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From: limboat2***bigpond.com
My name is Jilly Limb, nee Spicer, I live in Adelaide South Australia and I am trying to trace my Great, Great, Great parents who are reportedly Thomas Spicer and Mary Cullen. A Thomas Spicer and Mary Cullen married on 16 May 1815, Saint Mary The Virgin, Dover, Kent, UK. I only know of one child, i.e. my GG Grandfather Henry Spicer born 1822 (approx) in Brighton Sussex. He married a Matilda Bowdell on 28 April 1856 at Old Church, Saint Pancras, London. Henry was a seaman and jumped ship here at Port Adelaide in 1878 and later Matilda and 4 of their children followed on the "SS Devon". The 2 older sons & 1 dau. arrived separately, Joseph Spicer born 1863 was my Grandfather. It is possible Mary Cullen was born 1792 and her parents may have been Robert Cullen b, 1741 and Sarah Worger. Can anyone help with information to prove or disprove. Thank you.

From: marci.young***gmail.com
I am trying to trace a Jane Cullen (born about 1820 or so) that married James Somers/Summers and had two sons - one James and I don't know the other one. She died when the two boys were quite young. I'm fairly certain that James Sr came to Australia (with her or not, I'm not sure), I am sure that James Jr did, and his descendants are all here (Australia).

We have been told that Jane is from Ireland and that James is from England. The family story is that she was sister to Cardinal Cullen and a cousin to Archbishop Moran, but I just don't seem to be able to tie that down.

Does anyone have any information that might help solve this Irish/English/Australian mystery?

From: webmaster
An interesting Cullen family history that I've been unable to track down: Looking for any record of a Walter (possibly Walter Robert) Cullen? He was born in England, married an Armenian emigrant who escaped the genocide in Turkey. He became a performer/actor & his stage name was Robert Cullen. They were on the London Music Hall Stage as acrobats. She was billed as "Dell Lincoln". They emigrated to the US, where they joined Ringling Bros. Ended up in Michigan, where he died from pneumonia.

From: neensollars***btinternet.com
Hello, My husbands great-great-grandfather was a Richard Cullen b.c. 1800 at Deal, Kent. He married Harriet Shalders 7.10.1833 at St George Hanover Square, London. My husband has had his DNA done and we are wondering whether there is anyone else out there with Cullen ancestors who have had their DNA done so that we can elimiate them from our line. Failing that, are there any Cullen's who would be willing to have their DNA done so that we can form a map of the different Cullen families in the UK. Our Richard must have come from somewhere, and it seems to be the Scandanavian countries! All the others seem to have Irish roots.

Regarding Richard b.c. 1798/1800 Deal, we think he was the son of Arthur Cullen b.c. 1760 somewhere, who married Mary Epps. [ Arthur Cullen, batchelor of Deal age 24 years m. Mary Epps, spinster, minor age 19 years, on 17.12.1784 at St Leonards Church, Deal. ] We do not know where Arthur came from, so this is why it would be nice to find a DNA connection with another line of Cullen's.

Any comments please? Thanks, Pat

For anyone interested in the Cullen Family DNA Project, the project website is located at The Cullen DNA Project, courtesy of WorldFamilies.net. The DNA testing is done primarily through FamilyTreeDNA, the world's first and largest genealogy driven DNA testing service.

There is a possible connection to the Descendants of Lord Richard Cullen of Sittingbourn, Kent, England, which may be confirmed or discounted through DNA testing. For more information, please contact either the Cullen DNA Admin or myself.

From: cu11en***talktalk.net
Hello. I'm trying to trace the ancestors of William Robson Cullen who was born about 1846 in Newcastle On Tyne, I believe his father to have been James Cullen. At some time he moved to Wiltshire where he was a sporting correspondent (reporter). He married Elizabeth Ann James and had 5 children: George James Cullen, Ethel Margret Cullen, Arthur Ernest Cullen, Elizabeth Ann Cullen and Florence Ann Cullen. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated, as I have come to a dead end.

