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Co Kildare, Ireland

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From: molly.carey59***gmail.com (in reference to Richard Cullen, jockey, from post lower down on page)
Hi, I think Richard might be an Uncle of mine. My father was John Patrick Cullen, I understood he was born near Kildare. He didn't talk much about his past. He mentioned a brother who had been a jockey and was killed in India. I had heard of Kathleen, Dad married my Mum, Patricia, after he moved to England. Dad had also been a jockey and then hunted and showed and did almost everything there was to do with horses! He retired at Woolmers Park Polo Club in Herts where he had been Stud Groom. I now have two sons, Sam who is a huntsman in Maryland USA and Dan who rides at a racing yard in Exeter.

Hope it turns out to be the right chap.. it sounds like it. I was born Noreen Mary (I hated it and changed it when I married) and I have a brother, David Michael.

From: ricky.mearns***talktalk.net (in reference to Richard Cullen, jockey, from post lower down on page)
I don’t know if there is a connection here but my name is Richard Cullen Mearns, I live in Aberdeen Scotland. My mother (Veronica Elizabeth Cullen) was Irish and came from county Kildare. She had three sisters, Kathleen, Sheila and Carmel. Her mother moved to London from Ireland and I remember something about her being a Flanagan. Also heard tails of a jockey in the family who died in a racing accident in India. I thought he was an uncle but I was told all this stuff when I was little so it’s a bit fuzzy. I recently received a photograph of my mother when she was little, see below. She is the one standing holding the puppy. Her mother, Kathleen is the lady in the middle standing at the back. I guess this was taken in Ireland around 90 years ago. My mother passed away 10 years ago but the other “girls” are still alive and living in the London area.
Cullen Sisters
I would be very interested if there is any connection or if you have any further information on the family.

From: eedennis***gmail.com
I am looking for information about my great great grandfather James Henry Cullen (b: 1862; d: 1899). According to my family he was born in the Co. Kildare area. He left Ireland in the early to mid 1880's and wound up in Rochester, New York. He married Nora Culhane (b: 1868; d: unknown) and had two children with her (Marie born in 1895 and James Joseph in 1897) before his death in 1899 (in Rochester, NY). My family holds a letter he wrote in 1891, addressed to a uncle , also residing in the United States at the time. The letter was a scolding one, addressing the fact that his uncle (unnamed) had left his mother (James' grandmother) directly after his father (James' grandfather) had died 19 or 20 yrs prior (1871-1872), leaving her without money to be supported by her daughter. The letter refers to other uncles named James, Andrew, and Jack. If anyone has any information whatsoever, I would greatly appreciate it.

From: 32amb***talktalk.net
Re posting of Christina Koivisto trying to trace her gr aunts. Were there any other male children of Patrick Cullen? My interest is with a Joseph and Hugh Cullen born in Rathconnell in the 1850s. Family stories say that Hugh went to America to make his fortune. Joseph joined the army and eventually lived in Shropshire. I do not know the name of the mother but the father was Patrick. I know Patrick had died before November 1884. Any info greatly appreciated. Thanks.

From: Christina.Koivisto***Kolumbus.FI
I am looking for information on my great aunts and any other members of the family anywhere. The three girls, were:
They were the children of Patrick Cullen & Catherine Lennox from Rathconnell, Nurney, Co.Kildare. The 3 girls were taken to America at a young age by relatives. There were two other children; Etna, who died young, and my grandfather William. Any information is greatly appreciated.

From: tommothompson***tiscali.co.uk
I am looking to find some information on my Grandfather Richard Cullen. He was born around the Limerick area of Eire in 1907. He married Kathleen Flanagan (dressmaker) and had four children. They lived in the Kildare area. Richard Cullen was a Jockey riding on the flat. In 1933 he moved out to India where he rode with a great deal of success until his death following a fall during a race on February 1'st 1937. He was buried at St Paul's RC Church, Dilkusha, Lucknow on 2'nd February 1937. Kathleen and the children later moved to England.

Richard Cullen - Jockey: 1907-1937

Has anyone on this site got any information on Richard Cullen? I would appreciate anything no matter how small.

From: wish2bhome***hotmail.com
Husband: Frank CULLEN b.c. 1825 County Kildare d. Dec 23, 1895 in New Orleans, LA USA.
Wife: Catherine Coleman b.c. 1830 Queens County Ireland d. Nov 10, 1910 in New Orleans, LA. USA.


Any information regarding this family is appreciated. Thanks

From: Millicent Knight: MKnight64***aol.com
Husband: William Cullen (b.c. 1841 in IRE - d. 19 Aug 1899 in Montreal)
Wife: Jane Coogan ( b.c. 1843 in IRE - d. 1 May 1908 in Montreal).
The above family emigrated to Canada about 1885 and appear in the 1891 census in Montreal. I would love to know more about where William came from or anything else about this family.

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