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Nottinghamshire, England
Neil Cullen of Lincolnshire, England

Many thanks again to Neil Cullen of Lincolnshire, England for his work in transcribing records for the Cullen families of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. Neil has gone through the indexes of the Marriage Licenses at the Lincoln Archives and transcribed the entries for the surname Cullen in Nottinghamshire. Again the records are for the time period before 1750. Much of this new information has been worked into other areas of the site but is included here in its entirety. Please note that the courts included in Volume 2 entries are missing references.

Vol 1:pp1 - 517Bonds etc in Archdeacon's Court
 pp517 - 580Peculiar Court at Southwell
 pp581 - endAdditional Bonds

Vol 2:pp1 - 545Bonds etc in Archdeacon's Court
 pp546 - 646Peculiar Court at Southwell
  Additional Bonds

Cullen Marriage Licenses in Nottinghamshire Before 1750

AnneCullin11229 July 1598Anne Cullin to William Mathew Nottm Butcher at St Mary's
AnnCulling15356 Feb 1685John Burden of Upton & Ann Culling d. William Culling of the same
AnneCooling155725 Mar 1721Joseph Alvey husb and Anne Cooling spr both of Southwell at Southwell
AnneCullen157919 Mar 1753George Johnson of Winthorpe Gent, & Anne Cullen spr. of Upton aged 21 at Southwell [Thomas Cullen of Upton Gent is bondsman]
CatherineCullen2 10 Mar 1701Joseph Richards of Watnall bac 38 and Catherine Cullen of Gedling 30 spr at same
DeborahCullin153030 Jun 1677Richard Chapman of Oxton & Deborah Cullin d. of Katherine Kullin (sic) of Upton
FrancesCulling134717 Nov 1681William Barrett of Orston yeom 22 & Frances Culling of same, 20 spr at St Mary's
GeorgeCoule1574 Dec 1614George Coule of Epperstone Husb and Margaret Mitchel of same at Basford
GeorgeCullen155214 Apr 1712George Cullen of Upton farmer & Elizabeth Leeson of Doddington co.Linc
GergeCullen150312 Oct 1699George Cullen of Kegworth, Co. Leic husb, and Mary Chamberlain of Little (or west) Leake wid at Stanford
GervCullen222430 July 1724Gervů Cullen of Eakring and with husb bac 23 and Hester Cook of same spr at Mansfield
GervasCullen15777 Aug 1749Gervas Cullen yeom aged 31 & Elizabeth Millward aged 25 both of Upton; at North Muskham
JohnCollie11526 Jan 1599John Collie of Newark upon Trent & Elizabeth Dons of the same spr at St Mary's (Bond by Henry Dons p. St Peter's Nottm Cordwainer)
JohnCullen15773 Feb 1749John Cullen yeom aged 23 & Alice Broadhead Spr aged 26 both of Upton; at Calverton
JohnCulling158227 Dec 1749At the foot of the nuncupative will of John Arsley of Holme in P. N.Muskham dated about 26 Aug 1641 and entered for probate in December of that year is written " John Culling of Upton (and) Wilson's daughter of Westrop married at N. Muskham by Dawson Vic 27 Dec 1749 [N.Muskham Registers missing < 1706]
JohnCooling213022 Apr 1716John Cooling of Newark Lanius, bac 20 & Mary Hardy spr 21 p St Mary's Nottm at St Nicholas
JohnCulling2 7 July 1726John Culling of Hockerton husb 30 and Ellinor Bing of Farndon 25 Spr at Newark
JohnCullen225519 Feb 1726John Cullen of Upton husb 21 and Ann Mucklow of East Markham wid 32 at Tuxford0
JohnCully156424 Mar 1729John Cully of Southwell labr and Mary Wetton of Carlton spr at Southwell
JohnCullen2 23 Mar 1735John Cullen of Eakring Baker 26 bac & Elizabeth Bilbie of same (Bound by John Bilby of same)
JosephCullen2 10 Feb 1741Joseph Cullen of Balderton farmer 29 bac and Elizabeth Middleton of Blankney Co. Lincoln 26 spr at Fledborough
MaryCoolen 57428 Oct 1744Henry Smith and Mary Coolen both of Thurgarton at Blidworth.
RichardCooley122522 Feb 1663Richard Cooley of Basford husb, & Margaret Sturtivant of Arnold wid at Bulwell or Basford
SaraCullen15507 Nov 1708William Fletcher of S.Muskham labr & Sara Cullen of Upton spr.
SarahCullin14145 May 1688Wm Cooke of Rolleston Labr, bac, 36 and Sarah Cullin of Gedling spr 30 at same
SusannaCullen154412 Oct 1671William Taylor yeom & Susanna Cullin spr dau of Katherine Cullin of Upton wid at Halam
SussannahCullen15279 Oct 1671William Taylor and Sussannah Cullen
ThomasCullen15326 Oct 1681Thomas Cullen of Upton and Katherine Bilby of the same
ThomasCullen156719 Dec 1734Thomas Cullen of Upton yeoman & Anne Pindar of Southwell wid at Southwell or Upton
ThomasCullen21257 Oct 1715Thomas Cullen of Cromwell and Eliz Whitton of Kelham spr
WilliamCullen156918 Nov 1737William Cullen of Upton & Mary Addison of Lincoln wid; at Upton
WilliamCullen2 28 Aug 1773William Cullen yeom 30 & Rebecca Hazard spr 24 both of Upton at Upton

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