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Co Kilkenny, Ireland

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From: jcurran44***hotmail.com
One of the posts mentioned an Anastasia Lawrence. My great grandmother was Anastasia Lawrence who was born in Ireland ( I think it was County Clare). She immigrated to the US in 1858 and married Patrick King who also immigrated to the US in about 1851. They lived in Maine. If anyone has any more information on Anastasia Lawrence I would love to hear from them.

From: kcullen343***gmail.com
My great grandfather, Patrick Cullen was born in Knocktopher, County Kilkenny in Ireland on July 1, 1868. His parents were listed as Michael Cullen and Bridget Brannigan Cullen of Stonyford, County Kilkenny. Michael and his family (maybe minus Bridget) immigrated to Manhattan in 1887. Any information re Michael or Bridget would be helpful.

From: pcullenriverhouse***eircom.net
I am looking for information and connections about the Cullen family of Woollengrange, Thomastown, County Kilkenny. I am particularly interested in the Tithe War period in the 1830's and would welcome information about other Woollengrange families, many of whom were involved in local disturbance at that time, as were the Cullens'.

From: CGKCCC***aol.com
My father was James Joseph Cullen, born in Waterford in 1896, one of 11 children, lived on Lower Yellow Rd. His mother's name was Johanna. His family came from Kilkenny. Some of his siblings names: Lawrence, Anastasia, Michael, John. He attended the LaSalle academy, was imprisoned by the British, joined the merchant marines and immigrated to NY in his early twenties. Don't know much more. Thank you for any info.

From: Aquest1620***aol.com
Looking for information on Patrick Cullen, born about 1790, who had been conscripted by the English to fight in the War of 1812 and who served on His Majesty's Ship "Forthright", a blockade squadron cruiser. Patrick Cullen had a son Andrew Cullen who was born in 1814. The only other child known is Andrew's brother, Malcolm.

Andrew's occupations were as a sheep herder, mule skinner, and as a potato farmer. In 1831, at the age of 17, Andrew Cullen married Gwynneth Meaney and this union produced one son, John Robert Cullen. Andrew married a second time in 1840 at the age of 26, to Mary Salazar. Mary, who was born in Portugal but had lived in Ireland most of her life, was very young at the time of the marriage. Andrew & Mary Cullen had at least one child, a son Charles Cullen who was born in 1847.

Charles Cullen married Bridget Maguaran/Magowan probably in the early 1860's and they seem to have lived in Co Fermanagh though Charles' family may not have been from there. Three children are known to have been born to this union: a son Charles who was born Jun 3, 1866 at Holywell, Co Fermanagh; another son James whose date of birth is unknown; and a daughter Catherine. Catherine Cullen was born in 1876 and died in 1923 in San Francisco, CA, USA. She was married to a C. Daly in Boston.

Sometime in the early 1880's or 1890's, at least part of the family emigrated to the U.S., specifically to Jamaica plains, a suburb of Boston. In the 1920's, Catherine's brothers Charles and James resided there.

From: vanraden***wwdb.org
My ggrandfather, Michael Cullen, was born in Kilkenny in 1857. He arrived here in the States approx. 1880. He married in southern Minnesota in 1892/93. He married a woman from Iowa and I have found naturalization papers from Iowa believed to be his papers. Does anybody have a missing family member that disappeared into the US? He was good with horses. He raised and bred fine horses for the Calvary when he came here. Perhaps this was something he learned from his homeland?

From: brother***netspace.net.au
My great grandmother, Bridget Margaret Cullen, was a daughter of Michael Cullen and Margaret Hughes. Her uncle was Daniel Cullen of Kilkenny city who had a wife named Catherine McGrath. Also, family legend has it that Bridget Margaret was a niece to Cardinal Paul Cullen?

Edward Cullen, born 1821 or 1823, was from Co Kilkenny and married Elizabeth Fitzgerald (born 1821? in Ireland). Family is traced to Dayton, Montgomery Co., Ohio. They had a daughter Catherine Cecilia, born May 1,1854, who married Oscar Samuel Metcalf on Dec 31,1884 in Dayton. Edward Cullen died May 9,1876 and Elizabeth on May 23,1895.

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