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Mary Elizabeth Cullen
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The Cullen Genealogy - As I Know it
Mary Elizabeth (Cullen) Thorn, June 1985

Two Brothers and one Sister.
Enos, Seth, and Kate.

Seth and Kate - I know nothing about except they were of English descent.

Enos was born in England possibly around 1835-40 and he died at an early age possibly in his early 30's about 1870. (Can you read the date on the tombstone?). He was buried in the Castalia Cemetary (as you saw). He married Betsy James around 1858. She died July 29, 1918 and also buried in Castalia Cemetary beside Enos. No stone there for her.

They had 3 children:
I. Ellen had five children. Married Geo Pelton. Della married Geo. Conley.
They had 3 children:
II. Charles Cullen - My father. Married Sarah Elizabeth Goodwin - July 2, 1882. He was born February 27, 1861. Died Feb 13, 1923.
They had 7 children.
1. Anna Ellen born March 29, 1882. Died Dec 16, 1956 buried in Clyde, Ohio Cemetary. She married John Black in 1900.
They had two children.
In 1908 Anna married Fred Smith. He died 1912.
They had one child
Hazel married Lyle Tea.
3 children
Howard had married Gladys ?
3 children
Marian married Ray Murphy. They divorced. 1 child - Joanne. Died age 13. Later married Vinton Wollenslegel.

2. William Earnest - Born July 25, 1884. Died Dec 24, 1965 Buried in Clyde Cemetary - Married Blanche Lindsay Sept 21, 1904 She passed away July 1965.
They had 5 children
3. James Henry Cullen. Born March 28, 1887. Died Jan 8, 1960. Married Grace Cable - divorced.
Two children.
James married Gertrude Davenport - divorced.

4. John Cullen - died in infancy. Dates on tombstone in the lot South of the Enos Cullen lot.

5. Betsy Maria Cullen - Born Aug 23, 1890. died Oct 24, 1962. Married Herb Knappenberger May 27, 1908. He died Oct 24, 1962.
They had five children -
6. Lester Charles Cullen - Born Sept. 6, 1900. Died April 6, 1911. Age 11 yrs. He was kicked by a colt in the temple.

7. Mary Elizabeth Cullen (me) Born Mar 9, 1902. Married Elza Leroy Thorn Dec 28, 1927. One daughter Marilyn... (information withheld - J.C.)

In reading this over - I see that I have omitted John Cullen - son of Enos and brother of my father Charles Cullen.

III. John Cullen - Went by Jack - Don't know any dates. He married Alice Coonrod.
Had four children

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