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HomepagePedigree of the Cullen Family

by David Cullen of Lackagh Lodge in the County of Leitrim
Updated by Robert Allen Cullen
of 44, Dorset Road, Parkwood, Johannesburg, in January, 1990

(N.B. : David Cullen's original work must have been written around 1860 as he mentions only his eldest daughter, Mary Parke Cullen who married a Mr. Lund, had one daughter, Alvilde and died at an advanced age in Durban about 1947. Presumably she had been born while her parents were still living at Lackagh Lodge. David and his wife, Anna Maria, subsequently had another daughter, Caroline, (birthplace unknown), and twin sons, Beauchamp Robert and another who (from hearsay) died in infancy. Beauchamp Robert was born on 10'th October, 1867 at 4, Rutledge Terrace, Salt Hill, Galway; whither, one must assume, the family had moved subsequent to David's account. Beauchamp emigrated from Ireland to Durban, in the erstwhile British Colony of Natal, in about 1889, thereby establishing the South African branch of the (Cloonaguin) Cullen family.

The present writer is under the impression that no later version of the Cloonaguin branch of the family has been written; and humbly presents this attempt to cover more than a century and five further generations of the South African branch of our family.

David Cullen's work has been copied exactly from his original manuscript without any changes to his syntax, spelling or punctuation. The present author's subsequent work has been identified between double asterisks, e.g. : ** . . . . . **.)

Captain John Cullen (descended from Cullen Prince of Cumberland in England, who was elected King of Scotland in the tenth year of the tenth Century) came to Ireland with Oliver Cromwell in the year 1648. After the conquest of Ireland he wished to remain in it and Cromwell gave him a grant of land for his services, at the town of Clogher in the County of Tyrone, but disliking the neighbourhood and habits of the people, he disposed of the lands and hearing of a Scotch Colony which had settled at Manorhamilton in the County of Leitrim, he, in the year 1660, came to, and took a long lease of Glenboy, where he afterwards resided, from Sir Ralph Gore, son-in-law of the late Sir Frederick Hamilton.

Captain John Cullen had three sons: 1'st Patrick, called Patrick-Garr, Cloonaguin; 2'nd John, Screeny Branch; 3'rd James, Townamoil Branch.

Patrick (the first) married Grace O'Neill of the Shane's Castle family in the County of Tyrone, who were the Kings of Ulster from the third Century to the sixteenth Century, who had been on a visit with Lady Gore, at the Castle of Manorhamilton, in or about the year 1680. He had by her three sons: James (1'st), John (2'nd) and Thomas (3'rd). John and Thomas went to America.

James married a Miss McClelland of the County of Cavan (who was the first lady who had ever rode to Manorhamilton Church on a side saddle) by whom he had four sons - 1'st Patrick, 2'nd James, 3'rd David, 4'th John. Patrick was first married to a Miss Smith, and secondly to a daughter of William Parke of Castle Car in the County of Leitrim by whom he had three sons - 1'st Parke, 2'nd John, 3'rd William. Parke Cullen and family went to America; John was a medical doctor and married to a daughter of Simon Armstrong Esq. by whom he had one daughter (now Mrs Wray) and died in 1829; William died in 1837 - all his sons left Ireland. James Cullen (2'nd son of James) was married and had one son James, who married a Miss Blake, by whom he had a son, Valentine Blake Cullen, who for 24 years served in the British Army in India, fought in 23 general engagements, and has now retired on full pay with Captain's rank.

David (3'rd son of James of Cloonaguin) was married to a Miss Heyland by whom he had three sons Patrick 1'st, William 2'nd and David 3'rd. Patrick and William died without issue. David was married in 1812 to Mary eldest daughter of John Parke Esq. of Castle Car by whom he had six sons; David 1'st, John 2'nd, William 3'rd, Jason 4'th, James 5'th and Patrick 6'th. David married Anna Maria (6'th and youngest daughter of the late Major Le'Grand of Portarlington Queen's County) by whom he had one daughter Mary Parke Cullen. John died in 1845 without issue. William married Rebecca Elizabeth fourth daughter of Hubert Waldron of Ashfort House in the County of Roscommon and has issue 3 sons and 3 daughters. Jason went to Australia. James died in 1842 without issue. Patrick was a medical doctor, and married a Miss Watson of London, went to Australia where he died in 1857; he left three children, William, Mary and Thomas.

John 4'th son of James Cullen of Cloonaguin married and resided in Kilsella in the County of Sligo - he had two sons - James and David. James died without issue, and John resides in Kilsella.

