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HomepageCullens of Eastwood,
family history collections of Cliff Cullen and Dorothy Dowgray (Aukland, NZ)
and David Cullen (Northampton, UK)

We start with Thomas Cullen m. Elizabeth Flinders 04feb1729 at Grantham, Lincs. Elizabeth died in 1733 and Thomas married again, to Anne Pinde(o)r (1694-1736). Thomas mentions his wife Alice in his will, so he married a third time. Alice died 1776. The children of Thomas were all ch at Upton by Southwell (hereafter UBS):

Concerning son John b.1732 d.1805. In his father Thomas' will, a trustee is named - Mary Bailey. John would later marry her on 05oct1776 at UBS. There is no death record for Mary Bailey but John married again to Mary Tow on 07aug1777 at UBS. Their children (all ch UBS):

Concerning son Benjamin b.1747. He married Sarah Standley on 28jan1770 at Nott St. Nicholas. Sarah was born 1749. Their children were:

Concerning Benjamin b.1788 d.1857. He married Esther Ash on 25dec1811 at Lenton. Esther was ch 18jan1784 Sheffield Cathedral St. Peter York to Joseph and Edna Ash. The children of Benjamin and Esther were:

Concerning Nathaniel b.1788 d.1850. He married Sarah Lees on 25dec1808 at Old Radford. Their children were:

Concerning Benjamin b.1816. He married a cousin, Mary Anne Cullen, who was ch at Rolleston on 20dec1818. She died in 1860. Three children I know of here are Benjamin (ch.06oct1850 at Eastwood), Isabella Esther (ch.06mar1853 at Eastwood), and George Henry (1845-1915).

Concerning George Henry Cullen b.1845. He was in the grocery business (see Benjamin below) and later helped establish the Mansfield House Drapery business. He also ran a cinema and other ventures (some imaginative, some impractical) His wife was named Lucy (1836-1904). They lived in Somerset before moving to Eastwood. They had two children. One was Florence 'Flossie' (1879-1924). Flossie at one time was a nurse and cared for the mother of the English author D.H.Lawrence. Mr. Lawrence took a liking to Flossie and her family and included them in some of his works. 'The Lost Girl' is a recreation of 'Flossie'. The Cullen family, Flossie's husband George in particular, did not care for the liberties that Mr. Lawrence took with the family name in his writings. Flossie was married to George Hodgkinson and they had one son and one daughter.

Also concerning Benjamin b.1816. He established, with the help of his cousin, the B & T Grocery store in Eastwood in 1845. This cousin was Thomas Cullen who was born on 04aug1823 at Rolleston and died 02sep1865. The building, though now a branch of Barclay's Bank, still stands on the corner of Mansfield and Nottingham Roads in Eastwood. The deeds of the lease until 1892 were in Benjamin's name and at that time the business was moved to Church Street.

An old woodcut of an advertisement for the B&T Cullen Grocery

Modern view of the B&T Cullen Grocery, now Barclay's, courtesy Dorothy Dowgray

Concerning the cousin of Benjamin who was a partner in the grocery business (this is where the location of Averham comes in); Thomas Cullen (1823-1865). Here's his family:
John Cullen m. Isabella Clarke on 08apr1813 at Averham. They had five children that I know of:

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