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Co Wexford, Ireland

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Another site for Cullen genealogy in County Wexford

The Cullen Geneological History Page

run by Rob Cullen of Aukland, New Zealand.

From: Kevin.Cullen***cit.com
For your information:

The Cullens of Tullaroan and Freshford, Kilkenny, Waterford, New York and London

From: burkek5***tcnj.edu
I am also looking for members of the Cullen family. I have a little bit of information on John Cullen, from Cork (?).

According to my records, John Cullen (April 28, 1832 - Aug. 15, 1900) came over from Ireland in 1853, and married Honorah Moore (April 11, 1844 - March 17, 1898) in Rockville, Conn (Sept. 2, 1860). They then had a son, Michael John Cullen (Aug. 28, 1867 - Feb. 23, 1922), from which I can trace my roots. Does anyone have any information about the earlier members of the Cullen family? I would love to go earlier than John Cullen, but all my records stop there.

From: goodidea123***comast.net
I would love to find Betty (Elizabeth) Cullen from Wexford. She was born around 1930, and moved to Dublin at about 18 years of age. She took care of me from the time I was born until I was nine. She had a boyfriend named Seamus and, I think, probably married him. I loved Betty and have thought of her often through the years.

Thank you very much!

From: stanandcarole***sympatico.ca
Am trying to research a Thomas Collins or Cullen who migrated to Nova Scotia, Canada in the mid-1800's... ANY direction would be greatly appreciated. Carole.

From: eileengr***optonline.net
My great grandmother was Johanna Carroll. My Johanna Carroll was born in Wexford Town . She had sisters and 1 brother and was born in 1835. While she is not your relative, I would bet she is related. One of her uncles was probably Michael Carroll. My great grandmother was probably named after the same relative as yours or mine was named after your Johanna. I will keep an eye out for the relationship and if I find anything I will let you know.
The Carrolls were fishermen, mariners and lightshipmen in Wexford.

See the post by mickandjanet***dellcorner.fsnet.co.uk regarding a Johanna Cullen of Ballycullane, Co Wexford. Possibly emigrated to US to Detroit, Michigan.

From: fdewitt***wideopenwest.com
Iím searching for information about a Francis Thomas Cullen or Thomas Francis Cullen born about 1825, probably, Dunganstown, Wexford, Ireland. Married to an Ellen Deversey, or perhaps Deveraux also born about 1825. They had at least one son, William Francis Cullen (1844-1925) born in Ireland emigrated in 1850 to America, possibly Canada where he married a Johanna Carroll ( 1845-died between 1881-1899 ) on May 15, 1866 Brantford, Ontario. She also was born in Ireland to her parents Michael Carroll and Mary Daley. After Johanna died William (54) was shown in the 1900 Census boarding at 376 Brooklyn Ave. Detroit, Wayne, MI. with a younger William A. Cullen (20) and a Patrick J. Kelly (35) at the home of Mary Charlton (64) and her daughter Elizabeth Putrow. William then married Katherine Brickman and they had a son William Cullen who became a priest and missionary. - Frank Cullen DeWitt.

From: scn_hemma***hotmail.com
I'm looking for information on my grandfather's family in Wexford and have hit a bit of a brick wall. My grandfather, Thomas Joseph Cullen, was born in Duncormick in 1889 and emigrated to NY in 1909. This is what I know of his family:

Father: John Cullen (dob unknown)
Mother: Johanna Murphy (dob unknown)
They were married in 1884 in Rathangan Parish. As far as I know they remained in Ireland. They may have also had a daughter named Marg but I am not certain of this.

Paternal Uncle: James Cullen (b 1869)
Emigrated to NY in about 1885. Married Margaret Crowley (b. 1871) in Ireland in 1890. My grandfather lived with his Uncle James upon his arrival and until his marriage in 1929. Margaret's brother Daniel Crowley also emigrated to NY in about 1904.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

From: Kalp146***hvc.rr.com
Once again I am hoping that one of my wife's relatives, cousins that are still in Wexford, Ballyconnigar, can contact me to further the research that I've conpleted on the ancestors that immigrated to the US so many years ago. My wife's oldest ancestor: Michael Joseph Cullen, Ballyconnigar, Co Wexford.

