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Cullen Family Tree

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My Main Line of Descent from Thomas Cullen
of Cromwell, Nottinghamshire, born about 1690

1'st Generation: Thomas and Elizabeth (Whitton) Cullen
Husband: Thomas Cullen. Thomas Cullen of Cromwell was born approx 1690. Though he is stated to have been from Cromwell at the time of his marriage it is highly likely that his birth occured in Upton. It is suspected that Thomas was the son of Gervase & Elianor Cullen of Upton. The will of Elianor, wife of Gervase Cullen of Upton, probated in 1699, mentions a son Thomas Cullen. This son was nearly certainly the Thomas Cullen christened Jan 26, 1692 at Southwell to parents Gervase & Elianor Cullen. I suspect that this Gervase is the Gervas, Yeoman of Upton, who died in 1717 at the age of 55. He was born in 1662 to parents Gervase & Katherine (Robinson) Cullen of Upton. This ties into the main line of Cullens in Upton back to Richard who died 1579/80.

Wife: Elizabeth Whitton: Christened in Cromwell in 1697, the daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Whitton. The Whittons had lived in Cromwell for a few generations. At the time of her marriage to Thomas Cullen, Elizabeth is stated to have been from Kelham. The genealogy of the Whitton family has been thoroughly researched by Mrs. Lisa Maurier of Lincolnshire. Lisa has also been very kind and patient and has provided a mountain of research that is just now finding its way onto the site.

Married: October 7, 1715 at South Muskham, Nottinghamshire.
Children (all christened at Upton by Southwell):

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2'nd Generation: Gervase and Elizabeth (Millward) Cullen
Husband: Gervase Cullen. Born 1718 Upton, Nottinghamshire, England. Christened Apr 20, 1718 at Upton to parents Thomas & Elizabeth Cullen (see image below, courtesy of Lisa Maurier). Died 1786(?) Spanby, Lincolnshire (farmer; Wills Index). Likely Gervase is descended from the line of "The Rude Forefathers" in Upton.

Wife: Elizabeth Millward of Nottingham, Notts. Born 1724. The first child to the marriage was christened at Upton but the family had relocated to Grantham Parish in Lincolnshire by about 1753.

Married: Aug 7, 1749 at North Muskham, Nottinghamshire.

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3'rd Generation: Thomas and Elizabeth (Gratrix) Cullen
Husband: Thomas Cullen. Born Dec 02, 1751 Ancaster, Linc. Farmer, labourer, yeoman. Died August 06, 1848 Leake District, Bennington, Linc.

Wife: Elizabeth Gratrix (dau of John & Ann Gratrix). Christened Feb 02,1758 at Grantham, Linc. Died July 20, 1809 Great Hale, Linc. See also Gratrix Will Transcripts, forwarded for posting by the Barlow family.

Married Feb 09, 1778 Grantham, Linc.
Children (All but Sarah ch Great Hale, Lincs.):

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4'th Generation: William and Elisabeth (Houghton or Horton) Cullen
Husband: William Cullen ch. Feb 23, 1795 Great Hale, Lincs. Labourer. According to an obituary mention and census info, lived Leake district, near Boston, Lincolnshire in his later years. William died in 1866 and his burial is recorded as June 2, 1866 at age 71, Leake, St Mary Anglican, Linc. There is a photo page for this family thanks to the Ingham family, relatives of the Cullens in the UK. A wealth of new information has been provided by Wendy Weedon of Kent, England. Her research has revealed many new details on this family and so there is a new page for the family of William and Elizabeth Cullen specifically.

Wife: Elisabeth Houghton (or possibly Horton). Some information tends to support Horton as Elisabeth's maiden name but most evidence is in favor of the name Houghton.

Married: Dec 11, 1816 Great Hale, Lincs.
Children (All ch. Great Hale, Lincs.):

Enos and Seth were born and raised in a two-story stone farmhouse near Boston, Lincolnshire, England. To see a photo of their home, click here. Thanks to Jean Scherer for this one! Mrs. Scherer is the gr-gr-grandaughter of Seth Cullen and has provided the photos of Seth Cullen and his descendants. Also from the Scherer family is a photo featuring the Lady of Nottingham, an unknown relative of the Cullen family.

