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HomepageCullens Listed in the
Nottingham Wills Index: 1853-1901
contributed by Andy Johnson of Lancashire, England

Many thanks again go out to Andy Johnson for his help. This new information from the Nottingham Wills Index comes from his ongoing Cullen research. Andy's interest in the Cullen family concerns the descendants of William & Elizabeth (Richards) Cullen of Radford, Nottinghamshire. His family page on this site is located in the family history section of the Records Archive.

Note that the entries actually continue up to the year 1907. There were no Cullens listed for the years 1902 to 1907 so the 1901 entries are the latest actual entries. As on the Nottingham General Cemetary page, notes will be added as the individuals are identified. If you have any information that may help, please feel free to contact me.


1853-57 none
1858 Elizabeth, wife of John of Rolleston d 16 Nov 1857
1859-62 none
1863 Thomas, joiner d 12 Dec 1862, sons Thomas & James
1864 none
1865 John of Rolleston d 18 July 1865, son George
1866 none
1867 Edward Marshall of Shardlow d 25 Jan 1867, father Thomas
1868-70 none
1871 Thomas Augustus d 29 Oct 1870, wife Elizabeth Rowena, father Thomas
1872-77 none
1878 James d 18 Jan 1878, brother John of Newstead Grove, Nottm
1879-81 none
1882 William Ekins, wife Ellen, sister Jane
1883 Elizabeth d 28 Feb 1883, brothers Thomas & Charles & George of Rolleston
1884-86 none
1887 Christopher of Bingham, wife Charlotte Helena
1888 Thomas of Blenheim House, Woodborough Road, Nottm d 20 Jan 1888, grandson Thomas Knight Cullen
1889-91 none
1892 Benjamin of Larkdale Street d 29 Dec 1891 wife Sarah
1893 Mary Anne of Wilford Grove d 28 March 1893
1894-1899 none
1900 Marianne of Park Valley d 28 Sep 1900
1901 Charles of Park Valley d 11 Apr 1901, sister Marianne, nephew Alfred
1901 William of Sherwood d 29 Apr 1901, sons William James, John Charles & Albert Henry, wife Sarah Ann, daughter Sarah Annie
1902-07 none

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