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HomepageCullen: Record Extracts
for Newfoundland
Joan Wendling, John P. Greene, Jim Roache

CULLEN, Alice, 24/June/1837. Thomas Cullen & Catherine Kehoe
CULLEN, Ellen Bridget, 5/ Feb/1838, Thomas Cullen & ? Lynch
CULLEN, Thomas, 4, Feb, 1838, Nicholas Cullen & Catherine Dunahy
CULLEN, Elizabeth, 4/Mar/1838, Patrick and Mary Cullen
CULLEN, Michael, 27/June/1838, Michael Cullen & Elizabeth Nowlan
CULLEN, James, 18/July/1838, Patt Cullen and Mary Raw?
CULLEN, Margret 29/Aug/1838, Thomas Cullen & Mary Ryley
CULLEN, William 2/Sept/1838 Charles Cullen & Mary Sharpe?
CULLEN, Bridget 3/ Feb/1840, Thomas Cullen & Catherine ?
CULLEN, Elizabeth ? James?or Jos? & Mary Kavanagh
CULLEN, James, 25/August/1840, James Cullen & Mary Morrison (my gguncle)
CULLEN, Elizabeth Joseph 25/Sept/1840 James?/Jos? Cullen & Mary Ann Doyle
CULLEN, James 25/October/1840 Thomas Cullen & May Ruby
CULLEN, Thomas 2/Nov/1840, Pat Cullen & Mary Rowe?
CULLEN, Maria 10/Nov/1840, Nick Cullen & Catherine Dunphy
CULLEN, William 1/May/1840 Patt Cullen & Mary ?
CULLEN, Mary 9/Aug/1842, John Cullen & Alice Cullen
CULLEN, John 11/Oct/1842 John Cullen & Catherine Dermody
CULLEN, Margret 14/May/1844 Nick Cullen & Catherine Dunphy
CULLEN, James 26, May 1844, John Cullen & Mary Ann Doyle
CULLEN, Mary 22/August/1844, Patt Cullen & Mary Phelan
CULLEN, Patrick 27/Oct/1844 John Cullen & Catherine Dermody
CULLEN, Mary Ann 24/Jan/1845 Thomas Cullen & Mary Keeley
CULLEN, Agnes Joseph 13/Feb/1845 Mick Cullen & Margret Cashien
CULLEN, Thomas 7/Sept/1845 Thomas Cullen & Catherine Connell
CULLEN, Alice 28/Jan/1841 Edward Cullen & Mary Britt
CULLEN, Patrick 25/Mar/1841 Patt Cullen & Mary Whelen
CULLEN, Thomas 4/May/1847, Thomas Cullen & Mary Riley
CULLEN, Anastasia 7/Jan/1848 Nicholas & Catherine Cullen
CULLEN, Patrick 17/Feb/1848, Thomas Cullen & Catherine The???
CULLEN, Mathew 15/Apr/1848, James Cullen & Mary Morrison (my gguncle)
CULLEN, Catherine 1/Feb/1857, Patrick Cullen & Mary Whelan
CULLEN, Thomas 17/Jan/1859 Edward Cullen & Honora Kenny
CULLEN, James 8/May/1863 John Cullen & Ellen Neill
CULLEN, Matthew James, 3/Feb/1866 John Cullen & Johanna Kelly (my guncle)
CULLEN, Margaret 23/May/1866 Geo. Cullen & Mary Hart
CULLEN, Maurice 6, June/1866, James Cullen & Sarah Ward (James is my gguncle)
CULLEN, Nicholas, Jan/1868, thomas Cullen & Margaret Doyle
CULLEN, Matthew Joseph 29/July/1870 John Cullen & Ellen Neill
CULLEN, Mary Joseph, 29/July/1870 Patrick Cullen & Johanna Brown
CULLEN, Mary Anne, 1/Oct/1870, Thomas Cullen & Margaret Doyle
CULLEN, Catherine Joseph 4/Dec/1872, Thomas Cullen & Margaret Doyle
CULLEN, William 19/May/1875 Thomas Cullen & Margaret Doyle
CULLEN, Sarah Ann 27, July, 1877 Thomas Cullen & Margaret Doyle
CULLEN, Edward Patrick, 11/May/1877, Michael Cullen & Susanna Kiely
CULLEN, Amelia Ann 29/Aug/1881, Thomas Cullen & Margaret Doyle
CULLEN, John Thomas 21/Nov/1883, John Cullen & Johanna Kelly (my g-uncle)
CULLEN, Richard Peter 27/June/1884, Thomas Cullen & Margaret Doyle
CULLEN, Patrick Stanislaus 17/Mar/1886 Thomas Cullen & Nora Mollowny
CULLEN, Bridget Anne 9/May/1886, John Cullen & Johanna Kelly (my grandmother)
CULLEN, Ellen Gertrude 2/Oct/1887, John Cullen & Marcella Power
CULLEN, Mary Joseph 24/Feb/1889, Thomas Cullen & Nora Nollowney
CULLEN, John Thomas 7/Mar/1895 William Cullen & Catherine McCormack

John Cullen, a native of Youghal Co. Cork Ireland died 3 January 1951, 84 years
Wife Katherine died 4 Feb, 1933, 60 years

John Cullen, died 6 May 1854; 56 years. Mary Ann Cullen died 9 Mar 1862 60 years. Elizabeth, drowned 3 May 1858; and her son James, 12 years.

