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Co Cavan, Ireland

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From: Aquest1620***aol.com ( see also further posts below )
I am still looking for the parents of Charles Cullen born c 1838 in Cavan county near Glenfarne. I believe his father may be James Cullen who is listed on Griffiths valuation. He married Bridget McGovern and died in the about 1906 in Derrynaserr, County Cavan. I believe that his wife may have lived beyond 1923, because passport information for their children suggest that they were going to visit their mother in 1923. I am thinking that they may be connected to some Cullens that migrated to Chelsea, MA, however this is just a hunch. I am going to leave for Ireland for our third trip at the end of April, if there is anything anyone might suggest to further our research, please contact me.

From: aekeve***cfu.net
I am looking for information on 4 of my ancestors who immigrated sometime around 1840 to 1850. I am not sure what county they are from. Please help me find Michael Cullen born in Ireland 1816 who married Bridget Green born in Ireland 1818. They died in 1890 and 1892 respectively in Iowa and are buried in Varina, Iowa. One of their sons, William is buried in Fonda, with his wife Catherine who was a Curtis. I am also looking for Christopher Curtis born Ireland 1825 died Gilmore, Iowa 1892 and Mary McBride born Ireland and buried at Adams, Wisconsin. Their daughter was Catherine who married William and is buried in Fonda, Iowa. Thanks.

From: afret@flash.net
My husband's (Frank) great grandfather's name was James McGovern b. 1840 - Ireland. Census records say he immigrated US 1846 or 1854. Pretty sure his father's name was Bernard. His great grandmother's name was Elizabeth "Bessie" (we thought Kelly). She was born in 1839 - immigrated 1856. Think she had a niece , Bessie Kelly b. May 1877 Ireland, that also immigrated to US. They resided in Dorchester, MA (suburb of Boston). Thought we'd take a chance and see if it was Cullen instead of Kelly.

From: jcullen***austin.rr.com
Looking for information on Cavan County origins of Terence Cullen, born Feb. 24, 1824 in County Cavan, emigrated to USA in 1846, where in Chelsea, Mass., in 1853 he married Bridget Golden (or McGoldrick) who was born May 1 1832 in County Cavan. They had 12 children and they are buried in Emmetsburg, Iowa. Thanks.

(I have information on Terence and Bridget Cullen and their children in Iowa, if interested.)

From: r.s.kotter***worldnet.att.net
Margaret Cullen married Farrel Smith, I have info on daughter Ellen Smith who married Thomas Scriven, and their children.

From: Aquest1620***aol.com (see also next post)
Does anyone searching County Cavan have any connection with Charles and Bessie Cullen who were brother and sister born 1830-1840. They married brother and sister James McGovern and Bridget McGovern. They lived in Kilinaugh parish in County Cavan in Lough McNear. Any help would be appreciated.

Original Post From: Aquest1620***aol.com
See County Fermanagh or County Kilkenny for full original post.

Charles Cullen, born in 1847 to Andrew Cullen and Mary Salazar, married Bridget Maguaran/Magowan probably in the early 1860's and they seem to have lived in Co Fermanagh though Charles' family may not have been from there. Three children are known to have been born to this union: a son Charles who was born Jun 3, 1866 at Holywell, Co Fermanagh; another son James whose date of birth is unknown; and a daughter Catherine. Catherine Cullen was born in 1876 and died in 1923 in San Francisco, CA, USA. She was married to a C. Daly in Boston.

Sometime in the early 1880's or 1890's, at least part of the family emigrated to the U.S., specifically to Jamaica plains, a suburb of Boston. In the 1920's, Catherine's brothers Charles and James resided there.

Update From: Aquest1620***aol.com
I have now found out at least this much. Charles Cullen was born in County Cavan. Charles and Bridget lived in Killenagh Parish, Co. Cavan, Lough Macnean in 1860 and possibly moved back and forth to Fermanagh and back to Cavan. Any help will be appreciated.

From: kdenison***datanet.ab.ca
I am looking for the family of my Grandmother, Elizabeth Cullen. She was born c.1854. I believe her father's name was Joseph (c1815-1898) and her mother's Mary Ann Kerr (from Scotland). Elizabeth had 3 brothers: Robert (who lived in Scotland before 1927), Joseph, & Alexander (b.1864 in Co. Cavan), who immigrated to Dubuque, Iowa, U.S.A. around 1885. Elizabeth married William Rutledge in the 1880's and they had 3 children; Annie Elizabeth (b.1886), Alice Jane (b.1888) and William John (b.1890 in Swanlinbar, Co. Cavan). William died in 1890. Elizabeth and her 3 adult children immigrated to Canada around 1910. I would appreciate hearing from anyone know anything about the ancestors of this family and what county they may have come from. Thanks so much for your help.

Found at http://www.capecod.net/~abeagan/castle.htm
Townlands of Muthog, Parish of Castlerahan, Barony of Castlerahan, 1821 Cavan Census, LDS film 0100820. House 6, 1 story; Mary Cullen. age 40 (b.abt.1781), a Spinner; Edward Cullen, her son, age 15 (b.abt.1806), a Labourer; son James, age 9 (b.abt.1812); daughter Anne, age 12 (b.abt.1809), a Spinner; daughter Catherine, age 7 (b.abt.1814); Margaret Gallygan, age 30, Strolling Beggar and lodger; Terence Gallygan, age 2, Strolling Beggar and lodger; and Rose Gallygan, age 4, a Strolling Beggar and Lodger.

From: esweeney***pnc.com.au
I am having great difficulty researching these Irish names, they are from Co Down, and Cavan, can anyone help??

My Gt Grandmother born abt 1852 in Johnston, Renfrew, Scotland - daughter of James Cullen an Isabella Sloan. James Cullen [Callin, Collins] and Isabella Sloan were married on May 28, 1837 in Paisley, Scotland but both came from Ireland. James Cullen was born abt 1817 in Co Cavan, Ireland and Isabella was born abt 1819 in Co Down. They had at least 2 children, Martha and George. I know George was the 8th child born (b.1855), and at that time Isabella had 2 boys and 2 girls deceased, and 3 girls living. but names I don't know at this point.

I can not seem to get any headway in Ireland to finding James parents etc. Maybe someone out there can help ?

From: CWood91262***aol.com
Re: Cullen-Lurgan Parish, Co. Cavan. I am looking for information on this surname from this civil parish in Co. Cavan. I have a family, Michael Cullen married to Anne Farrelly, from this parish, likely townland of Murmod. Michael and Anne born in the 1790-1800 time period. Known children at this time are Ellen (1821), Mathew (1824), Catherine (1829), Margaret (1832) and Anne (1839). I can tell you what happened to each of the children. Michael has known brother Mathew (1785-1790), who had a son James (1829). Michael emigrated to US in 1840, Mathew in the mid 1830's. Both died in Dubuque, Iowa. Looking for anyone of this surname in this parish today (this is around the town of Virginia, Co. Cavan.

From: MGarr38980***aol.com
I am searching for information on my great-grandfather, Thomas Joseph Cullen, of County Cavan (possibly Old Castle). He married Bridget Monaghen and had 8 children. My grandfather, Michael Sylvester Cullen, was born July 11, 1886 in County Cavan. Any other family information would be greatly appreciated.

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