According to the marriage index, William Cullen married in 1816 at Great Hale to an Elizabeth Horton. The only children of this couple are found at Gosberton. Note that wife Elizabeth had children every other year and during the summer months (such patterns are fairly common) - right when the children end at Great Hale, they pick up again at Gosberton - every other year and during the summer. In addition, notes concerning the Cowham family indicate that these children are siblings of those born at Great Hale. The three children are:

Note: The name John Cowham of Sheffield appears in the address book of William H. Cullen, son of Seth Cullen and grandson of the above William Cullen who married Elizabeth Houghton (Horton).

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5'th Generation: Enos and Betsy Jane (James) Cullen
Husband: Enos Cullen ch. Apr 8, 1821 Great Hale, Lincs. Came to the US in 1840 with his brother Seth and an unknown relative 'Kate'. Died Jan 18, 1870 Sandusky(?) Co., Ohio. Buried in Castalia Cemetary, Erie Co., Ohio. Recently, an article appeared in the Lincolnshire Family History Society quarterly magazine Vol 10 #3 Sep 1999, pg 145, col. 1: Genealogical Miscellany from Colindale, Deaths & a marriage outside of Lincolnshire - "At Clyde, Ohio, North America on 7/1/1869 Enos, 2nd son of the late Mr William CULLER of Leake nr. Boston died." The details are correct except for the spelling of the name CULLEN and the year given for Enos' death. A rubbing from Enos' headstone indicates the year to be 1870, as does the settlement of the estate in Sandusky Co., Ohio in 1870. Only one family photo is known to have survived.

Wife: Betsy Jane James b. Apr 18, 1838 Bloomingville, Erie Co., Ohio to Henry and Abbigail (Hitchcock) James. Died Jul 28, 1918 Castalia, Erie Co., Ohio. Obit. Buried in Castalia Cemetary next to Enos but there was no stone there for her or even an indication of where she was buried. Due to the research the families have carried out, this has been corrected. Recently, the Matter family had another marker for Enos & Betsy Cullen's grave placed next to the old gravestone (which is broken and barely legible). Finally Enos & Betsy have been given proper recognition through the efforts of the families and the cemetary officials in Castalia, Ohio. We will be forever grateful for the kindness shown by the Matter family and all others involved. Below is a scan of what the new stone looks like.

Married: License Application dated May 28, 1859 in Erie Co., Ohio.

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6'th Generation: Charles and Sarah (Goodwin) Cullen
Husband: Charles E. Cullen b. Feb 27, 1861. Known as 'Chuck'. Died Feb 13, 1923 in Castalia, Erie Co., Ohio. Buried in Castalia Cemetary. Obit. Only one photo of Charles is known to exist (see photo page for descendants of Enos & Betsy Cullen). Descendants of Chuck's son, William Earnest Cullen, report that the middle name of Earnest goes back four generations in their line, beginning with their grandfather. This means then that Charles E. Cullen is in fact Charles Earnest Cullen... further, Enos Cullen, father of Charles, would then be Enos Earnest Cullen.

Wife: Sarah Elizabeth Goodwin b. Nov 7, 1861 on a farm near Sandusky, Ohio to James and Maria (Mynard) Goodwin. Known as 'Libby'. Died Jul 3, 1945. Buried in Castalia Cemetary. Obit.

Married: Jul 2, 1881 Sandusky Co., Ohio.

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7'th Generation: James and Grace (Cable) Cullen
Husband: James Henry Cullen b. Mar 28, 1887. Lost his right arm as a teenager and was known as 'One Arm Jim'. Died Jan 8, 1960 in Clyde, Sandusky Co., Ohio. Buried in Castalia Cemetary. I have one good photo of Ol' One Arm (see photo page for descendants of Enos & Betsy Cullen). Obit.

Wife: Grace Cable b. Mar 17, 1892 to Charles and Ida (Keesbury) Cable. Died 1953. Buried in Castalia Cemetary.

Married: Abt. 1910 Sandusky Co., Ohio.

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Related Lines and Families

Family of William and Martha (Charity) Cullen
Husband: William Cullen b. Jan 24, 1762 Spittlegate, Grantham, Lincs. d. Mar 22, 1845 Vernon, Richland Co., Ohio.

Wife: Martha Charity b. Mar 29, 1778 Lincs.(?) d. May 19, 1849 Vernon, Richland Co., Ohio.

Married: Feb 1, 1800 Thurlby near Bourne, Lincs.

This branch of the Cullen family has been well researched by David Navorska of Irving, Texas. David is descended from William and Martha through their daughter, Mary Ann. Our common ancestral family seems to be that of Gervase and Elizabeth (Millward) Cullen.

