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Lincolnshire, England

George Cullen, farmer of Upton, Nottinghamshire, descended from the line of the Rud Fathers, was married to Elizabeth Leeson of Doddington, Co Lincolnshire, on Apr 14, 1712 in Nottinghamshire. It is suspected that he relocated to Lincolnshire where he had two sons christened at Westborough in 1719; George and Gervase. Gervase it seems married Anne Manners on May 21, 1745 at Averham, Notts and returned to Westborough. The children were:
The following is the available information on the children of Gervase and Anne Cullen. For more detailed information on the family of Thomas Cullen, son of Gervase & Anne Cullen, please see the Cullens of Dry Doddington page.

George Cullen, son of Gervase and Anne Cullen

George Cullen, of Great Gonerby, Lincolnshire, married Dorothy Pickworth on Aug 29, 1786 at Great Gonerby. This family is notated by John F. Atterton. The known children are (all christened at Great Gonerby):

Mary Cullen married Francis Green Jan 4, 1808 at Great Gonerby; Richard Cullen married Mary Robinson Nov 13, 1821 at Great Gonerby; John Cullen married Elizabeth Singleton on Dec 8, 1829 at Great Gonerby; it is likely that William Cullen married Alice Wormersley on Apr 23, 1822 at Great Gonerby.

Family of Richard and Mary (Robinson) Cullen:
There is no family for Richard and Mary in England since they departed the country in 1822 on board the Emulous, bound for America. Along on the trip were: Richard (age 24), wife Mary (age 20), and brother Thomas (age 20). Nothing more is known of this family.

Family of John and Elizabeth (Singleton) Cullen:
John Cullen, of Great Gonerby, married Elizabeth Singleton on Dec 8, 1829 at Great Gonerby. Three children are known (all christened at Great Gonerby):

Family of William and Alice (Wormersley) Cullen:
William Cullen married Alice Wormersley on Apr 23, 1822 at Great Gonerby. Their first child Sarah was christened in 1823 at Great Gonerby but the remaining children were all christened at Grantham. The remaining children were:

Thomas Cullen, son of Gervase and Anne Cullen

Thomas Cullen (1764-1848), married Mary Gilbert (1770-1847) on Jul 30, 1799 at Westborough cum Doddington. Full details for this family are found on the Cullens of Dry Doddington page. Four children of Thomas & Mary Cullen are known:

Jane married Edward Pidd (of Marston) on May 15, 1820 at Westborough. William is believed to have married Elizabeth Beedham (1811-1889) in 1831 at Westborough.

William Cullen, son of Gervase and Anne Cullen

This William Cullen has been difficult to track down but it is believed that he was married to Anna (or Susannah) Bensby (or Bescoby) on Aug 29, 1782 at Lincoln, St. Mary Magdalene. There are five known children, all christened at Lincoln, St. Mary LeWigford:

Elizabeth (of Bracebridge) married on May 21, 1811 to George Totnbee; Anne (of Bracebridge) married on Oct 30, 1810 to John Tindale; Frances (of Bracebridge) married John Fisher on May 29, 1810 at Bracebridge. Robert likely married Sarah Simpson on Sep 30, 1822 at Grantham. Nothing is known for certain about Richard.

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