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Unknown Location in Ireland

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From: mrsjfliu***gmail.com
Looking for my grand-father, Edward King Cullen, b. ? 1890 ? I think in Buffalo, NY, married Cora Cherry, of Rochester, NY.

From: rcarlson1***stny.rr.com
Michael Joseph "King" Cullen m. Nan A. Danaher; they had three sons, James, Bernard, and Robert, and a daughter, Rosemary. Founded the King Kullen Grocery Co., 4 August 1930 in a converted garage at 171-06 Jamaica Avenue, Queens, NYC. The company's name is spelled with two K's because Michael saw drawings and poems by his 11 year old son, which were signed with a figure on top of the world and the words "King Kullen". Ed. - According the the King Kullen website, Michael J. Cullen was born in 1884 to Irish immigrant parents. He moved his family to Queens on Long Island, New York, where he founded the King Kullen Grocery Company, which is recognized by the Smithsonian Institute as America's First Supermarket. You can read the full story on the About King Kullen page of the site.

From: delponti***yahoo.com
I have information on Michael Cullen and the King Kullen grocery. I am his great grandson. I would like to help and get in touch with any direct relatives. I have a book on the Cullens.

(More information follows, in red print - J.C.)

Four brothers came to the US from Ireland (mid 1800's ?) but one died enroute. One named Joseph Cullen, another Michael J. Cullen - the name of the third brother is not known. They arrived in New York. Joseph and the unknown brother went to areas in upstate New York where most of the family is today. The third brother (Michael J. Cullen) stayed in New York City and founded the King Cullen Supermarket chain in Queens in 1930. A family known to be related is Conklin; they are still involved with the King Cullen business today. Can anyone help with this family?

From: iwasaki***fh.catv.ne.jp
Looking for Mr. Francis Cullen. He is American with Irish ancestors, Catholic. In 1948 (about 40 years old) he served in the US Army Postal Service and stayed in Bamberg and Mannheim/Germany. Mr. Cullen was so kind to help my grandfather getting in contact with his sister in New York. Does anybody have information about him or how I can get information? Thank you! Annerose.

From: MARYPILLING***aol.com
Looking for Philip cullen c1800/10 born Ireland County unknown father of Anne b 1829 County unknown. Anne moved to Lancashire sometime in the 1850's. Any info appreciated. Thank you.

From: shirleyc***MMMS.ca
My grandfather was born in Belfast May of 1890 name Joesph Cullen. Looking for any relatives. How and what do I do?

From: czinengr***air.on.ca
In the late 1800's in Canada, Scottish Cullens were uncommon. I am looking for information concerning Mildred Butler and William Cullen. In the Canadian census of 1901 William claimed he was Scottish. They had several children: William, Ethel, Daisy, George, Edward and Violet.
( See also a post by rasserli***glenayre.com on this page )

From: tpez7***attbi.com
I am looking for information on my ggrandfather Peter Cullen. He was born 1869 per Obit. Died 1930 in Joliet, Illinois. Wife was Catherine Corcoran born 1871 per Death Cert. died 1924, also in Joliet. They had 5 kids, Martin, Charles, James and Irene. Everything I get on Peter says UNKNOWN for place of birth and parents. Census' say born in Ireland. I haven't seen the "Joliet" Cullens mentioned anywhere...so any info would be greatly appreciated!

From: h.spencer@sk.sympatico.ca
I am attempting to find out more about my Cullon ancestors from Longford Co. in Ireland. In 1831/32 a group of six families including the Bentleys and Cullons came up the chain of lakes to Pigeon Lake and landed at the east end of the 14th Concession of Emily Township, now called the “King’s Wharf”. I believe this is north of Lindsey, Ontario. They ended up settling near Dunsford.

From: joanniam***pacifier.com
I am looking for my grandmother, Julia Cullen. She must of came over to the United States somewhere around 1885 with sister's Sarah, Caroline and Sadie. Sadie may have been a nun. She may have been related to Delia who was married to Edward Callinan. Julia was married in Seattle on June 2, 1890. There might be another relative, Arthur. I would appreciate any information of this family.