From: Kalp146***hvc.rr.com
I am researching a CULLEN family which, as I am informed by my uncle, Thomas J.V.Cullen, originated in Ballyconigher (spelling?) Co. Wexford. The family has farmed for many years here and one descendant reportedly still remains, John (?).

The Cullen patriarch had four children:

I am searching for the remaining Cullens or ANY INFORMATION (dates,etc) regarding this family, and the PARENTS, or other ancestors. My Cullens are US descendants of Michael.

Update: Recently, a family member photographed a stone monument at Ballyconnigar, Co. Wexford. A scan of the photo has been forwarded and will soon be available here. The monument is supposed to belong to a Cullen family related to the family above. The inscription reads:

Erected by Thomas Cullen
In Memory of his Wife
Margaret Cullen
Died 20'th Nov. 1885 Aged 60 Yrs.
Also the above Thomas Cullen
Died 4'th Sept. 1894 Aged 88 Yrs.
Also Bridget Cullen
Died 27'th Dec. 1916 Aged 10 Yrs.
Also Patrick Cullen
Died 12'th Oct. 1928 Aged 20 Yrs.
Also John Cullen
Died 22'nd Dec. 1928 Aged 74 Yrs.
Also his Wife Margaret
Died 22'nd Aug. 1945 Aged 74 Yrs.
Also Michael Cullen
Died 19'th March 1982 Aged 79 Yrs.

From: Twinmummy3***aol.com
In response to some of the earlier posts regarding the unusual name of ANASTASIA CULLEN, I can confirm that one of my relatives had this name. She was my nans sister and she died some thirty years ago.
My Nan is still living, her name is ANNA CULLEN and she was born one of 10 children in January 1915 (she would have been the youngest) in Enniscorthy, Co Wexford.
We are currently putting our family tree together, so the link with the ANASTASIA name is very interesting!

From: rcullen***peterboro.net
I just read in the Return of Owners of Land ----- Simon Cullen 1876 - no address. Does anyone know about his ancestors or relatives? Thank you.

From: scullentsm***attbi.com
Re: B1623***aol.com My Grandfathers name was James Cullen and he was born in in 1891 and he had a brother named Hugh. I have been trying to do some genealogy searches to findout who my Grandfathers father was. My Grandfather lived in Lafayette Co. in southwest Wisconsin which is about 200 miles from Chicago.

From: mickandjanet***dellcorner.fsnet.co.uk
I am trying to research my fathers family history and I have the following info which I need to verify.

Fathers given name-John Cullen,b 23/10/1904, Ballycullane, Wexford.
Parents- mother -Johanna Cullen, father- not known.

The 1901 Census shows only one Johanna aged 18, the daughter of Patrick Cullen, widower, of Ballycullane. A Johanna Cullen arrival recorded at Ellis Island 16/9/1906 aged 24, to stay with her brother William Cullen at Brooklyn Ave, Detroit, USA. William arrived in the USA in 1897 and returned to Ireland in 1909 where he married Catherine and had four children; Edmond, Ellen, William, Margaret. He then returned to the USA to stay with his sister Johanna Cullen who now resided at Lakeshore Road, Detroit. Help required to establish if I am on the right track.

From: peter***cousinsfamily.fsnet.co.uk
I am looking for information on Mary Cullin born abt 1800 she married Richard Cousins born abt 1799 of Kilbraney Wexford. They married at Newbawn Wexford on the 24 February 1821. Thank you.

From: jfcullen***prodigy.net
Looking for a John Cullen, b Enniscorthy, CO Wexford 1NOV1812, he was probably accompanied to the USA by a brother, Martin. They ended up in Illinois. John married in Peoria, Ill to a Helen Amelia (Hickey. Townsend) Heaton on December 27, 1856 and subsequently moved to to Iowa. John is my great-grandfather. He is buried in Edmond, Oklahoma as is his wife, Helen. Thanking you in advance for any relevant info.

