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HomepageCullen Marriages in Nottinghamshire, England
The Gentlemen
compiled from the IGI, Phillimore's registers, and family histories
Jess Atkins, Jim Cullen, Neil Cullen

Feel free to browse down the page or... Click on the given name and you will be taken to the appropriate section. Note: ages (though NOT always accurate) are given in some entries and the places where the husband or wife was from (which is NOT necessarily where they were born). The abbreviation bac means bachelor, the abbreviation spr means spinster, and the abbreviation wid means widow.

Benjamin Cullen
Benjamin Cullen m. Sarah Standley28Jan1770Nott, St. Nicholas
Benjamin Cullen m. Esther Ash25Dec1811Lenton
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George Cullen
George Cullen m.28May1650of Upton
George Cullen m. Mary Roo28May1650Upton
George Cullen m. Mary Chamberlain12Oct1699Stanford-Upon-Soar
George Cullen (sp. Mary Chamberlain)12Oct1699of Kegworth, Co Leics
Mary Chamberlain (sp. George Cullen)12Oct1699of Little (or West) Leake
George Cullen m. Elizabeth Sesson/Leeson14Apr1712farmer of Upton
Elizabeth Sesson/Leeson sp. George Cullen)14Apr1712of Doddington, Co Lincs
George Cullen m. Sarah Freeman24Dec1832Newark Upon Trent
George Cullen (sp. Jane Fletcher)28Aug1835of Newark
George Cullen m. Jane Fletcher28Aug1835Newark Upon Trent
George Cullen m. Mary Nuttaft.1838 (?)Upton
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Gervase Cullen & variations
Gervase Cullen m. Katherine Robinson28Jan1648Upton
Gervase Cullin m. Anne Goodwin12Nov1695Southwell
Gervase Cullen m. Ann Campion11Feb1688S. Muskham (both of Upton)
Gervase Cullin m. Mary Reresby18Apr1697Southwell
Garvise Cullen m. Easter/Hester Cook30Jul1724of Eakring husb bac 23, at Mansfield
Easter/Hester Cook sp. Garvise Cullen30Jul1724spinster of Eakring
Gervase Cullen m. Mary Weatherill17Feb1745Upton
Gervase Cullin (sp. Anne Manners)20May1745of Doddington
Gervase Cullin m. Anne Manners20May1745Averham
Gervase Cullen (sp. Elizabeth Millward)b.1718Yeoman, 31, of Upton
Gervase Cullen m. Elizabeth Millward07Aug1749N. Muskham
Eliz Millward sp Gervase Cullen07Aug1749age 25, of Upton
Jarvis Cullen m. Mary Heppenstall24Apr1763Newark Upon Trent
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James Cullen
James Cullen m. Elizabeth Mitchell11May1803Nott, St. Mary's
James Cullen m. Elizabeth Rodgers10Jan1832Caunton
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John Cullen
John Culleyn m. Francis Barrett29Sep1639Southwell
John Culling m. Wilson's daughterabt26Aug1641of Upton, at N. Muskham
Wilson's daughter sp John Cullenabt26Aug1641of Westrop
John Cullen m. Ellinor Bing06Jul1726husb, 30, of Hockerton
John Cullen m. Elinor Bigins06Jul1726Newark Upon Trent
Elinor Bing sp. John Cullen06Jul1726spinster, 25, of Farndon
John Cullen m. Ann Mucklow19Feb1726at Tuxford
John Cullen m. Ann Mucklow19Feb1726of Upton, husb, age 30
Ann Mucklow sp. John Cullen19Feb1726of East Markham, widow, 32
John Cullen m. Elizabeth Bilbie23Mar1735of Eakring Baker 26 bac
Eliz Bilbie sp. John Cullen23Mar1735of Eakring
Eliz Bilbie sp. John Cullen23Mar1735bound by John Bilbie of Eakring
John Cullen m. Alice Broadhead03Feb1749at Calverton
John Cullen m. Alice Broadhead03Feb1749Yeoman age 23 of Upton
Alice Broadhead sp John Cullen03Feb1749Spinster age 26 of Upton
John Cullen m. Hannah Cooke11Nov1750Nott, St. Mary's
John Cullen m. Jane Denton13Feb1753Edwinstowe
John Cullen (sp. Jane Denton ?)13Feb1763of Budby
John Cullen m. Martha Shaw07Nov1768Arnold
John Cullen (sp. Mary Baily ?)01Oct1776of Upton
John Cullen m. Mary Bailey05Oct1776Upton
John Cullen m. Mary Tow07Aug1777Upton
John Cullin m. Susannah Hill19May1778Averham
John Cullin (sp. Susannah Hill)19May1778of Kelham
John Cullen m. Mary Holroyde03Aug1779Nott, St. Mary's
John Cullen m. Elizabeth Stoak(e)s26Jun1786Newark Upon Trent
John Cullen (sp. Hannah Foster)28Jan1788of Northorpe
John Cullen m. Hannah Foster28Jan1788Kelham
John Cullen (sp. Isabella Clarke)08Apr1813Kelham Farmer
John Cullen m. Isabella Clarke08Apr1813Averham
John Cullen m. Mary Kelly15May1815Nott, St. Mary's
John Cullen m. Sarah ?abt.1828Upton (?)