From: Monnieparis***aol.com
Seeking any information on BERNARD CULLEN who was born in Ireland in 1858 (possibly at Cavan) and moved to St.Helens, Merseyside, England. Bernard married a ROSE CAFFREY also of Irish descent in St. Helens where they went on to have six children: Peter, Patrick, Michael, Rose, Nellie, and Mary. They were R.C. I am specifically looking for information on Bernards parents/siblings or his location in IRELAND. Bernards surname has at some time been misspelt and his descendants are now known as Cullum. Thank you.

From: Golowe2***aol.com
I have in my possession a "funeral" card that reads: "Mary Harkins Cullen wife of Francis Cullen died 1879, 57 years old." I do not know who this is or what connection she is to "my" Harkins. Do any of you Cullens have these names in your line?

From: leith49***i4free.co.nz
I am Looking for information on Captain Edwin (or Edward) CLARK(E), born around 1800 possibly in Scotland. He was married to Ann CONNOR of Co Cork. Ann CONNOR was somehow related to Cardinal Patrick MORAN, who's mother (Alicia Mary CULLEN 1791-1831) was a sister of Cardinal Paul CULLEN.

Capt. Edwin CLARK(E) and his wife Ann CONNOR had a daughter Mary Ann CLARKE who was born in 1831 perhaps at Liverpool and died in Lancashire in 1866. Evidently Mary Ann was married to one of the PITT family as she had a daughter Mary Ann PITT. Mary Ann PITT would later marry Thomas COCKS, my great-grandfather, who had come to New Zealand in 1876.

The PITTs, CLARKEs, CONNORs, and CULLENs were Roman Catholics. My father, from whom I got the information a few years ago, is now deceased, and I have been looking in all Irish places that I can think of. Any help would be gratefully accepted.

From: JTL***scvgvine.com
I'm just starting my search for my grandfathers family. However I do know that he was born in Springfield, Ohio in 1905. His fathers name was Ray or Raymond Cullen. My grandfathers name was Samuel Boyd Cullen. We have no information prior to Ray Cullen. My grandfather never knew his father. We have been told that Ray Cullen fled the United States for Cuba, for reasons unknown.

Also From: cjcullen***tds.net
Some of the modern day descendants of this family are living in California, USA. According to the family, the name of Samuel Boyd Cullen's mother was Mae Byers (or Beyers). The family also confirms that Ray (or Roy) Cullen did leave the US for Cuba, for reasons unknown. New information should be coming soon.

From: RyandelMar***aol.com
Looking for information on Celia Cullen probably born in the early 1800s in Ireland. She was married to Terrance Keaney. Their child was Mary Keaney. Descendants ended up in South Boston, MA.

From: ROCKETNH***aol.com
I am looking for info on my great grandfather James Henry Cullen who died in Stoneham Mass in 1950. Also any info on James Francis Cullen who was his son. Thanx

From: Lmecb***aol.com
I am looking for any information on my Grandfather, Nicholas Cullen born in Ireland, unknown year, I am assuming around 1880's, as my father was born in 1900. His last know address was GlenGamma, Draperestown, Co Derry around 1935. He married Elizabeth John, in Wales and had 2 sons; my dad, Lawrence D Cullen, born Fishguard, South Wales 9/30/1900 and my uncle Donald Nicholas Cullen born April 15, 1904. Donald emigrated to Canada in 1922 and was last known to be in Ontario. My dad emigrated to New Jersey, in the United States around 1917 or 1918. He lost track of both his dad and brother. I am interested in finding out if I have any Cullen relatives. I have hit nothing but brick walls. It seems there are none. Any help would be appreciated.

