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Co Longford, Ireland

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From: inkster***cogeco.ca
Looking for information about Thomas Cullon who came from Longford, Ireland to Ontario Canada in the early or mid 1800's. His son John was born in Longford on 27 Dec. 1827 and travelled to Canada probably as a child in the 1830's.

From: arabbitt***cyberportal.net
Some of my family members are going to Ireland next month and hope to find some info on the Cullen family. A cousin of my father, Tim Greene from Providence RI has sent us some information. He says our line of Cullens is from Co. Longford or Langford. My sister has the letter from Mr. Greene, I just perused it quickly yesterday.

After looking at the map of Ireland, I see that Roscommon, Leitrim and Longford Cos. are very close. Maybe we come from the same line of Cullens. My grandparents are from Newfoundland, then moved to Blackstone, MA where my father and his 10 siblings were born.

I have a cousin in Utah tracing our line and Tom Greene in RI that knows quite a bit, but I really didn't get interested until we planned this trip to Ireland July.

The first Cullens (my great-grandparents) didn't come to this country through Ellis Island, so we think it must have been Boston. I believe the names were James and Annie (Egon) Cullen. Not sure. There were also ancestors from Dublin, so we might be connected. Please let me know if we are of the same decsendents. I can have my sister fax the family "tree" that Mr. Greene sent her to me.

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