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Co Cork, Ireland

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From: artist***spectranet.ca
I am searching for the birthplace of MARGARET CULLEN born (I think) in Cork c1842. Her father was MICHAEL CULLEN and her mother was MARY O'BRIEN. She emigrated to Canada in the mid 1840's, most probably 1847. She had a sister ELIZA who came first and sent money back for passage. Cannot find any trace of her or her sister when they first came over. MARGARET is my great-grandmother. I know where her grave is and I have her marriage information but I don't know where in Ireland she came from. We have been told Cork. She married a WILLIAM CONLEY/CONNELLY in 1867 in Niagara Falls, Ontario. MARGARET and WILLIAM are buried in the little cemetary beside "Our Lady of Peace" RC church on Stanley St. in Niagara Falls. Ont. William was born 1828 in Co Cork. If any of this sounds familiar please let me know.
UPDATE (07FEB2006):
I am stilling searching for the birth place of Margaret Cullen ,born circa 1838-1842 in Cork.
Mother Mary O'Brien, father Michael Cullen. Her sister was Elizabeth (Eliza) Cullen. Margaret married William Conley / Connolly / Connelly in 1867 and they had two children, James and Anne. Elizabeth married someone by the name of McKenna and is in the 1911 cencus living in Niagara Falls, N.Y. with her nephew James and his family. Is there no one out there researching these people? They all lived in the Niagara area after coming from Ireland. Both on the American side and the Canadian side.

From: ethwill***peoplepc.com
I am looking for Timothy Donovan and his wife Anne Lucey from Cork. They had a son, Michael Donovan born 9 April 1875 in Cork. I have Michael's birth certificate which listed his parents Timothy and Anne but have not been able to find any other members of the family. If you can give me any hints or information I would be most grateful.

From: tferris***merkita.com
I am looking for any information relating to a Mary Ellen Cullen. I have the following information from family notes: She was born July 12, 1808 . She lived in Canada. She had a sister named: Rose Ann Cullen. Her mother's name was Mary Shaw. It is believed that she and/or her mother were born in Cork.

From: rontay***digiweb.com
Eleanor Callen (or Caller) married to Thomas Beamish. All I know is Thomas Beamish was born in 1817 and they probably married in Ireland possibly Co. Cork.

From: bihun***bigwaters.qld.edu.au
My husband is a direct descendant of Catherine Cullen sent to Sydney Australia from Cork on 26 July 1818 on the ship The Elizabeth as a convict with a 7 year sentence. Our census records show that in 1828 she was 28 years therefore I assume she was born approximately 1800.

I have come to a standstill in my research in Australia and I am seeking advice as to where I may find additional information and I am hoping you may be able to help. She had several children to Patrick Evans who was also sent to Sydney Australia on the Three Bees ship on 08 December 1813 he was 20 years old and came from Kildare although the ship sailed from Falmouth. He was a butcher and also sent out as a convict with a 7 year sentence.It appears they never married.

I look forward to your response with any information or advice you may be able to offer.

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