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HomepageCullens of Brant Broughton
Lincolnshire, England
From the family history collections of Cliff Cullen (Aukland, NZ)
and David Cullen (Northampton, UK)

One branch of the Cullen family was established by Gervase Cullen who was born in 1777 in Nottinghamshire and then relocated to Lincolnshire about 1802, after his marriage to Mary Horner on Jan 30, 1801. Gervase also had a brother Thomas Cullen who was Mayor of Nottingham in 1852 and had some flats named after him. Finding the parents of Gervase has proven to be difficult. It is most likely that he was the son of the John Cullen who married Mary Bailey (2'nd; Mary Tow) though their son Gervase was christened May 24, 1778 (birth date unknown). There was a Gervase Cullen christened to another John and Mary Cullen at Averham on Jun 8, 1777 which agrees with the above year. The research done by John F. Atterton tends to disagree, favoring the family of John and Mary Cullen at Upton by Southwell. It should be mentioned that there were at least two and maybe three families at the same time in the same general area with parents 'John and Mary Cullen'. It seems likely also that both of the possible families can be traced back to a common ancestor anyway. Here are the details on some of the Cullen families of Brant Broughton beginning with Gervase and Mary (Horner) Cullen.

Gervase Cullen married Mary Horner on Jan 30, 1801 at Brant Broughton, Lincs. He died in 1848. From the Mormon IGI and from research done by the descendants of this family, the following children can be named:

Millicent married into the Smalley family on Jan 20, 1831. Elizabeth married Robert Pidd of Leadenham on Nov 27, 1834. This marriage brings in another related family - that of the Longs. Lucy Cullen is said to have married a William Franklin on Mar 4, 1834.

Following is information on the families of the sons of Gervase and Mary Cullen:

Gervase Cullen, son of Gervase and Mary Cullen

Gervase was christened Sep 6, 1801 at Upton by Southwell, Notts to parents Gervase and Mary Cullen. About 1802 the family relocated to the area of Brant Broughton in Lincolnshire. In 1836 Gervase (1801-Nov 13, 1855) was married to Ann Spray (1813-Oct 8, 1877). Their children, from family research and the Mormon IGI were:

Gervase b.1846 married Ann Rhodes and had 7 girls and 2 boys. John S. Cullen moved to Sheffield in later years and was married to Susan Whitton. John is the grandfather of David Whitton Cullen, whos family research has helped tremendously in sorting out the various branches of Cullen families in Lincolnshire. Sarah Cullen married into the Taylor family.

John Cullen, son of Gervase and Mary Cullen

John was born Jul 15, 1808 in Norfolk but was christened on Aug 21 in Brant Broughton. On May 27, 1834 John married Penninah Ellis at Brant Broughton. Penninah was born 03Aug1810 in England and died 18Feb1879. John died in 1884. The children were, according to family history and the IGI, all born at Brant Broughton:

The marriage between Anne Cullen and Francis Fincham produced a daughter, Fanny Fincham, born Jan 9, 1857 at Newark, Nottinghamshire. Fanny Fincham (1857-1919) was married in 1873 to William Atterton (1847-1903). William and Fanny's first son was John Francis Atterton (born 1878 Grantham, Lincs.), the John F. Atterton whose genealogical work concerning the Cullen families of Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, England, and Co Leitrim, Ireland, has made much of this site possible. See the following page for more information on the Atterton Family of Lincolnshire.

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