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Co Limerick, Ireland

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From: bigtoponce***gmail.com
My 3rd Great Grand Father, John Cullen, was born in Limerick, Ireland in 1839. He ended up in San Francisco, California, USA in 1861, and joined the Army during the American Civil War. He was stationed in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA where he got married, and had 2 Sons. In 1869, John died early in his life in Hamilton, Nevada, USA. His Wife Re-Married and took on the name Toponce. So starting with their oldest Son, down to my Father, they have kept the Cullen name, alongside the Toponce Name.

I am trying to find John's Parents, and their true names. Both his Father and Mother were also born in Limerick. His Father's possible name was John, (Maybe) and he was born in 1813. And his Mother's name was Mary Jane, (Maybe) and she was born in 1817. However, there is no record of her maiden name that we could find. I am really needing help connecting the dots and to continue with the Cullen line on our side of the Family. Thank you so much for your help and attention to this email.

From: domnbogs***tesco.net
Hi. I'm trying to find out some information on my grandfathers cousin James or John Cullen of Waverley St. Upper Darling Philidelphia in 1930 can you help. He was from Co Donegal.

From: theteskas***verizon.net
May I ask who this is looking for James C. Cullen and Hanora Crowe? They are my great grandparents also. I just returned from West Stockbridge yesterday and was trying to locate the general store that grandpa owned. My mother was Mary Carey, daughter of James Edward Cullen and Madeline Fitzgerald. Please reply, perhaps we can look into this together.

From: jcullen936***conknet.com
Looking for more information about the "Cullen's" of Limerick City - 1840-1870. My great grandfather, John Cullen married Ellen Walsh in Mungret Parish about 1840.

From: jcullen936***conknet.com
I'm looking for the ancestors of my grandfather, James C. Cullen, of West Stockbridge, Massachusetts. James C. and Honora Cullen are my immigrant ancestors. Note that Stockbridge and West Stockbridge are two distinct and separate Towns. In the early 1800's, West Stockbridge appears to have been a miners settlement. My grandparents are buried in St. Patrick's Cemetery, West Stockbridge:

Others Cullens buried in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts:

Another group of Cullens, assumed to be related to the above , are buried at St. Joseph's Cemetery, Pittsfield, Massachusetts:

I would very much like to find out the ancestry of James C. Cullen (1848-1920), Blacksmith from West Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Any hints or information would be very much appreciated!

From: oldchazz***erols.com
My grandfather Was James Cullen. He was from Philadelphia and his father, James, was from Ireland. I do not know what county, but his wife, Catherine was from Newcastle West, County Limerick.

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