From: BrianJohnCullen***aol.com
Looking for ancestry of William Cullen who was baptised at Averham, Notts on 20/01/1766. He married an Ann Campion 2/9/1802 also in Averham. William's parents are shown in the IGI as John and Hannah ( I believe Hannah Cook(e) ) but have not been able to find John or Hannah earlier ( I have only tried on line sites ). Have not been able to see the baptismal records for Averham. I know there was a John born at Upton in 1732 but the wives he had do not to appear to include a Hannah, although that might have been possible. Anyone able to help?

Ed. - John Cullen in Nottinghamshire during that time period has always been confusing. Over the years the various 'John Cullen's have been slowly sorted out from dates of births or christenings, deaths, age at marriage if given, residence, children's names, wills, etc. Clues are being drawn from every possible source by multiple researchers. Some info can be found on this site in the Records Archive, in the section for England, especially Cullen Families of Nottinghamshire which is a compilation from many sources - currently in progress but far from complete.

From: lawrence.doye***blueyonder.co.uk
I was interested to read about Annie Cullen who married Jospeh Cowham and had a daughter Harriett Cowham born 1878. My grandmother was another Harriet Cowham she was born in London in 1915 and had a sister Annie born 1910, their father was Frederick Cowham. If anyone knows anything more about the Cowham family, please do let me know. Lawrence Doye.

Harriet Agnes Cullen, sister to Enos and Seth Cullen, was born in Gosberton, Lincs., to William & Elizabeth ( Houghton ) Cullen. Harriet married Joseph Cowham and they had a daughter, Annie Cowham. See my Main Genealogy Page and their photo page for more information.

From: 541beron***charter.net
Hello, I am researching for Martha Mitchell in Medford, Oregon the Cullen line. Fanny Fincham had a sister Elizabeth b. September 19, 1855 who m. December 23, 1876 Parish Church, Spittlegte, Grantham, Lincolnshire, England to William Henry Eite b. February 9, 1853 Spittlegate, Lincoln, England. He was the son of John Eite and Mary Ann Pulfrey. They had 7 known children. She later m. Walter Newman. If you want any further info, I will be glad to give you what I have. Sincerely, Carolyn Beron, Medford, Oregon.

Fanny Fincham married into the Brant Broughton, Lincs Cullen family. These Cullens are descended from the Cullens of Upton, Notts. The Cullen-Fincham connection in Brant Broughton was first mentioned, as far as I am able to determine, by John Francis Atterton whose entries into the IGI are quite numerous. You can read more about this branch of the Cullen family here.

From: jacob04***optusnet.com.au
I am researching Eliza Cullen who emigrated to South Australia, married James Tourner/turner and had 2 daughters - Eliza Jane and Sarah Jane. Eliza Turner nee Cullen died on Oct 28, 1898 and is buried in the Bullaparinga Cemetery next to her husband. Has anyone come across this family?

From: gandmrollitt***ntlworld.com
I think I may have information on James Cullen. He was born Feb 14, 1857 in Coddington Newark Notts. He died aged 96 years in Gympie General Hospital. His parents where George Cullen born Sept 13, 1829 and Sarah born July 29, 1832. One of 13 children of which Harry was a younger brother. If you think there is a link please contact me. My place in the family is Great Niece to James. Looking forward to hearing from you.

From: bridget2000oz***sbcglobal.net
I am searching for remainder of family thanks. James Cullen married Annie Calladine and they had two daughters Sally & Annie. It is thought he and Annie went to Australia to a small town Gympie in Queensland, Australia. Death certificate (he died 21 July, 1954 in Gympie, Queensland, Australia). It also states informant Harold C. Cullen... Who is this person????