From: BJ3D***aol.com
Looking for info on my husband's family. His father's name was Robert Deloise Cullen. He was one of 8 children born to George G. Cullen, who was born in Holmes Co., Ohio. George was a farmer in Ohio, and had 3 brothers - Jeff, Burt, and Harry (according to the death notice in the newspaper).
George was married to Susie Eleanor Snyder in 1917 or 1918. The children were named Raymond K., Marcella R., Marjorie, Robert D., Wayland G., Shirley E., Sandra M., Karen S. George died in 1982, and Susie died in 1961.
George was the son of Richard and Caroline (Bixler) Cullen.
Susie was the daughter of Henry and Mary (Blanchard) Cullen. (I have info on the Blanchards from a book my sister-in-law loaned me).
Any info on the Cullen family would really be appreciated.

From: rasserli***glenayre.com
I am looking for more descendants of my Great-Great Grandparents and also to find out where they are from. This is the information I have found, it is from our family bible that was given to my gg grandparent's when they were married in 1877. I don't know quite how to lay this information out, so I hope it is not too lengthy. Any information is appreciated!

William Matthias Cullen married Mildred V. Butler on Nov. 15, 1877 in the County of Norfolk, in the Province of Ontario Canada. Witnesses at the wedding were Miss Slaght, Mary C. Burke, Miss. E. Slaght, Mrs. Slaght and Walter Butler. They had 7 children:

  1. William Fergus Cullen b. Nov 8, 1883. Married Ellen Ester Johnson July 1, 1904. No children recorded.
  2. Charles John Cullen b. Aug 8, 1885, d. Nov 23, 1885.
  3. Ethel May Cullen b. April 16, 1888. Married to Minaur (sp?) Leslie Adams Nov. 6th, 1912. They had the following children: Leslie, Sybil, Eunice, Muriel, Ethel, Iris.
  4. Daisy Mildred Cullen b March 20, 1891. Married Malcolm McLeod June 5th, 1912. They had the following children: Mildred, Angus, Beatrice, Violet, Daisy, Gordon.
  5. George Butler Cullen b. March 19, 1896 (my great-grandfather). Married Mable-Claire Miller (Franklin & Grace Miller) on April 18, 1917. They had the following children: (1) George Franklin Butler Dancer Cullen (my grandfather) b. Nov. 12, 1917 d. Feb. 15, 1998. Married Catherine Hudyma July 6, 1937 and they have 5 children, 9 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. (2) Sydnie Cullen b. Dec. 4, 1919 d. in the first world war. I also found this note from my grandmother on the Miller family. I'm not sure who this person is to me. "Grampa Miller from Germany to Pennsylvania to Virginia, to Indiana, then Michigan. 9 children: Abe, Katherine, David, Sarah, John G., Becky, Eva, Martin, Jacob"
  6. Edward White Cullen b Jan 24, 1900. Married Merle Anderson Campbell Jan. 25, 1925 and they had the following children: (1) Edward Wayne Cullen; indented under his name, it says Shirley Cullen and Gordon Cullen (his children?).
  7. Voilet Beatrice Cullen b. June 14, 1903. Married George Cartliff Code Decc 22, 1920 and they had the following children: Pearl, Cartiff, Mildred, George Walter (indented under his name, it says 'Tiaye Code').

There is also a note in the bible: "J.F. Cullen - Died on Nov. 23, 1900 7:30, Buried Nov. 27, 1900.

Related to my gg grandmother's side, I found a Joseph Walter Butler age 73 in the 1871 Census of Ontario, don't know if he is related to our family.

Edward CULLEN, son of a James CULLEN, mother unknown. James was a Stone-Mason. I have as yet not been able to ascertain where in Ireland James came from, and how and when he arrived in Australia. I have always presumed him to be a convict because of the time frame. His son Edward was born in 1833, in Sydney and baptised in St. Mary's Cathedral. Edward CULLEN married a Jane HARRISON, on 8 August 1853 at St. Matthew's Church Windsor. They had 13 children. Edward's daughter, Hannah Mary, always said that Cardinal Moran was their cousin. (See Cardinal Cullen's family page for relation to Cardinal Moran).

