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HomepageCullens named in the Index to
Prerogative Wills, 1536-1810
from the National Archives & courtesty of Jane O'Brien and David Evans

All the Cullens listed in the Index to Prerogative Wills from 1536-1810. The index itself was damaged during the fire in 1921 and so some of the dates, addresses and details are missing. As far as I know all these wills were destroyed and all that remains is the mention of these people in the index. There are however two names which have numbers written beside them and I assume that these are two which either remain intact or partially intact and can be seen or asked about.

There are five main columns of data in the table. The last one, 'Note', is just for the odd bit extra of use to only a few people. Where a line has no more than a surname and a given name then the info was gone: the pages had been torn/burned and simply covered with clear film to keep what remained intact.

Surname Name Address/Notes Year Note
Cullen Alexdr.   1718  
Cullen ors. Wemys
ors. Birmingham
Cath Danesfort, Co. Kildare 1773 Widow
Cullen Daniel Dublin 1760 Apothecary
Cullen Daniel Co. Dublin 1780 Gardiner
Cullen David Blackwater, Co. Wexford 1804  
Cullen Edward, Esq.   1785  
Cullen Francis N. Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim 1805 Esq.
Cullen George Thurles 1729 Merchant
Cullen George Arran Quay, Dublin 1804 Attorney
Cullen James Ballyclough, Co. Wicklow 1769  
Cullen James      
Cullen John      
Cullen Joseph      
Cullen Judith      
Cullen Laurence     Quarter Master
Cullen Margaret Dublin   Widow
Cullen Martin Drogheda   Linen Draper
Cullen Mattw Roskeen, Queen's Co.   M.D.
Cullen Michael ?Mains Court, Co. Dublin 1780  
Cullen Patrick Armagh 1610  
Cullen Patrick Skreeny, Co. Leitrim 1744 Gent
Cullen Patrick Skreeny, Co. Leitrim 1775 Esq.
Cullen Patrick Ballinaglough, Co. Wexford 1801 Clerk
Cullen Peter Ballinasloe, Co. Galway 1805 Inn holder
Cullen Richard Naas, Co. Kildare 1687 Gent
Cullen Richard Quarryfield, Co. Meath 1781 Gent
Cullen Richard Dublin 1787 Tanner
Cullen Thomas Marymount, Queen's Co. 1720 Gent
Cullen Wm. Lisbigney, Queen's Co. 1734 Gent
Cullin James Mt. Venus, Co. Dublin 1806 Esq. T.3336
Cullin Ultan Annagh, Co. Meath 1712 Gent. XXIII.176

Jane O'Brien can be reached at: jayohbee@iol.ie. Jane, who lives in Ireland, has been kind enough to provide this information for my Records Archive. She is a private researcher who has a good 'nose' for the business; her abilities are beyond the standard census and marriage records and her fees are quite modest. Perhaps she could help with your family tree?

Index to the Prerogative Wills of Ireland 1536-1810
(LDS fiche 6026394) Extracted on 4 July 2002 at Moorabbin FHL by David Evans

Surname Cullen
1718 Alexander
1773 Catherine alias Wemys alias Bermingham, Danesfort, Co Kildare, Widow
1760 Daniel, Dublin, Apothecary
1780 Daniel, Co Dublin, Gardener
1804 David, Blackwater, Co Wex.
1785 Edward, Esq.
1805 Francis N, Manor Hamilton, Co Leitrim, Esq.
1729 Geo., Thurles, Co Tipp. Merch.
1804 Geo., Arran-quay, Dub., Atty.
1769 James, Barraclough, Co Wick.
1802 James, Hacketstown, Co Car.
1794 John, Dublin, Gent.
1798 Joseph, Quarreyfield, Co Meath, Farmer
1796 Judith
1808 Laur., quarterm. 8th dragoons
1774 Margaret, Dublin, Widow
1784 Martin, Drogheda, Linen Draper
1743 Mathew[sic], Roskeen, Queen's County, M.D.
1780 Michl., Mainscourt, Co Dublin
1610 Patrick, Armagh, one of His Majesty's pensioners
1744 Patk., Skreen, Co Leitr., Gent.
1775 Patrick, Skreen, Co Leitrim, Esq. (Large)
1786 Patrick, Skreen, Co Leitrim
1801 Patrick. Ballinaglough, Co Wexford, Clerk
1805 Peter, Ballinasloe, Co Galway, Innholder
1687 Richard, Naas, Gent.
1781 Richd., Quarreyfield, Co Meath, Gent
1787 Richard, Dublin, Fanner
1720 Thomas, Marymount, Queen's County, Gent.
1734 William, Lisbigney, Queen's Co., Gent.
[see Collin, Collins, Cullin, Cullon, Cullyn]
Surname Collin
1787 Anne Clare, Dublin, Spinster
1771 Margt, Church-st, Dub, Widow
1758 Thomas, Dublin, Grocer
1767 Thomas, Dublin, Merchant
Surname Collins
1779 Andrew, par.St.Pancras, Middlesex (copy)
1676 Charles, Dublin, Merchant
1753 Christr., Malahide, Co Dub.
1690 David, Dublin, Merchant
1794 Edward Esq., Magherie, Co Cork
1796 Henry, Gortmacellis, Co Tipperary, Gent.
1772 James, Gurteen, Co Cork, Gent.
1799 James, Dublin, Gent.
1804 James, Garr, King's Co., Gent.
1805 James, lieutemant in the East India Co.'s Service (Ex.)
1667 John, Shankill, Co Kilk., Gent.
1766 John, Garr, King's Co., Kilk., Gent.
1777 John, Marlinstown, Co Westmeath, Gent.
1784 John, Newry, Co Down
1809 John, City of Cork, Gent.
1811 John, Loy, Co Tyr, Merchant
1799 Martha, Kilbeggan, Co Westmeath, Spinster
1778 Mary, Booterstown, Co Dublin, Widow
1804 Mary, Richmond, Co Dub., Spr.
1774 Mathew[sic], Dublin, Gunsmith
1656 Patrick, trooper
1782 Rachael, Dublin, Widow
1648 Richard, Carlingford, Gent.
1682 Richard, Dublin, Gent.
1785 Robert, Garr, King's Co., Gent.
1799 Robert, Usher's-quay, Dublin, Merchant
1766 Samuel, Dublin, Ribbon weaver
1769 Saml., Bristol, Miniature painter
1760 Terence, Summerhill, Co Dublin, Gent.
1794 Terence, Cashel, Co Tip, Gent.
1790 Thomas, Gent.
1793 Thos., Tralee, Co Kerry, Esq.
1799 Thomas, Shanacloun, Co Cork, Gent.
1802 Thomas, late captain in His Majesty's 11th West India regiment
1636 William, Dublin, Merchant
1746 Wm., Carrick, Co Tip., Merch
Surname Cullin
1806 James, Mount Venus, Co Dublin, Esq.
1712 Ultan, Armagh, Co Meath, Gent.
Surname Cullon
1708 Edmond, Ballygormel, Queen's County, Farmer
1677 James, Dublin, Esq.
1606 John, Dublin, Gent.
Surname Cullyn
1654 Gabriel, Co Wicklow

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