From: kiwijet***ihug.co.nz
Hi my name is Trevor [Graeme] Cullen from Auckland, New Zealand and I'm interested in finding out more about my fathers family. His name was Richard, had a brother George and was born in Cardiff, Wales. My mother has told me his father was Liverpool/Irish and his wife had a connection with Gibralter. Any information would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

From: n.cullen***ntlworld.com
The posting gave William Cullen as a 6 year old in 1841 census for Easthorpe Southwell. The next census given for William a groom aged 16 Besthorpe is a different person.
I have seen William's name in the 1851 census for Lincolnshire as follows:
William Cullen 16 yrs Chimney Sweep, at Caistor Road, Market Rasen. Birthplace: Southwell, Nottingham. He is denoted as a Servant to the head of the household who was a sweep. Census ref 2115/176. I decided not to write down the rest of the household as I knew he was unrelated to me. I have also seen a record on a later census year in the City of Lincoln for Cullen sweeps.

This was in response to the following posting:

From: linpolio***legend.co.uk
According to what my grandfather Richard Cullen told about his father William, he was one of the last of the 'Climbing Boys'. He married in 1860 in Lincoln into another family of sweeps. Then 4 of his children and a grandchild became sweeps. On his marriage to Eliza Wilson he said her father was called William and he was a sawyer.

Our William was born around 1835. According to the 1841 Censun, he was 6 years old, so I am also interested in the William Cullens in Ireland about that time period.

We have searched at Avenham, Upton by Southwell (Easthorpe). This is where William says he was born.

William Cullin born 1836 Easthorpe, Southwell, Notts.
1841 Census for Easthorpe (Southwell)
William 6 years
Jane 2 years (possibly sister)
Hannah 25 years (possibly mother)
William 60 years (possibly grandfather)
Hannah 60 years (possibly grandmother)

1851 Census for Nottingham - Beesthorpe.
William Cullin 16 years working as a groom

May 1860
William arrived at Lincoln and married Eliza Wilson at Portland Place (Non Conformist) High Street. We have a copy of the marriage certificate. He says his fathers name was William, and he was a sawyer. Eliza's father, John Wilson was a chimney sweep but deceased. They all lives at No. 2 Hewsons Yard, St. Benedicts Lincoln.

Children of William and Eliza Cullin:

Fanny, George, Harry, Thomas, Jack, Billy, Frank, Richad (my grandfather) Mary-Ann, Lisa Charlotte and Ginny.

Geroge, Thomas, Jack, and Richard (4 sweeps).

We think in 1841 Census this is our William but so far we are unable to find any trace of the elderly couple. William and Hannah of 60 years or Hannah of 25 years (who could have been his mother). or Jane of 2 years.

We know the name was spelt as Cullin until after 1860 when William registered his daughter Fanny and it was put down as CULLEN.

From: Julie.Holdsworth***btinternet.com
I am descended from Jane Cullen who was baptised Sept 24'th, 1890 at St. Johns church Cleator Moor. She married Thomas Hillary who died 2'nd March 1959. Her parents were John and Dinah Cullen nee (possibly) Sanderson who were living at 57 Duke St Cleator Moor on the 1891 census. John Cullen's birth place was given as Middlesex his wife Dinah was Whitehaven Cumbria. If anybody has any information about this family I would be very pleased to hear from you. Thank you.

From: George.Cullen***btinternet.com
I'm trying to reply to Ann Langdon (Cullen) living in Canada, born in Preston U.K. I sent an e-mail to the address above your message, but in case you didn't receive it could you get in touch. I beleive I can help you with information about your dad, (my dads brother), and family history.

Click here to read Ann's Post (below)

From: jojo98@xtra.co.nz
I am researching on behalf of a close friend, the ancestors of a Walter John Cullen who married a Charlotte Rogers about 1907 in mile End, London, England. Any information would be gratefully recieved.

