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Co Fermanagh, Ireland

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From: nbisc7***verizon.net
Iím researching Daniel Cullen born 1824. He married Bridget Monaghan in 1867 at the R.C. Chapel of Blackboy. I believe that this may be the current St. Maryís Church in Magherculmoney Parish. Their residence was listed on the marriage certificate as Clonee, Drumskinny. Bridget Monaghan was born c 1842. They had children Patrick, Michael, Mary Catherine, Bridget, Margaret Jane, James, John, Edward or Edmund, Eliza Anne, Ellen Susan. They lived in Drumskinny, Co. Fermanagh. Daniel died 1902 and Bridget died in 1921. The Monaghan family is still in the Drumskinny area and run Monaghanís The Cross Pub. Most of the children immigrated to America. Michael remained behind and is buried at the Montiagh Chapel. I have not found evidence of where Daniel and Bridget are buried. Iíve also not been able to confirm the parents of either Daniel or Bridget. Any suggestions on where to look? Thanks.

From: marci.young***gmail.com
For singinjane: I am trying to trace a Jane Cullen (born about 1820 or so) that married James Somers/Summers and had two sons - one James and I don't know the other one. She died when the two boys were quite young. I'm fairly certain that James Sr came to Australia, I am sure that James Jr did, and that is where I live. The family story is that she was sister to Cardinal Cullen and a cousin to Archbishop Moran, but I just don't seem to be able to tie that down.

I was interested in your post where you mention that "Farthest back known Cullen is a William, b.c. 1799, may have married an Elizabeth or Jane Johnston. The children of this union were James, John, Elizabeth, Thomas, Christopher, Andrew, Stephen, Jane, Francis and William, all b. between 1800-1820." Do you have any information that might help me?

From: ollerve***optusnet.com.au
Hello Singinjane. I am a descendent of Francis (Frank) Cullen that arrived in Australia on the Elizabeth as a bounty migrant in 1841. I know of several other Cullens you mention that are in my family tree. May be we can swap information and both learn more about our Ancestors. Regards, Oscar Lerve.

From: CLATOINC***aol.com
My name is Thomas M. Robertson III. My paternal grandmother was Sarah T. Johnson and her GGGF was a Lancelot Johnston who was born in County Fermanagh in 1748 and migrated to the South Carolina colony about 1770. He was a surgeon in our Revolutionary War. The legend is that his ancestors came to Fermanagh around 1602 and had an Estate "Ardess" where Lancelot was allegedly born. In your posting you reference a Jane Johnston(e) who came from a prominate and ancient family. The published legend is that James Johnstone of the Castle of Terndergarth in the district of Annandale was killed in a feud and his widow, the daughter of the Laird of Glencoe sold the family's holdings in Dumfriesshire and with her son John Johnstone came to Ireland and purchased estates in Fermanagh and County Tyrone.

I am also aware of the historical realities of the era where King James I of England and VI of Scotland expelled a vast number of reivers to Ireland in the same time period.

I have been frustrated for years over the lack of any records or any way to verify anything that happened in Ireland in those early years. Then I read your reference to the prominent Johnstone family which is the first glimmer of hope I have had since I started the search. Lancelot has hundreds if not thousands of decendents in this country and no one has ever linked him back save his eldest son William who returned to Ireland in 1839 and received a manuscript linking the family back, said document apparently lost to the ages.

Do you have any further information on this family or can you point me in the right direction as to where to start? Are there land transaction or tax records dating that far back? Are probate records that survive? Any help you can provide would be most appreciated.

From: singinjane***att.net
Searching for information on the Cullens of the North East Fermanagh area, late 1700's to late 1800's. Farthest back known Cullen is a William, b.c. 1799, may have married an Elizabeth or Jane Johnston. The children of this union were James, John, Elizabeth, Thomas, Christopher, Andrew, Stephen, Jane, Francis and William, all b. between 1800-1820. It is known that John, Andrew and Francis went to Australia. Stephen married Sarah Keyes in 1835 at Ardess Church, Magheraculmoney parish; brother Wm. m. Margaret Whittaker in 1838 at same parish. Stephen and Sarah tenant farmed at Arvarney East it is believed, with an Irwin family, probably others as well. in 1848 they and their 5 surviving children left for Canada. Sarah died of typhus and obstetric complications at Toronto Gen'l Hospital 3 days after landing; the infant d. 3 days later. 2 years later Stephen moved west to Flesherton Ontario with a new wife, Jane Nixon Cullen, and his 5 children. He had several more children with Jane: Andrew, James Leslie, Christopher Irwin, Francis Arthur Hadwin, John Nixon, Margaret and Mary Jane Cullen. Stephen's brother William married secondly after becoming widowed and losing 3 of his 4 children, to Catherine Brien of Glenarn, and they went to Scotland and had children. William is buried near Edinburgh. It is thought the father William Sr. and wife Jane may have lived on land at some point, for a time, which her father owned, called Snowhill in Lisbellaw, and possibly at a place called Scarbrae, Holywood, Dumfriesshire, Scotland at some point. What is unclear in the family history is who exactly were Stephen and his siblings' parents. It has also been said they came from Lossiemouth, Scotland. There is some evidence that the mother Jane was Jane Johnston of a prominent family (the Johnstones of Dumfriesshire Scotland are an ancient family). It is not certain that her husband is a William Cullen, it may be John Cullen. Anyone with information about any members of this family, please contact singinjane***att.net or post on this site. Have more info on siblings of Stephen who didn't emigrate, and their offspring, which may be of help if any of you are of the area, as well as those who went to Australia, and descendants of William in Scotland. Thank you.

From: Aquest1620***aol.com
Looking for information on Patrick Cullen, born about 1790, who had been conscripted by the English to fight in the War of 1812 and who served on His Majesty's Ship "Forthright", a blockade squadron cruiser. Patrick Cullen had a son Andrew Cullen who was born in 1814. The only other child known is Andrew's brother, Malcolm.

Andrew's occupations were as a sheep herder, mule skinner, and as a potato farmer. In 1831, at the age of 17, Andrew Cullen married Gwynneth Meaney and this union produced one son, John Robert Cullen. Andrew married a second time in 1840 at the age of 26, to Mary Salazar. Mary, who was born in Portugal but had lived in Ireland most of her life, was very young at the time of the marriage. Andrew & Mary Cullen had at least one child, a son Charles Cullen who was born in 1847.

Charles Cullen married Bridget Maguaran/Magowan probably in the early 1860's and they seem to have lived in Co Fermanagh though Charles' family may not have been from there. Three children are known to have been born to this union: a son Charles who was born Jun 3, 1866 at Holywell, Co Fermanagh; another son James whose date of birth is unknown; and a daughter Catherine. Catherine Cullen was born in 1876 and died in 1923 in San Francisco, CA, USA. She was married to a C. Daly in Boston.

Sometime in the early 1880's or 1890's, at least part of the family emigrated to the U.S., specifically to Jamaica plains, a suburb of Boston. In the 1920's, Catherine's brothers Charles and James resided there.

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