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Sponsored by Rootsweb

Rootsweb, one of the oldest geneological sites on the Internet, hosts a mailing list for the surname Cullen. The Cullen mailing list provides an automated way for your queries and information to reach interested persons. This should be a great resource and opportunity for all of us, so I've taken the time here to explain the system in detail for anyone who may be new at this (like me). First though, lets get the scary words out of the way! Subscribe: easily done and just as easily undone; enough said. Spam: good software is in place so there's no worry of that beyond what you may already normally receive. Invasion of Privacy: Rootsweb has been around a long time and has served an untold number of people; you're protected - ask around. I know one or two listowners and I've yet to hear any horror-stories beyond personality conflicts among the subscribers or someone not being able to unsubscribe due to a typo. In short, a mailing list is much safer than most things people do on the Internet these days (the mind reels) and the benefits far outweigh any possible risks you may feel you're taking by sending e-mail to the list. With that out of the way, onto the list instructions...

Rootsweb sponsors many mailing lists and among these lists are the lists for surnames. Below is a more detailed description of the mailing list and below that are the actual links to subscribe (or unsubscribe) and to make an actual post to the Cullen Mailing List! Please read this page in it's entirety before clicking the links.

Here's how it works:
You send an e-mail to the list, which is just a special e-mail address that is attended to by a computer. Your e-mail is then distributed to everyone who is subscribed to that list. Now, you can't post or receive e-mail to the Cullen list unless you're subscribed. Why is that? Rootsweb wrote the rules. As far as receiving posts, you can get them one at a time as they are posted (List Mode) or you can wait and get a bunch of them all at once to save clutter (Digest Mode). How you receive the messages depends on which Mailing Mode you chose when you subscribed to the Cullen List. If you subscribe to CULLEN-L, then you will receive messages one at a time. If you subscribe to CULLEN-D, then you will receive periodic "digests" containing multiple messages. You may change your mode at will by unsubscribing to one list and then subscribing to the other. To post a message to the list, you will always send the e-mail to CULLEN-L regardless of which mode you subscribed in.

How to subscribe or unsubscribe:
There are actually two e-mail addresses for the Cullen List. One address is for your messages, questions, or queries and the other e-mail address is for you to be able to subscribe or unsubscribe - just think of it as e-mailing the computer to tell it what you want it to do. When you subscribe or unsubscribe, you must also tell the computer which Mailing Mode you want to subscribe or unsubscribe to; you just add the extra letter in the e-mail address: L for List Mode (one at a time) or D for Digest Mode (a bunch at once). (Take a look at the links below to see how this extra letter is worked into the address).

Are you ready?
If you've read enough and are ready to join in, proceed to the next section. I've set up some e-mail links to help you along. If you're not able to click on the links and have your e-mail program pop up a mail window for you, you'll have to type in or cut-n-paste the addresses yourself in your mail program.

Step One: Subscribe
Click on one of the two following links. In the body of the e-mail you must type one word and one word only: subscribe (or unsubscribe). If your mail program requires you to fill out the subject line, just type in the same thing (subscribe or unsubscribe). The computer doesn't care much about the subject of the e-mail; it's looking for instructions in the body. By the way, for the Cullen list right now, there are not a lot of messages so it may be best at present to subscribe to the List Mode. Later on, when the volume picks up, Digest Mode may be the better choice.

List Mode: CULLEN-L-request@rootsweb.com

Digest Mode: CULLEN-D-request@rootsweb.com

Step Two: Post a message
This one is easy enough. You only post to CULLEN-L. Everyone on the List mode will get your message right away. Those who subscribed to Digest Mode will have to wait for the next bunch of messages to be sent out in order for them to be able to read your message.

To post a message: CULLEN-L@rootsweb.com

That's all there is to it! Note that the above addresses can be added to your address book for easier posting. See also the links above to Rootsweb for more information on their sponsored mail lists. You may also check back right here with me for any questions or problems concerning the Cullen list as I am also the list administrator.

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