From: amelliott007***optushome.com.au
I am desperately trying to find out about my family. My great grandmother Margaret Cullen was born 21 April 1870 in Wexford. Her parents were Thomas Cullen and Marcella McCann. I am trying to find details on Margarets marriage to (James?) Coleman in about 1890s. The couple had 12 children, and Bernard James Coleman (my grandfather), came to Australia, sometime before 1927. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanx.

From: diastile***verizon.net
Looking for parents names of Mary Cullen b. abt 1810 in Monomalin, County Wexford, Ireland, married Lewis Weadock/Waddick in 1842 in Wexford and died on October 11, 1876 in St. Mary's Auglaize County, Ohio USA.

From: eustica***netscape.net
Michael Cullen, b. abt. 1820, declared in his naturalization papers that he immigrated from Wexford from the port of New Ross to the port of Buffalo, NY, arriving in June, 1851. His brother-in-law Martin Donaghue, b. abt. 1832, declared that he immigrated in August of 1951 from and to the same ports. They applied for naturalization on the same day in the county of Jo Daviess, Illinois.

From: B1623***aol.com
I am reseaching my grandparents, PATRICK CULLEN B-1863, married MARY GALLAGHER b-1868 or 1869, emigrated to U.S. in 1896 to ILLINOS.They traveled with four children, John age 7, James age 5, William age 3, Patrick age 1 yr. 6 mo., and Mary age 11 mo.. They had 3 more children in Chicago,ILL. Hugh b-1898, Frank b-1905, and John J. b-1903. Any information to relatives in Ireland would be appreciated.

From: bsand***creative-net.net
I am researching Elizabeth Proudfit and her husband Thomas Sinnott Cullin born 15 Apr 1837 in Wexford Ireland. Thomas died 21 Aug 1913 in Atchison County Missouri. I am looking for any information on his parents Edward Cullin and Catherine Sinott.

From: LoisWescott050***webtv.net
I would like to know more about the Cullen history. My Great grandfather's name is George William Cullin on my mother's side.

From: peter.cousins***SoftHome.Net
Looking for information on the following families; Cullens who married into the Cousins family. Also looking for information on Mary Culbin or Cullin who married Patrick Cousins about 1815.

ANN COUSINS (d/o PATRICK, s/o RICHARD, s/o RICHARD) was born 1848 in Carrigbyrne, Co Wexford, Ireland, ADAMSTOWN/NEWBAWN parish. She married JOHN CULLEN. He was born in Carrigbyrne, Co Wexford, Ireland, ADAMSTOWN/NEWBAWN parish. Children of ANN COUSINS and JOHN CULLEN are:
i. ANN5 CULLEN, b. 17 December 1868, Carrigbyrne, Co Wexford, Ireland, ADAMSTOWN/NEWBAWN parish.
ii. ELIZABETH CULLEN, b. 01 May 1870.
iii. PATRICK CULLEN, b. 18 March 1874.

1. JOHN COUSINS (the sister of ANN COUSINS above) was born 1846 in Kilbraney. He married ANASTASIA CULLEN.
i. MARY JANE5 COUSINS, b. 29 October 1864, Crossabeg Wexford; m. UNKNOWN.
ii. JOHN COUSINS, b. 18 July 1866, Crossabeg Wexford.
iii. MARGARET COUSINS, b. 22 June 1868, Crossabeg Wexford; m. UNKNOWN.

From: jtcullen***lrbcg.com
This is a list of Cullens from the Return of Owners of Land of one acre and upwards in Ireland - 1876:

From: jtcullen***lrbcg.com
I've come across a bit of information that states there are some old books held by the Cullen family in the old family home in Cullenstown, Co Wexford, that may shed some light on the early Cullen families there. The story goes that the books were once held by a Walter Cullen of Cullenstown. Is anyone familiar with him or the information in the old books?

From: hortonl***execulink.com
My family (The Horton's) came from Co Wexford. The three people who I am searching for are: Samuel Horton, Samuel's wife Cameilla Graham, and their son Nicholas Horton. Samuel and Cameilla Horton also had a daughter who was born and later married in Co Wexford, but relocated with her husband to Dublin. Is anyone able to help?

