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Note: If you wish to search the Cullen Genealogy Homepage specifically, type your keyword in the above box, type a space, then type site:members.bex.net/jtcullen515   ( you may copy this from here ), then click the Search Button. Your search results will pop up in a new window. Since I've only been at bex.net since Dec25, there will be no search results until Ixquick's search engines catch up with the site move which will take a couple weeks to a month. Until then, use   site:www.lrbcg.com/jtcullen   to narrow your search and note the specific page of a hit which will indicate on which page of the new site your hit can be found. The URL will have to be typed in manually in this case. To search the entire web, simply enter your keyword(s) and press the Search Button.

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