quebec City,Quebec,Canada;d.26 Jun 1998-St. Brigid's Home,S,QC)
      sp: Ursula Anne Oliver-719 (m.24 Sep 1955;d.Apr 1986-St. Patrick's,Quebec City,Quebec,Canada)
    • 5. Known descendants: LIVING
  • 4. Samuel (Sam) Patrick Coughlin-649 (b.2 Jan 1913-,Quebec City,Quebec,Canada;d.2 Nov 1993-Quebec City)
      sp: Marie Therese Marguerite Ouellet-654 (b.16 Feb 1931-,Quebec City,Quebec,Canada;m.9 Oct 1965)
    • 5. LIVING -1660
  • 4. Mary Margaret Catherine Coughlin-650 (b.4 Feb 1915-,Quebec,Quebec,Canada;d.12 Apr 1973-St. Patrick's,Q,Q,Canada)
      sp: David Gerard Burridge-655 (b.14 Oct 1912-,QC,Quebec,Canada;m.30 Aug 1941;d.15 Aug 1981-,M,Q,Canada)
    • 5. Known descendants: LIVING
  • 4. Emily Rita Coughlin-714 (b.22 Jun 1917-,Quebec City,Quebec,Canada;d.18-12-2005-Pinecrest Nursing Home,P,QC)
      sp: James (Jimmy) Orr MacNab-717 (b.28 Jan 1917-Scotland,Europe;m.28 Sep 1940;d.6 Dec 1998-SSH,S,Q,Canada)
  • 4. James Kenneth (Ken) Coughlin-715 (b.21 Jul 1919-,Quebec City,Quebec,Canada;d.11 Feb 2000-Quebec City,QC)
      sp: Shirley Mary McConomy-718 (b.10 Nov 1930-,Quebec City,Quebec,Canada;m.4 Jul 1953)
    • 5. Known descendants: LIVING
    • 5. Steven John Kenneth Coughlin-1683 (b.24 Oct 1964-,Quebec City,Q,Canada;d.9 Aug 1989-SPS,Ottawa,O,Canada)

Descendants of Harold & Catherine (Coughlin) Duval
of Portneuf, Quebec, Canada

3. Catherine (Kathleen) Coughlin-637 (b.8 Jan 1875-Ste. Catherine,Portneuf,Q,Canada;d.20 Jun 1973-St. Patrick's,Q,Q,Canada)
  sp: Harold DeHarven Duval-657 (b.26 May 1880-,New Zealand;m.18 Nov 1914;d.24 Sep 1963-St. Patrick's,QC,Q,Canada)
  • 4. Patricia Mary Emily DeHarven Duval-2055 (b.17 Mar 1916-,Quebec,Quebec,Canada;d.5 Sep 1916-SPS,Q,Q,Canada)
  • 4. Douglas Maurice John Duval-660 (b.11 Jun 1918-,Quebec,Quebec,Canada)
      sp: Marguerite Therese Cecile Lemay-661 (b.1926-,Ste. Foy,Quebec,Canada;m.12 Oct 1968;d.21 Sep 1993-)

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