From: wessex***global.co.za
I am trying to trace details of my great-grandfather and his predecessors. All I have been able to pick up (from my grandfather's birth certificate dated 19/01/1890) was that my great-grandfather's name was Enoch Cullen, he was married to an Alice Jane Gammon, they lived at 98 Stanhope Street, Pancras, Regents Park, London and that he was a police sergeant. My grandfather was William John Cullen born on 19/01/1890 at the above address who married Hannah Eliza Bell. Any assistance would be appreciated.

From: Julie.Holdsworth***btinternet.com
I am descended from Jane Cullen who was baptised Sept 24'th 1890 at St. John's Church, Cleator Moor. She married Thomas Hillary who died 2'nd March, 1959. Her parents were John and Dinah Cullen nee (possibly) Sanderson who were living at 57 Duke St, Cleator Moor on the 1891 census. John Cullen's birthplace was given as Middlesex; his wife Dinah was born Whitehaven Cumbria. If anybody has any information about this family I would be very pleased to hear from you. Thank you.

From: andyjohnson***lineone.net
From looking through a few Cullen wills, I found reference to two Transatlantic Cullens of mine:

Frank Ernest Cullen was given some land in Manitoba by his father William James Cullen (1857-1938) of Burton Joyce, Nottingham sometime before William's will was written in 1935. The land had been sold to William by Mrs Grace Marrs.

When Charles Cullen of Nottingham died in 1913, his will referred to his son Charles Spencer Cullen living in Ocala, Florida.

Note: Charles Cullen above (1841-1913) was an uncle of William James Cullen from the paragraph above. For more information on this Cullen family, go to the Records Archive, Family History Section, and click the link for William & Elizabeth (Richards) Cullen, of Radford, Nottinghamshire, England.

From: AlRose509***aolcom
Though born 1865 in England, James F. CULLEN's parents were both of Ireland. He and Elizabeth H. FISHER married in 1888 after both immigrated to USA in 1886. She and her parents were also of Ireland. Looking for any relatives. Thanks.
Here is what I know of their descendancy:

Descendants of James F. Cullen

1 James F. CULLEN Born: May 1865 England of Irish parents. Died: 9 Oct 1947 Fall River, MA, USA Census: 1900 LDS film 1240134 page 76, Norwalk, CT ; immigration 1886.
. +Elizabeth H. FISHER Born: Oct 1867 Ireland. Married: Abt. 1888 USA Died: 23 Aug 1950 Fall River, MA, USA.
... 2 [1] Mary CULLEN Born: 2 Jun 1891 Norwalk, Fairfield, CT. Died: Mar 1974 Somerset, Bristol, MA 02726.
..... +FOX Born: Unknown. Died: Unknown.
...... 3 Thomas FOX Born: Unknown. Died: Unknown.
..... + 2nd Husband of [1] Mary CULLEN:
..... +BEAULIEU Born: Unknown. Died: Unknown.
... 2 John CULLEN Born: 2 Mar 1893 Norwalk, Fairfield, CT. Died: Sep 1974 Fall River, Bristol, MA 02720.
... 2 William CULLEN Born: Dec 1894 Norwalk, Fairfield, CT.
..... +UNK. Born: Unknown. Died: Unknown.
...... 3 Ciena CULLEN Born: Unknown.
... 2 Elizabeth CULLEN Born: 16 Aug 1896 Norwalk, Fairfield, CT. Died: May 1976 Fall River, MA.
..... +Frank KINGSLEY Born: 4 Feb 1892. Married: Mansfield, MA. Died: Jun 1976 Fall River, MA.
... 2 Sarah Etta CULLEN Born: 30 Aug 1898 Norwalk, Fairfield, CT. Died: 24 Jan 1986 Vinyard Haven, MA. Burial: buried in Vinyard Haven with Henry.
..... +Henry Konrad BURGESS Born 1: 21 Mar 1898 Foster, RI Born 2: 21 Mar 1897 Foster, RI. Married: 22 Nov 1920 St John's Church, Attleboro, MA. Died: Mar 1972 Vinyard Haven, MA. Burial: buried in Vinyard Haven with Sarah.
...... 3 Henry Konrad "Hank" BURGESS, Jr. Born: 16 Mar 1926 Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vinyard, MA Died: 6 Jun 1970 Boston, MA Burial: St Stephen's (WNW fr Gilmore St).
......... +Virginia Mary BORA Born: 9 May 1924 Attleboro, MA. Married: 15 Jan 1946 Attleboro, MA.
... 2 Grace CULLEN Born: 1901 Norwalk, Fairfield, CT Died: 11 Aug 1977 Attleboro, MA Burial: 1977 St John's in Attleboro.
..... +James F. BURCH Born: 5 Feb 1900 Died: 4 Mar 1990 Attleboro, MA Burial: St. John's.
...... 3 Marjorie Grace BURCH Born: 16 Aug 1924 Attleboro, MA. Died: 27 Dec 1989 Attleboro, MA.
...... 3 James F. BURCH Born: Abt. 1929.
... 2 Alice CULLEN Born: Aft. 1901 Norwalk, Fairfield, CT Died: Unknown Fall River, MA, USA.
..... +Thomas NORTON Born: Unknown Died: Unknown.
... 2 Robert CULLEN Born: Aft. 1901 Norwalk, Fairfield, CT.