From: ljnoble***erols.com
Looking for Mary Cullen, who was born in Co Wexford and was married there to James Redmond, also born in Co Wexford. The family emigrated in 1856 with two daughters, Margaret Ann (ggrandmother) and Bridget. They settled in Richmond, Virginia. Other surnames: Noble/s, Holding, Kern, Raulston, Link, Anderson, Atkins, Del Papa, Frediani, Rippon, Nowlan, Redmond, Tyler.

John Cullen of Duncormick was a fluent Irish speaker and nationalist. His father, Walter Cullen (or Cullin) of Duncormick was a noted National Leaguer in the 19'th century. Walter Cullen died January 4, 1849 at the age of 84. Walter's wife Margaret died June 21, 1858 at the age of 80. Both are buried at Bannow. Also buried there is a daughter of John Cullin of Duncormick, Mary Cullin, who died December 30, 1858 at the age of 19.

From: Marmim***aol.com
Jeremiah Cullen b. abt 1802 and wife Catherine b. abt 1812 sailed from New Ross on the ship the Borecy on 12 April 1852. They sailed to Quebec, Canada. Their daughter Mary age 12 at the time was with them. Jeremiah was age 50, Catherine age 40. I know of no other children for them.

By 3 Feb 1857 they are in Bankston, Dubuque Co. Iowa where Mary marries Michael Gilligan.

I would think that there must be others who are related to them who sailed with them or at least who were waiting for them in either Canada or Iowa. I would very much like to find out more about them. I suspect they were from Wexford or someplace very close to New Ross.

Father James A. Cullen, most noted for having founded the Pioneer's Total Abstinence Association (PTAA), was born Oct. 23, 1841 at North St. in New Ross, Co Wexford. He was one of the first pupils of the C.B.N.S. (boy's school) in New Ross. Fr Cullen was ordained in 1864 and appointed curate in Wexford where he introduced the "Christmas Crib". In 1866 he was one of the six founding priests at the House of Missions in Enniscorthy. Specialising in the promotion of temperance, he entered the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) in 1881 and was away in Belgium for two years before returning to Dublin. While in Dublin, Fr Cullen founded the Pioneer's Association on Dec 28, 1898 in the Church of St. Francis Xavier, Gardiner Street Dublin. The movement began with the meeting of four people on Gardiner St. in Dublin. The PTAA survives to this day and recently celebrated its centenary. In its heyday back in the early 1960's, the population of Pioneers in Ireland numbered three quarters of a million people. Fr Cullen remained in Dublin until his death in 1921. Fr James Cullen had a brother, John B. Cullen, who lived in Bawnjames and appears on a list of landowners in 1876. He possessed 477 acres worth over 325pounds. John B. Cullen died in 1923. Many thanks to C.B.N.S., New Ross, for the photo of Fr James Cullen.

From: Lunddahl***post8.tele.dk
I'm looking for information on my gr-gr grandparents, CLEMENT CULLEN & ANASTASIA CAHILL who emigrated from Co Wexford to either Quebec or NFLD in 1828, and then to PEI in 1830. They were farmers, not destitute, as they were able to buy a good-sized farm in Canada - and of course to make the shift after two years in one place. They had several children in Ireland, the oldest of whom, Andrew, my gr-grandfather, was born in 1820.

Someone told me it was customary to name the first boy and girl after the father's parents, the second boy and girl after the maternal grandparents. If so, Clement's father would be ANDREW CULLEN and his mother either Anne, Elizabeth, Ellen, Bridgid or Mary. Anastasia's father would be PATRICK CAHILL, and her mother also one of the above. Clement & Anastasia's children were Andrew, Anne, Ellen, Patrick, Elizabeth, Brigid, Anastasia and Mary.

It has been suggested that the Cullen's had friends, the Pendergasts from Co. Kilkenny, who were already on PEI, which might lead to the area of Co. Wexford bordering Kilkenny. It has also been said that gr-grandpa said his home was near the river Banna.