John Cullen m. Ann Godber20Nov1828Mansfield Woodhouse
John Cullin m. Mary Featherstone20Dec1830Averham
John Cullin (sp. Mary Featherstone)20Dec1830of Kelham
John Cullen m. Ann Murden05Mar1838Gedling
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Joseph Cullen
Joseph Cullen m. Elizabeth Middleton10Feb1741Fledborough
Joseph Cullen m. Elizabeth Middleton10Feb1741of Balderton farmer 29 bac
Eliz Middleton sp Joseph Cullen10Feb1741of Blankney, Co Lincs, 26 spr
Joseph Cullen (sp. Ann Hutchinson)21Sep1761of Arnold
Joseph Cullen m. Ann Hutchinson21Sep1761S. Muskham
Joseph Cullen (sp. Sarah Scales)09May1816from Grantham
Joseph Cullen m. Sarah Scales09May1816Southwell
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Nathaniel Cullen
Nathaniel Cullen m. Sarah Lees25Dec1809Arnold
Nathaniel Cullen m. Alice Bodger07Jul1827Radford
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Richard Cullen
Richard Cullen m. Jane Wilson26Dec1649Upton
Richard Cullen m. Mary Wright20Mar1659Halam
Richard Cullen m. Mary Shaw26May1700Nott, St. Mary's
Richard Cullen m. Sarah Throne24Apr1729Halam
Richard Cullen m. Elizabeth Hoytes21Aug1802Nott, St. Mary's
Richard Cullen m. Mary Bramley24Dec1810Basford
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Robert Cullen: Known families but no marriages listed.
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Samuel Cullen: Known families but no marriages listed.
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Thomas Cullen
Thomas Cullen m. Agnes Kitchen17Nov1593of Upton
Thomas Cullen m. Susan Saman19Nov1611of Upton
Thomas Cullen m. Alice Robinson12Sep1657Rolleston
Thomas Cullen m. Katherine Bilby06Oct1681both of Upton, at Southwell
Thomas Cullen m. Elizabeth Bennett09Jul1696Upton
Thomas Cullen m. Elizabeth Whitton07Oct1715S. Muskham (Thomas of Cromwell b. ~1690)
Elizabeth Whitton (sp. Thomas Cullen)07Oct1715of Kelham
Thomas Cullen m. Anne Pindar20Dec1734Yeoman of Upton, at Upton
Anne Pindar sp Thomas Cullen19Dec1734widow of Southwell
Thomas Cullen m. Elizabeth Mayfield22Jun1760Upton
Thomas Cullen m. Mary Slack20Jul1765Nott, St. Mary's
Thomas Cullen m. Anne Storer21Oct1793St. Mary or Weston-Upon-Trent, Derbyshire
Thomas Cullen m. Susannah Conduit11May1795Nott, St. Nicholas
Thomas Cullen m. Sarah Dale01Aug1826Newark-Upon-Trent
Thomas Cullen (sp. Sarah Dale)01Aug1826of Nottingham
Thomas Cullen m. Hannah Marson04Aug1828Upton
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William Cullen
William Cullen m. Ann Colton14Jun1606Southwell
William Cullen (sp. Susanna Archer)09Jun1697of Trowell
William Cullen m. Susanna Archer09Jun1697S. Muskham
William Cullen m. Anne Singleton09Nov1699Halloughton
William Cullen (sp. Anne Singleton)09Nov1699of Upton
William Cullen (sp. Mary Mayfield)20Dec1720of Upton
William Cullen m. Mary Mayfield20Dec1720Averham
William Cullen m. Anne Little30Jun1725Norwell
William Cullen m. Elizabeth Long03Jun1734Upton
William Cullen m. Mary Addison20Nov1737of Upton, at Upton
Mary Addison sp Wm Cullen20Nov1737widow, of Lincoln
William Cullen m. Martha Blatherwick22Oct1760Upton
William Cullen m. Sarah Smith10Nov1762Mansfield Woodhouse
William Cullon m. Hannah Daybell30May1766Morton
William Cullon (sp. Hannah Daybell)30May1766of Upton
William Cullen m. Hannah ?1767Southwell
William Cullen m. Sarah Baldock06Sep1770Upton
William Cullen m. Rebecca Hazard29Aug1773Yeoman 30 of Upton, at Upton
Rebecca Hazard sp Wm Cullen28Aug1773Spinster 24 of Upton
William Cullen m. Sarah Savage05Jan1779N. Muskham
William Cullen m. Elizabeth Cawthorne29Jan1795Kirklington
William Cullen (sp. Elizabeth Cawthorne)29Jan1795of Rolleston
William Cullen m. Ann Campion02Sep1802Averham
William Cullen m. Mary Coleshaw25Dec1817Southwell
William Cullen m. Jane Swallow27Jul1820Cromwell
William Cullen m. Eliza Cooper23Oct1821Radford
William Cullen m. Eliza Frederick1822of Radford
William Cullen m. Jane Savadge11Nov1824Nott, St. Nicholas
William Cullen m. Unknown05Dec1825of Upton
William Cullen m. Charlotte Picotte27Nov1826Blythe
William Cullen m. Cordelia Brian05Dec1826Upton
William Cullen m. Eliza Richards14Feb1830Radford
William Cullen m. Eliza Richards1831Upton
William Cullen (sp. Charlotte Roos)13Feb1834of Newark
William Cullen m. Charlotte Roos13Feb1834Newark-Upon-Trent
William Cullen m. Charlotte March1836Newark
William Cullen m. Ellen Coulcliff21Jul1839Gedling
William Cullen m. Mellicent Newcombe17Oct1864Blythe
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