William Cullen's line came to the US a decade or so before Enos and Seth Cullen. William's family settled in the Mansfield area, which is just a short distance south of Erie Co., where my family settled. It is not known whether these early Cullen families knew of each other or of their common family ties back in England.

Since so much is known about the descendants of William and Martha Cullen, I have devoted a separate page to them. Click here to go to their page. Some of the related names are: JACKSON, ALVEY, WALDEN (or WALDREN), REED, HILL, SANGER, and MYERS.

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Family of John and Alice (Coonrod) Cullen
Husband: John W. Cullen b. Oct 18, 1863 Bloomingville, Erie Co., Ohio. Died Jul 11, 1938 Sandusky, Erie Co., Ohio. Buried in Tews Cemetary, Clyde, Ohio. Obit. I have one photo of John (see family of Enos & Betsy Cullen).

Wife: Alice Jane Coonrod b. Aug 02, 1865 Clyde, Sandusky Co., Ohio to Rance and Jane (Lindsey) Coonrod. Died Aug 11, 1935 Bay Bridge, Erie Co., Ohio. Buried in Tews Cemetary, Clyde, Ohio. Obit.

Married: Dec 24, 1884 Sandusky Co., Ohio.

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Family of John and Alma (Lemke) Cullen
Husband: John Harold Cullen Oct 23, 1900 Vickery, Sandusky Co., Ohio. Died Jun 28, 1945 Sandusky, Erie Co., Ohio. Buried in Oakland Cemetary, Sandusky, Ohio.

Wife: Alma Anna Lemke b. Jul 27, 1904 Sandusky, Erie Co., Ohio to Carl and Matilda (Selz) Lemke. Died Dec 19, 1952 Sandusky, Erie Co., Ohio. Buried in Oakland Cemetary, Sandusky, Ohio.

Married: Info omitted here.
Children (Most info omitted here):

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Family of Seth and Susannah (Perrin) Cullen
Husband: Seth Cullen b. June 21, 1819. Came to the US in 1840 with his brother Enos and an unknown relation 'Kate'. Was a lifelong minister of the Methodist Episcopal faith. Died Aug 25, 1907 in Paulding, Paulding Co., Ohio. Buried in Live Oak Cemetary. Obit. Thanks to Mrs. Edward Scherer, photos of Seth and his family are still in existence. Photo page is only 65KB in size so feel free to take a quick peek. See also the photo of the unknown Cullen relative, the "Lady of Nottingham". There is also a page of notes on the Relatives of Seth Cullen, which is a collection of articles and biographical sketches from my files.

Wife: Susannah Perrin b. Dec 01, 1826 to David and Elizabeth (Langille) Perrin in River John, Pictou, Nova Scotia. Died Dec 16, 1905. Buried in Live Oak Cemetary. Obit. Susan's family in Nova Scotia is well known and many genealogies of the various related families have been researched. A separate page has been devoted to Susannah's Nova Scotia ancestors.

Married: May 21, 1843 Maumee, Lucas Co., Ohio.

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Family of William and Lula (Huston) Cullen
Husband: William Henry Cullen b. Feb 04, 1864. Died Aug 30, 1955 Paulding, Paulding Co., Ohio. Buried in Live Oak Cemetary. For a photo, see the family of Seth & Susan Cullen. Biographies are located on the page of notes on the Relatives of Seth Cullen. William kept a small black notebook containing, among other things, names and addresses of contacts or possibly relatives in England. The entries are: John Cowham of Sheffield, England; Charles Coupland of Nottingham, England; Mrs C. Warnes (or Waynes, Warues) of Norfolk, England. If anyone knows more, please let me know!

Wife: Lula F. Huston b. Feb 05, 1866 in Ohio to James and Rachael (Griffith) Huston. Died Sep 19, 1954. Buried in Live Oak Cemetary.

Married: Oct 07, 1890 Paulding, Paulding Co., Ohio.

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Family of Seth and Helen (Fauster) Cullen
Husband: Seth Cullen b. Oct 08, 1895 Paulding, Paulding Co., Ohio. Died Aug 05, 1958 Paulding, Paulding Co., Ohio.

Wife: Helen C. Fauster b. 1898 Paulding, Paulding Co., Ohio. Died Feb 28, 1994 Lexington, Kentucky.

Married: 1917.

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Family of John and Barbara (Holst) Cullen
Husband: John W. Cullen.

Wife: Barbara Holst.

Married: Info omitted here.

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