From: andyjohnson***lineone.net
Does anyone know anything about a BRONWYN CULLEN, last known address in Edinburgh about 20 years ago ? She was possibly a vet or a doctor. She had a brother BARRY CULLEN. Her parents were JOHN CHARLES CULLEN and EILEEN HOLMESBY, known as Bonnie. Twenty years ago, they lived in Bordertown, South Australia. The parents of John Charles Cullen were CHARLES PERCIVAL CULLEN (born 1883 in Nottingham) and MARGARET HAYNES.
Parents of Charles were JOHN CHARLES CULLEN (1858-1932) and REBECCA ATTENBOROUGH (1857-1884). Parents of John were WILLIAM CULLEN (1831-1901) and SARAH ANNE PLOWRIGHT (1831-1920). Parents of William were WILLIAM CULLEN (B.~1808) and ELIZABETH RICHARDS (B.~1808), who were married 14Feb1830 at Radford, Nottingham.
If anyone can connect with these people or knows anything at all about them, please contact me.

From: june.spooner***sympatico.ca
I am looking for any information on CHARLOTTE CULLEN who would have been born around 1810-1815 and married WILLIAM WARD Sep 8, 1833 at Radford, Nottinghamshire. Charlotte's date of birth is inferred from year of marriage and child-bearing years. William and Charlotte would have lived somewhere in the Nottinghamshire area. They had other children (names not known) but they also had a daughter who they named Fanny. Fanny was born on Jan 2'nd, 1854 in Sneinton, Nottingham. Fanny would later in life marry George Spooner. William Ward's occupation was a Smith. Charlotte Cullen was my husband's Gr-Grandmother and I would appreciate any information that anyone can give me. (This post will be updated with new info - J.C.)

From: jtcullen***lrbcg.com
Looking for more information on Thomas Cullen, Mayor of Nottingham in 1852. He lived on Upper Parliament Street and had a block of flats named after him. According to the family, he was the brother of Gervase Cullen (1777-1848) who moved from Upton, Nottinghamshire to Brant Broughton, Lincolnshire, about 1800. This would indicate that Mayor Thomas Cullen was born May 9, 1779 to John & Mary (Tow) Cullen, of Upton. Any further information which would help to confirm this story would be a great help.