Thomas Cullen, 13 Dec 1865, drowned

Cullen. Mrs. Margaret funeral from residence of brother-in-law P. Kough Esq (18 Dec 1842).
Cullen. Margaret died of consumption. funeral from her brother-in-law P. Kough Dec. 8/1842 (these two are the same person - in one case she is Mrs. in which case she really isn't a Cullen!)

Cullen. Ann wife of James Cullen died aged 38 21/Dec/1837 (this is my gg-grandfather's first wife)

Cullen. William died aged 33 February 13, 1839

Cullen. James died aged 569, Nov. 15/54 (my gg-grandfather)
Cullen. Mary wife of late James Cullen died November 22, 1854 (my gg-grandmother)
Cullen. Matthew youngest son of lat James Cullen died aged 7 years Mar 7/1855 (my great uncle)

Cullen. Bridget Joseph - wife of John Cullen died residence Carters Hill aged 33

Cullen. Eugenie Native of Cork died at Carbonear on Feb 5/1877, aged 82

Cullen. Thomas (cooper) native of New Ross Ireland, aged 67 June 17, 1873

Cullen, Bridget, 2nd dau of Matthew Cullen, died 13th Torbay, aged 24 Aug 21/83

Cullen, John died 27th at res. Bells Shute aged 52 Dec. 2/1884

Cullen. Mary died 28th at res son-in-law John Memory, Riverhead, OPP, Gass Works, aged 74, Sept 3/1884

Cullen. Michael (baker) died aged 30, residence Marsh Hill, November 8, 1881

Cullen. Thomas, native of Court town, Co Wexford died 24th aged 65 at Carbonear last year. Resided with son Thomas P. Cullen in Carbonear. November 26, 1881.

All of these were from the newspapers.

William, property owner of St. John's, 1794-95 (17 years in Newfoundland that is 1777-1778) from the Census of 1794-5); Mary Cullin, of Colliers, 1778; Margaret Cullen from Ross Parish (unspecified), married at St. John's 1809; Anne, from Sutton's Parish (Co. Wexford), married at St. John's, 1809; Nicholas, of Harbour Grace Parish, 1810; Thomas of Torbay, 1829; Julius F Cullam, of Harbour Breton, 1851; Catherine Cullen of Catalina, 1856; Rev. John of Burin 1858; Thomas of Harbour Grace, 1866.

Notice in newspaper: Persons indebted to Patrick Redmond are desired to make payment to James Sims, Notary Public. signed W. Johnson and William Cullen, Trustees 17 Nov. 1814.

Declared Insolvent: Wm Pyne St. John's Butcher. Apply to Wm Cullen & James Lorne, Trustees. 11 Mar 1817

CULLEN, Michael M Head Married 1878, ---- 43 Boston, Mass.
CULLEN, Elizabeth F Wife " 1884, Feb 37 Holyrood C.B.
CULLEN, Annie F Dau. Single 1907, Dec 14 St. John's
CULLEN, Mamie F Dau. " 1909, Mar 12 St. John's
CULLEN, John M Son " 1912, Mar 9 St. John's
CULLEN, Michael M Son " 1914, July 7 St. John's
CULLEN, Agnes F Dau. " 1918, Nov 3 St. John's
CULLEN, Kathleen F Dau. " 1920, May 1 St. John's
CULLEN, Estella F Dau. " 1920, May 1 St. John's

CULLEN, Richard M Head Married 1898, ---- 23 St. John's
CULLEN, Margaret F Wife " 1893, May 28 St. John's
CULLEN, Mary F Dau. Single 1908, Aug 13 St. John's
CULLEN, Nicholas M Son " 1912, Oct 9 St. John's
CULLEN, Millie F Dau. " 1913, July 8 St. John's
CULLEN, Annie F Dau. " 1920, Aug 1 St. John's

CULLEN, Michael M Head Married, 1877 Aug, 44, Torbay
CULLEN, Mary F Wife Married, 1880 Jun, 41, Torbay
CULLEN, Bertha F dau Single, 1904 Oct, 17, Torbay
CULLEN, Ilena F dau Single, 1910 Aug, 11, Torbay
CULLEN, James M son Single, 1912 Aug, 9, Torbay
CULLEN, David M son Single, 1915 Apr, 6, Torbay
CULLEN, Francis F dau Single, 1917 Oct, 4, Torbay
CULLEN, Katie F dau Single, 1921 Jun, 3mo, Torbay

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