** David Cullen of Lackagh Lodge and his wife Anna Maria had two daughters - Mary Parke 1'st and Caroline 2'nd - and twin sons, Beauchamp Robert and another who died in infancy. All three surviving children eventually emigrated to South Africa, the two sisters following their brother Beauchamp, who arrived in Durban around 1889. Mary married a Mr Lund, believed to be of Norwegian descent, and had a daughter Alvilde, who remained a spinster and died in Durban; where her mother had predeceased her about 1947. Caroline married a Mr O'Flaherty, by whom she had a daughter, Ismia and a son, Herbert. After her husband's death in Natal, Caroline returned, with her two children, to England where she died around 1950.

On 18'th June, 1892, in Durban, Beauchamp married Miss Alice Marie Vaughan of Sandymount, Dublin. They had one son, the first-born, Ronald Victor Vaughan (born 24'th May, 1893); and three daughters, Eileen Gertrude (16'th November, 1895); Nancy May (25'th May, 1892); and Doreen Alice (19'th January, 1906). Beauchamp died of heart failure in church on 10'th February, 1944 at the age of 76 after retiring from a distinguished career in the Natal (subsequently South African) Post Office, in which Eileen also spent her career. Alice Marie died in Durban in 1919 before her son Ronald returned from overseas war service.

Ronald left school at age 14 and joined the Natal Railways; subsequently joining the Durban Corporation in the City Engineer's Department, in a clerical capacity. He served with distinction in the Great War of 1914-1918; initially in the Durban Garrison Artillery; then in German West Africa (now Namibia); and thereafter in Europe. While recuperating in England after the war, he met and married (on 15'th July, 1919), Violet Mary, daughter of the late Arther Bryant Row, Principal of Burlington House Boy's School in Richmond, Surrey and his widow, Mary Florence Edith (nee' Hance). Ronald again saw active service in North Africa as a signals N.C.O. attached to the Transvaal Horse Artillery during the World War of 1939-1945; was captured and incarcerated in prisoner-of-war camps in Italy and Germany. After resuming his work with the Durban Corporation and retiring in 1953, he suffered ill health and died by his own hand on 26'th March, 1961. His widow, Violet, died in Johannesburg on 6'th June, 1970; her ashes being interred in Durban in the same grave as her mother Mary Florence, who had died on 22'nd June, 1932.

Ronald and Violet had two sons; Robert Alan (born 24'th January, 1922) and Terence Arthur Norman (22'nd April, 1933); and two daughters; Beryl Joan (born 28'th August, 1924) and Moira Patricia (20'th February, 1928).

Eileen (Eldest daughter of Beauchamp and Alice Cullen) remained a spinster and died in Durban on 29'th July, 1969 after retiring from the South African Postal services.

Nancy May (Beauchamp and Alice's second daughter), after qualifying as a primary school teacher and following this calling, wed Frank Almond and had a son, Peter and a daughter, Jillian; both of whom are married, with children, and living in Durban. Frank Almond, an agricultural specialist in the Natal sugar industry, retired and subsequently died several years ago. Nancy passed away in 1987 very shortly before her 85'th birthday. ***

* * * references to living individuals omitted here - J.T.Cullen * * *
*** contact Bob Cullen for further information ***

Second Branch
John Cullen the second son of the first John had one son Patrick Cullen (called Patrick-more to distinguish him from his Uncle Patrick the first) who on his Father and Mother dying while he was very young - was adopted by his Uncle Patrick the first, and brought up in his family. He married Isabella Rose in or about the year 1690 - and his Uncle Patrick the first having influence with Sir Ralph Gore, took the farm of Skreeny for him, and gave him a stock of Bullocks to put on it. After which he set up a Distillery and a Tan Yard and being prudent and industrious, he made a fortune in a short time, and purchased one or two estates about the year 1715 (Glenade and Gleniff). He had two sons Patrick 1'st and John 2'nd.

Patrick the 2'nd of Skreeny was married to a daughter of . . . . Nesbitt, Esq. of Derry-grasta in the Parish of Annaduffe and County of Leitrim he also being wise and prudent, purchased several other estates, and about the year 1767 when Sir Ralph Gore proposed selling the Manorhamilton Estates, he intended to become the purchaser of it, and went to Dublin for that purpose, where he met The Right Honourable Nathaniel Clements who told him that he wished to purchase them and the Glenboy estate and requested of him not to bid for either, but to give him a certain sum to assist him to pay for them, and that afterwards he would grant him (Patrick Cullen) a lease for ever of Skreeny and various other land (about 1600 acres) at a nominal rent - which proposal was accepted and carried into effect. This second Patrick of Skreeny had six sons 1'st Patrick (called young Patt), 2'nd Carn-cross, 3'rd John, 4'th James, 5'th Henry, 6'th Francis. Young Patt was married to Judith Anne Wynne daughter of the Right Honourable Owen Wynne of Haslewood in the County of Sligo, and Aunt to the present Right Honourable John Wynne - he was a very superior man in every way but died young leaving one daughter - since dead.

