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HomepageWilliam Cullen born 1836
Averham, Nottinghamshire
from the current family members in Lincolnshire, UK

Take a good look at this photograph... His name is William Cullen, born about 1835 at Averham, Upton by Southwell (Easthorpe), Nottinghamshire. In May of 1860 he moved to Lincolnshire and married Elizabeth Wilson. From the family information it seems likely that William is related to my line of Cullens . He also has the physical traits common to my Cullen family. Below are portions of letters from a family descended from William providing further information. As the family connections are worked out, this page will be updated and reformatted.

Extracts of Letters from the Family of William

"According to what my grandfather Richard Cullen told about his father William, he was one of the last of the 'Climbing Boys'. He married in 1860 in Lincoln into another family of sweeps. Then 4 of his children and a grandchild became sweeps. On his marriage to Eliza Wilson he said his father was called William and was a sawyer.

Our William was born around 1835. According to the 1841 Census, he was 6 years old, so I am also interested in the William Cullens in Ireland about that time period.

We have searched at Averham, Upton by Southwell (Easthorpe). This is where William says he was born.

William Cullin born 1836 Easthorpe, Southwell, Notts.
1841 Census for Easthorpe (Southwell)
William 6 years
Jane 2 years (possibly sister)
Hannah 25 years (possibly mother)
William 60 years (possibly grandfather)
Hannah 60 years (possibly grandmother)

1851 Census for Nottingham - Besthorpe.
William Cullin 16 years working as a groom.

May 1860
William arrived at Lincoln and married Eliza Wilson at Portland Place (Non Conformist) High Street. We have a copy of the marriage certificate. He says his fathers name was William, and he was a sawyer. Eliza's father, John Wilson was a chimney sweep but deceased. They all lived at No. 2 Hewsons Yard, St. Benedicts Lincoln.

Children of William and Eliza Cullin:

Fanny, George, Harry, Thomas, Jack, Billy, Frank, Richard (my grandfather), Mary-Ann, Lisa, Charlotte and Ginny.

George, Thomas, Jack, and Richard (4 sweeps): (According to the present family, George was married to Mary Eliza Ablewhite and had five children. George was a sweep for a short while and later started his own business in Lincoln as a cab proprietor with horse drawn wedding and funeral carriages, a business carried on by some of his children up until 1980.)

We think in the 1841 Census this is our William but so far we are unable to find any trace of the elderly couple. William and Hannah of 60 years or Hannah of 25 years (who could have been his mother) or Jane of 2 years.

We know the name was spelt as Cullin until after 1860 when William registered his daughter Fanny and it was put down as CULLEN.

I still think William belonged to the William and Hannah (both 60) at Easthorpe, Southwell in 1841. Probably Hannah (25) was his mother."

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