Looking through the names on the Cullen site, there are many that sound familiar, but never a Clement or an Anastasia - if anybody ever finds either of these, please let me know!

Wexford native Rev. Sylvester Cullen was born at Inch, Blackwater, in 1876. He studied in the Irish College, Paris, and was ordained in 1900. Served for three years as professor of French in St. Peter's College, Wexford, and served as curate in several towns in Co Wexford. Fr Cullen was appointed Parish Priest of Our Lady's Island , succeeding Rev. Robert Fitzhenry who died in 1928. Fr. Cullen was also a playwright and musician. He was responsible for the opening of the present cemetary in Our Lady's Island in 1932. Rev. Cullen died in May of 1941. Several Cullins are buried in the cemetary at Our Lady's Island: John Cullin, who died Feb 14, 1836 at the age of 34; his wife, Elizabeth, who died Nov 11, 1797 at the age of 39; Saragh (Walsh) Cullen, who died May 6, 1814 at the age of 28; and Margaret (Mashford) Cullin, who died Feb 1, 1875 at the age of 40.

Murtagh Cullen, born 1835 in Wexford town, Co Wexford. He was the son of Edward Cullen and Mary Codd. Murtagh also had two sisters; Kate and Mary Anne born about 1862 (Research in progress).

From the Reportorium Novum by Peadar MacSuibhne we read that the name Keogh and Kehoe are the same families. Early relatives of Cardinal Paul Cullen (1803-1878) married into this family. According to the author, the Kehoe (Keogh) families of Rathvindon, Park, Orchard, and Bagenalstown (Muine Bheag) all trace back to an origin in Carrigbeg, near Gormana.

From: wendling***telusplanet.net
I am a descendant of the Cullen family (my grandmother was a Cullen, born in St. John's, NFLD, Canada). I believe my gggrandfather was born in Fethard, County Wexford, Ireland, about 1795. He arrived in Newfoundland as a young man, I believe, and was married there in 1822 to Ann Barnes. I don't know who his parents were, but as his first son was named John, this may be a clue.
Married, 5 Sept 1822 James Cullen of Fethard Co. Wexford to Ann Barnes of St. John's.
Does the name Kough (keogh?) show up in any of your records. James Cullen was a supporter (political) in 1832, 1836. There is a record that Mary Cullen (1790-18?) daughter of James Cullen married Pat Kough (1777-1865) of Tintern, Wexford. Mary's sister Margaret died at Pat Kough's house in 1842 and a brother William (1806-1839) died at Pat Kough's house.

Dr John Mannion shows Nicholas Cusack, who was a witness to James Cullen and Mary Morrison's marriage in 1839, was a Waterford merchant. This kind of ties in my James Cullen to the Waterford connection Mannion mentions. He suggested there were two James Cullen's - and in fact, I think there were. The first James Cullen might have been the father of the 2nd James Cullen or at least a relative.

From: lynne***mersinet.co.uk
I am researching the Cullen family and mine ended up in Liverpool. Does anyone have a Henry Conrad Cullen whos father was William. Henry married Sarah Maguire (her father reputed to be warden at Wexford jail). Henry was born in London and was suppose to be a lighter-man on the Thames.Does anyone have a Conrad in their tree as the next three generations were called Henry Conrad Cullen.

From: DBenth***aol.com
Mary Ellen Cullen Born: October 1877 in Co. Wexford, Ire. Died: June 1968 in Milwaukee, WI. Married: June 1899 in Milwaukee, WI to Stephen Morrissey.

Her parents were John Cullen and Ann Stafford, no other data. Her brothers were:
I'm looking for more info on Mary's parents and brothers.

From: jfroache***sympatico.ca
My gg grandfather was John Roach (b. 1815 0r 17) originally of Co. Wexford, later of Sheehan's Lane (now Forest Rd.) in St. John's, Newfoundland and then Middle Cove, NF (after 1846). He bought land from the Delaney family there and received a grant in 1848.

His wife was JANE m.s. CULLEN (1814-1880) also from Co. Wexford and buried in the RC Cemetery in Torbay. Cannot connect Jane with her family of origin in either Ireland or Canada. Anyone???

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