I'm trying to find Charles Cullen. Countee Cullen, a Harlem Rennaissance poet, used his illustrations for the first editions of his poem, "Black Christ." I'm interested in whether or not they were related. If it is useful, Countee was raised from age 13 on by his grandfather, the Rev. Frederick A. Cullen, who was a minister at the Salem African Methodist Episcopal Church.

From: RITZ711***aol.com
My husband's g-g-grandfather, Eugene Cullen, was born somewhere in Ireland about 1825. A brother, John, was 1 yr. younger and a brother, Richard, was 8 yrs younger. (I believe another brother died of T.B. at sea). They were in Clarkstown, Rockland County, NY State in 1860 and worked in the brick yards. Eugene had a 5 yr. old son at that time, so he immigrated before 1855. John was listed as a grocer in Haverstraw in 1875. There may be some significance in the fact that both Eugene and John named their first daughters Mary and their second daughters Julia. Eugene died in 1898 but we have not been able to secure his death info. Does this "ring a bell" with anyone?

From: sas***capecod.net
I have Cullen family but not sure if any relation. Please, let me know if you find any connection - I am trying to find my Cullen family but so far I can only find "Ireland" written on death and birth certificates in US. Hoping you can help me find some more direction. Who knows, we may be related. Please, see my info following:

Husband: Thomas Dolan
Wife: Mary E./Ann Cullen
Birth: Place: Ireland
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1. F Child: Mary A. Dolan
Birth: Circa 1867 Place: Ireland
Death: 26 Nov 1923 Place: 785 Main St, Malden, MA age 56 of orticregurgitation.
Burial: Place: St Patrick's,Stoneham, MA USA John Hickey informant
Religion: Catholic
Spouse: Thomas P. Hickey
Marriage: 24 Nov 1885 Place: Wakefield, MA by Rev. Patrick J. Hall

1. John Francis (2) Hickey
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Birth Date: 14 Jun 1888
Birth Place: Wakefield, MA USA ( informant F.S.Hartshorne)#48
Death Date: 11 Apr 1927
Death Place: Taunton,MA USA ( age 39yrs 9months28days)
Burial Place: St. Joseph's Cemetary,Taunton, MA
Occupation: letter carrier
Religion: "strict" Roman Catholic said Frances Hickey Sparkes

Spouse: Mary Anna #7 Roma
Birth Date: ? 29 Sep 1889
Birth Place: Halifax(W. Chezzetcook)Nova Scotia, Canada child #7
Death Date: 27 Jun 1949
Death Place: Taunton, MA USA-9 Kilton Street-age59
Burial Place: St. Joseph's Cemetary
Spouse Father: John/Jean Roma (1855-)
Spouse Mother: Isabelle Breau

Children: Frances Alice
Mary Margaret
Martha M.
Dorothy Louise

From: 1bubba***gisco.net

From: aesjenni***aol.com
I am searching for information on Patrick Cullen. As the story goes, he came from Ireland in the early to mid 1800's. He traveled with his brothers and wife, coming to Canada, then to America. He later settled in Johnstown or Wilmore, PA. (Located near Pittsburg.)He had seven children. (Margaret, William, John, Charles S., Andrew D., Melinda Catherine, and Arthur Henry.) His son Arthur Henry, born in 1848, married Mary Litizinger. Together they had three children. (Gertrude A., Arthur Patrick, and William Henry.)Arthur Henry died somewhere between 1900 & 1920.

William Henry Cullen was born in 1878. He married Charlotte Ellen Leap. She was born in 1880. They had five children.(Martin Arthur, Verda, Joseph Charles, Helen Elizabeth, and Ruth.) Willian died in 1958, and Charlotte in 1929.
Martin Arthur was born in 1900. He married Bertha Marie Long. Bertha was born in 1904 and died in 1966. Martin died in 1968.

These are my great-grandparents. If you have any information about Patrick, Gertrude or Arthur Patrick Cullen, or possibly his brothers that came with him. Please e-mail me.

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