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Co Meath, Ireland

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From: josquinnsd***yahoo.com
In reference to daleshouse***iqmail.net. On a visit to Hawaii and specifically Oahu I found a gravesite apparently of the family of Sylvester Cullen. He was born Aug 15 1822 and died in September 1908. Apparently "fought the good fight, stayed the course and kept the faith" as he was buried in the churchyard of Mt Carmel Catholic Church. It is located on the north shore, east side. I have photos if you would like to see them.

I am Joe Quinn, son of Irish immigrants, John Quinn and Rosina McDermott. My ancestors first left Ulster for Scotland and then to the states. I live in California and love the paradise of Hawaii.

We have additional info on the family. Sylvester was born in Co Meath. His wife was Mary Holbron and they had a daughter Mary Cullen born April 30, 1869 in Honolulu.

From: Bart.Cullen***nepc.ie
Hi. I am very interested to see your family history - I too am Bart Cullen, and I have a brother named Patrick!! Our ancestors came from the townland of Clonkeefy, in the parish of Castlerahan, which is in Co Cavan, but is also very near Oldcastle, Co Meath. I have traced the family roots back to approx 1750, although many of the early records are incomplete. I have not come accross any Bartholomew's in my direct tree, although my own father was also Bart. Incidently, I was known as Bartle in order to distuingish us from each other, a common practice in Ireland. There were many Cullen families in the Castlerahan parish, and many did emiigrate to America in the early and mid nineteenth century. I will check our family tree with regards to your ancestors. Have you any idea fron what parish they came from, as this may allow for further investigation by the professional gegealogy service in Cavan town.
Regards, Bart Cullen

From: sharon_ra***msn.com
I am researching Bartholomew (Bart, Burt, Bartly) CULLEN, born 06 January 1883 in Ireland and died 16 May 1911 in Convoy, Van Wert, Ohio, USA. He emigrated from County Meath with his brother Patrick CULLEN, born abt 1834. They apparently settled initially in Pennsylvania, but were settled in Van Wert County, Ohio by 1865. Bartholomew CULLEN married Bridget KELLEY, also born in Ireland. They had six sons: Augustus Cullen, born abt 1879, Bartholomew W. Cullen, born abt 1870, Francis Cullen, born abt 1872, Joseph C. Cullen, born abt 1874, Patick J. Cullen, born abt 1865, Thomas C. Cullen, born abt 1861, and my gg-grandfather James H. Cullen, born abt 1863. All children were born in Ohio or PA.. Does anyone have any information about this family in Meath County, Ireland? Thank you.

From: gandsbeaubien***comcast.net
My Great Great Grandfather is also Edward Cullen from County Westmeath. He married Margaret Sherman in New York, moving then to Woodbury, Ct, Fond du Lac, WI (where my Great Grandmother, Mary, was born), and finally to Wayne, MI. Both are buried in the Catholic Cemetery in Wayne, MI. Would love to share information with cousins.

From: daleshouse***iqmail.net
Sylvester Cullen, from Southern Ireland, was a stowaway on a ship to America. After arriving in America, he worked somewhere in the South or California at which time he developed "Black Lung" from working in the coal mines. A doctor advised that Sylvester Cullen travel to the "Sandwich Islands" which are currently known as Hawaii. We do not know our roots and would like to know how to find a family with similiar information. Thank you very much.

From: cullent001***hawaii.rr.com
My Great Great Grand Father's name was Edward Cullen. He was born in West Meath around 1829. He was the son of an Owen Cullen. Edward Cullen arrived in New England in the 1850's, and married Margaret Sherman. Edward Cullen worked on the rail road and settled outside of Detroit Michigan in 1867. He died there in 1901.

Edward Cullen was born 08Aug1893. His father, Edward Cullen, was a building contractor. Young Edward worked with his father until 1917 when he pursued other activities which eventually led him to a Superintendent position of the Garda Force in 1922. By 1924 he held the position of Assistant Commissioner in charge of 'D' branch, a position he held up until his death in August of 1939. In August 1936 Edward Cullen received his promotion to Deputy Commissioner, the third ranking position in the Garda Force, in charge of 'B' as well as 'D' branch. His career was outstanding. In the words of the editors of 'The Garda Review' - "...the late Mr. Cullen built up such a splendid reputation for himself as an executive administrative officer of exceptional ability and unfailing impartiality. So well, indeed, did he discharge the onerous duties of his office that the high regard and esteem in which he was held by all increased, rather than diminished, over the years." - Deputy Commissioner Edward Cullen died unexpectedly at the early age of 45 years, on August 21, 1939, while on a visit to his brother-in-law, Mr Thomas Harrington. At the time, he was on vacation with his family and was staying at Beechlawn, Urlingford, just outside Kilkenny city. Co Kilkenny is mentioned as the native place of the Cullen family. On August 22'nd 1939, removal was made to the O'Loughlin Memorial Church and the funeral to Foulkstown Cemetary was made the following day. Graveside prayers were recited by Rev M. Cullen, C.C., Kilmoganny, the brother of Edward Cullen. Of the striking tribute paid to the deceased Deputy Commissioner, 'The Garda Review' states - "Members of the Government, of the Army, and of public bodies, as well as one of the largest gatherings of Garda officers of all ranks ever seen since the inception of the Force were present." -

From: lkahalewai***uswest.net
My name is Loretta Kahalewai of Gilbert Arizona. My great-grandfather's name is Sylvester Cullen of Clonkeefy. He went to Hawaii, and we're not sure what the real story of his arrival in Hawaii was, and married a part Hawaiian part English young lady named Mary Holbron. We were able to get in touch with Betty Cullen, the widow of Bart Cullen of Lake View House, Coole, Co Westmeath. My family and I would appreciate any information about our family in Ireland.

Rev. James Cullen was born April 19,1867 at Drogheda, Co Meath. James Cullen was also a well known mathematician who studied the primality of numbers of the form Cn = n * 2n + 1. These numbers, and the list of those Cullen Numbers that are actually prime (the Cullen Primes) are named in his honor. More information on the Cullen Numbers page.

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