From: jtcullen***lrbcg.com
Looking for information concerning research done by John Francis Atterton, born 1875 in Grantham, Lincolnshire. Mr. Atterton's grandmother was Anne Cullen, daughter of John Cullen of Brant Broughton, Lincolnshire. Mr Atterton traced the Cullen family from Lincolnshire, back to Upton, Nottinghamshire to Richard Cullen who died there in 1580. Atterton also found some evidence that connects the Cullens of early Nottinghamshire to the Cullens of Manorhamilton, Co Leitrim, Ireland, a family descended from a Captain John Cullen who arrived in Ireland in 1648 as part of the Cromwellian settlement. It's said that Captain John Cullen was from Scotland. Likewise, it has been surmised that the earliest generation in Nottinghamshire had some connection to Scotland as well. Information on the work that John Atterton did, besides his notations in the Mormon IGI, would hopefully solve this long-standing puzzle and would be greatly appreciated. The Atterton family emigrated to the US around the turn of the century to Utah. John Atterton himself died in Washington state. It's been surmised that he had some connection to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Descendants of the family still live in the northwest United States, in Washington, Oregon, and California.

From: jtcullen***lrbcg.com
About time I made my own post to this page! Looking for the parents of Gervase Cullen, of Upton, Nottinghamshire. We know he was born in 1718 and was marrried at N Muskham on 07Aug1749 to Elizabeth Millward. One child was christened at Upton but the rest at Grantham in Lincolnshire, where the family had settled by 1753. Gervase died in 1786 at Spanby in Lincolnshire. We suspect Gervase may be descended from the families of Cullen to the NE of Upton (Averham, Kelham, Muskham, etc). This group split off from the main line of Cullen at Upton by about the middle of the 17'th century. One of the prime candidates for the father of Gervase is Thomas Cullen who married Elizabeth Whitton at S Muskham in 1715. Any help appreciated.

From: Brendan Cullen
Cullen Skink - A fish dish. The word 'Skink' comes from the Latin word 'scincus' and from the Greek word 'skinkus'. Basically like a fish chowder containing bacon, vegetables and served with bread. The usual condiments and spices to taste. This dish originated in Scotland & Northumberland, England.

From: Katie***morgan.net.au
My name is Beryl Johnson, I am looking for John Brown who was in the Merchant Navy, whom I met in 1959 in Sydney Australia. He was from Nottingham, Sherwood Forest. I worked at the Winyard Newsreel. You sang to me on Wynard Station, (You are my hearts delight). You still are my hearts delight. I remember the day you drank champagne from my shoe. Please Please find the man of my dreams.

From: ct289***torfree.net
Hi there my name is Ann Langdon (Cullen). I was born in Preston England. I am the youngest of four. My fathers name was George Martin Cullen. My Mothers name was Monica Joan Cullen. My sisters and brother are Sheila born in 1946 Christopher born in 1948 Susan born 1950 and Ann 1955. My dads family came from Cumbria Scotland. George was the youngest of 12. I don't know his parents names. George was born in 1920's. Some of his family names are John, Masey, Basil, Nelly. The rest ????? My mothers dad's name was Christopher Burns I think his family came from Glousteshire? My Mothers moms name was Ann Burns but I don't know her name before she married or where she is from. My Mother Monica died at age 31 leaving us kids. Dad never told us much about his family or my mother's. Since George was the youngest of his family I don't think there would be any in his family left alive. My Dad died at age 65 that was 15 years ago. We have been in Canada since 1965. I know that my Mother is in St. Mary's Cemetary in Leyland so is her mother and father.

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From: PaBobC***aol.com
I have just stumbled on your web site and would like to post a query as I have been at a dead end on my father's family since I started looking into it. My father, Joseph Francis Cullen, was born in New York State on 10/17/1915 to Margaret Cullen and J.T. Brown (according to a letter from Margaret - I have found no other records). He deserted her and she died in 1916 in a fire. My Dad's uncle, Thomas Cullen, 2/1/1890-11/22/1972, adopted him and raised him.

His parents according to his obituary were Francis and Mary Cullen of Thornaby, England. Other siblings mentioned in the obituary were Ann Cullen Murray and Agnes Cullen Brown. There was also Margaret and my father recalls his stepfather talking about his brother Alec. Does anyone out there know anything of this family?

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