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HomepageBurial Records for Cullen in
Nottingham General Cemetary
contributed by Andy Johnson of Lancashire, England

Many thanks to Andy Johnson for taking the time to send this information from his research notes. Andy's interest in the Cullen family concerns the descendants of William & Elizabeth (Richards) Cullen of Radford, Nottinghamshire. His family page on this site is located in the family history section of the Records Archive. These entries for the Cullens found in the Nottingham General Cemetary (1838-present) are ordered alphabetically but you may want to take note of the grave numbers as they will provide some clues to the family groups buried together.

Below the list is a table which contains the same information except that it is ordered by grave number and notes have been added for the individuals who have been identified. This is an ongoing project and anyone who can help is encouraged to forward what you know of these Cullens buried in Nottingham General Cemetary.

Recent Additions and/or Corrections

Alphabetical Listing

Ordered by grave number and with added comments

NameBurial/Death DateAgeApprox BirthGrave #Comment
Albert12Jun185710 weeks18570:1189 
Albert12Sep186013 months18590:1273 
Esther11Jul18526917831299Esther (Ash), w/o Benjamin Cullen m. 25Dec1811 at Lenton. She was ch. 18Jan1784 to Joseph & Edna Ash at Sheffield Cathedral St Peter York.
Benjamin14May18576917881299s/o John/Mary Cullen of Upton & h/o Esther Ash. Benjamin ch 20Apr1788 Upton by Southwell.
Henry28Nov183823?1815 s/o Benj/Esther (Ash) Cullen of Radford. Ch 29Jan1815 at Radford.
Benjamin1Jan18927518171025s/o Benjamin & Esther (Ash) Cullen of Nott St Mary Upton & h/o Mary Anne b.1819. Benjamin ch 14May1816 at Nott St Mary though he was born at Radford. Of Larkdale St. Died 29Dec1891 with Sarah listed as the surviving spouse.
Mary Anne2Apr18604118191025w/o Benjamin Cullen.
Sarah12Nov19179018271025widow 48 Bridgford Road
Benjamin19Aug186716 11/1218511025s/o Benjamin & Mary Cullen of Eastwood, Notts. Ch 06Oct1850 at Eastwood.
Esther Isabella2Dec18701818521025d/o Benjamin & Mary Cullen of Eastwood, Notts.
Mary Ann30Mar18933818551025spinster died at 46 Wilford Grove
Wm Perkins(?)2May18825218301032Wife Ellen. Sister Jane.
Elizabeth3Mar18838218011245d/o Thomas & Anne
(Storer) Cullen
Marianne2Oct19008518151245spinster 9 Park Valley
d/o Thomas & Anne
(Storer) Cullen
Charles15Apr190189181212459 Park Valley
s/o Thomas & Anne
(Storer) Cullen
Alfred10Apr18446 months1843  
Ellen26Mar18458 months184414259 
Miriam25Nov190235186714508wife of Edward
Miriam14Jan1903219011450811 Hague Street
John Matthew13Aug194672187414599of 78 Tenbury Close Aspley
Barbara Ann2Jun19285 weeks192814735died 29 May daughter of Albert Henry of 38 Trent Road
Michael George20Jun19136818451599126 Freeth Street
James13Oct192785184217567of Collins Hospital. Friar Lane
Annie Elizabeth3Feb194475186917567died 30 Jan 21 Collins Almhouses. Houndsgate
Sarah Jane28Jul188212187017567 
Charles Thomas23Aug18718 months187017621 
Robert Stanley2Apr18807187317762 
Mary Emma5Oct190475182919950widow 14 Melbourne Road. West Bridgford
Mary25Feb194281186120718at City Hospital Nottm formerly of 1 Selborne Street. Pym Street
William26Oct1928641864215at 88 Lees Hill Street. Sneinton
Fanny23Sep19248518393898Wife of Charles. Widow 7 Douglas Road
Charles24May19137018433898Husband of Fanny above and father of Hannah Alice below. Also husband of Hannah Spencer. Died 21 May rate collector 7 Douglas Road
Hannah Alice5Feb19306018703898Daughter of Charles Cullen above. Died 1 Feb 7 Douglas Road
Ann W(?)26Jun188672 (?)18144721 
Alfred26Sep19247318514721died 22 Sep 13 Noel Street
John9Jun18988818104721/4760died 4 Jun Acacia Walk Beeston
Elizabeth6Feb19378618514721/4760died 3 Feb Inglemere. Skegness. formerly of 13 Noel Street
Winifred Mary15May19167518415070 (?)Died 10 May, 1916. Wife of William Reginald 'Somercote'. Queens Road. Sutton
Sarah Anne24Aug19208918316448Wife of William below. Died 21 Aug 'Angorfa' Hardwick Road. Sherwood Rise
William1May19016918326448Husband of Sarah Anne above. Father of Mary Eliza below. Died 29 Apr. box manufacturer 'Angorfa' Hardwick Road. Sherwood Rise
Mary Eliza4Dec187714 10/1218626448Daughter of William above. Died 30 November, 1877.
Albert Henry23Dec19418218596449Husband of Frances below. Also son of William & Sarah Anne Cullen above. Died 20 Dec Southern Bank House. Mapperley Road. Formerly of 8 Second Avenue Sherwood Rise
Frances26Dec19307118596449died 23 Dec widow of Albert Henry of 33 Thorncliffe Road
John Charles5Aug19327418586479Husband of Rebecca above. Also Husband of Annie Eleanor Carver. Also son of William & Sarah Anne Cullen above.
Thomas24Jan18888917998861h/o Sarah (Dale). Of Blenheim House, Woodborough Road, Nottm. Died 20Jan1888. Thomas ch 18Oct1798 to Thomas & Ann (Storer) Cullen of Nott CGM. Will mentions a grandson, Thomas Knight Cullen. Graves 8836, 8848, and 8861 were combined to form a double vault.
Sarah (Dale) Cullen, w/o Thomas Cullen born 1799. Died 09Nov1869. Married 01Aug1826 at Newark on Trent.
Thomas Augustus3Nov18704218288861/8848/
s/o Thomas & Sarah (Dale) Cullen. Husband of Elizabeth Rowena. Died 29Oct1870. Ch 24Mar1829 Nott CGMI.
Edward Marshall31Jan18673718308861/8848/
s/o Thomas & Sarah (Dale) Cullen. Of Shardlow, Derby. Died 25Jan1867. Ch 26Apr1830 Nott CGMI.
Elizabeth Rowena18Nov19027218308861Widow; wife of Thomas Augustus Cullen above.
Arthur Edward24Aug18812518568861Died 19Aug1881. (Son of Thomas Augustus?)
Mary Elizabeth16Dec18711718548861/8848/
Daughter of Thomas Augustus & Elizabeth. Died 11Dec1871.
Florence Ada(?)19Dec1874818668861/8848/
Daughter of Thomas Augustus & Elizabeth. Died 16Dec1874.
Thomas KnightMar18899317818861/8848/
Died 03Mar1889.
Mary Ann KnightDec1868?7917898861/8848/
Died 28Nov1868.

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