Carn-Cross was a clergyman and married to a Miss Soden of Grange in the County of Sligo (a co-heiress of the Grange estate). He entered into possession of the Skreeny estates, on the death of his brother Patrick. He died about the year 1804. He had three sons 1'st Carn-Cross (the second), 2'nd John James, 3'rd Henry Francis. Carn-Cross the 2'nd was married to Miss Dixon of Woodville, daughter of Thomas Dixon Esq. and died about the year 1801. The present Carn-Cross Thomas Cullen of Glenade is his only son, born in 1802.

John James Cullen was Lieut. Colonel of the Leitrim Militia, and married a Miss Finucane of the County of Clare by whom he had several sons and died about the year 1844.

Henry Francis married a Miss Dixon of Woodville by whom he had several sons and died about the year 1843.

John Cullen 3'rd son of the 2'nd Patrick of Skreeny was married to Miss Adams and died without male issue.

James Cullen 4'th son of the 2'nd Patrick of Skreeny was married to a Miss Adams by whom he had one son, the present Francis Nesbitt Cullen of Corry - he was also a Lieut. Colonel of the Leitrim Militia and was drowned on his passage to the Isle of Man about the year 1808.

Henry and Francis the 5'th and 6'th sons of the 2'nd Patrick of Skreeny died without issue.

Now to return to the second son of Patrick-More, John Cullen (he was a Captain in the Army) was married to Lady Catherine Birmingham and died without issue about the year 1775. A singular story is told about the marriage of this lady with Captain Cullen - her first husband had been killed in a duel by a gentleman who shortly afterwards insulted Captain John Cullen, when a duel was immediately fixed upon, and time and place appointed. Lady Catherine Birmingham having heard of which, engaged a house within view of the place of combat, in a window of which she stood, and saw Captain Cullen kill the slayer of her first husband, with the sword after shots having been first exchanged. A tablet to the memory of this lady was erected in the Church wall of Cloonclare over the Cullen family vault with this inscription on it "sacred to the memory Lady Catherine Birmingham, Relict of Captain John Cullen who departed this life the . . . . day of . . . . 1777". (This branch of the family for some fancy of their own, made some change in the armorial motto, but the proper one is at foot.)

Third Branch of the Cullen Family
James Cullen third son of John, who came with Cromwell in 1648 succeeded to his father in Glenboy where he lived, as also his son James, until Mr. Clements purchased that estate from Sir Ralph Gore, when Mr. Clements, in order to establish a bleach yard and linen manufactory there, prevailed on him to surrender his lease of Glenboy and to take a lease of Townamoil. His son James had four sons; 1'st James, 2'nd Patrick, 3'rd Alexander, 4'th John. Patt, Alexander and John went to America with their families, James died about the year 1835 leaving two sons, James and John Cullen, who reside in Townamoil.
(End of this Branch)

Armorial of the Cullen Family
Crest: The Pelican piercing its breast with its bill, and feeding its young with its own blood - Motto: "Niet for Ure Selfe" (Saxon Words) - "Not for ourselves".

Note: The descendants of Cullen the Prince of Cumberland and King of Scotland (who was murdered) remained in Scotland for about 200 years and multiplied very much, but having, as it would appear, taken the part of one clan against another, spilled a great deal of their blood, and in consequence adopted the above motto and crest, on their return to Cumberland about the year 1225, when some hundreds of them left Scotland together.

** A heraldic researcher, Mr D. Clapham, describes the Cullen family crest as follows:

The Coat-of-Arms of the Cullen Family

Azure, an esquire's helmet Argent, between in chief two boars' heads erased and in base a cinquefoil Or.

A pelican in her piety proper.

"Niet fur ure selfe" (Not for ourselves).

A coloured photograph has been taken of the family crest on the main entrance door of Robert Cullen's home. It is hoped that copies of this will shortly be available to all recipients of this updated version of the Cullen family pedigree.

R. A. Cullen
18'th January, 1990

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