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HomepageCullen: Parish of Tynagh
Co. Galway, Ireland
Jann Callaghan Cullen

Thanks again to Jann Callaghan Cullen for these record transcriptions from the parish records of St. Laurence's Catholic Church, Tynagh Parish, Diocese of Clonfert, Co. Galway, Ireland. The original source is the LDS Microfilm #1279215, Items #19 to #23. Below are tables of the transcribed data for the birth and marriage records. No death records were kept. Transcription from microfilm images is a very challenging task and many years of these records are either missing or unreadable.

You may also want to visit Callaghan-Cullen.com, Jann's website for the Dagg Families of Canada. A mega-repository Resource site on the DAGG families of Canada - mainly emigrants from Northern Tipperary. This is a shared research site which includes over 20 contributed Family Trees as well as a ton of original research records, both from Canada and Ireland. More than 50 Dagg researchers are involved.

Cullen Family Marriage Records

The marriage records for the years 1854 to 1857 are unreadable due to discoloration. Marriage records from 1863 to 1874 are missing. Notes: (1) of Nutgrove. (2) of Portumna.

Name of GroomName of BrideYear of MarriageMonth/Day of MarriageWitnesses
Denis CullenHonor Conway1813Feb/25Pat ConwayPat Cullen
Patrick CullenMary Whelan1814Feb/21Denis CullenMick Whelan
Mick LowryMary Cullen1816Aug/13Charles CullenMrs. Cullen
David HolohanNelly Cullin1820Feb/07Charles CullenJohn Whelan
John Conry?Winnifred Cullin1824Sep/26Pat WhiteCharles Cullen
Thomas ManionMargaret Cullin1833Jan/26Timothy KeaneEdmund Cullen
John CullunBridget Cavanaugh1834Aug/25Bryan Roghan?Patrick Cavanaugh
Thomas HoganEllen Cullen(1)1852Feb/09Martin CampbellAnna Whelan
Bryan O'HaraBridget Cullen(1)1853Jan/27Edward O'HaraAnne Mooney
Edward Dillon(2)Mary Cullen1862Jul/03Thomas DillonBridget McDay

Cullen Family Baptism Records

Latin entries have been translated and are presented in their Anglicized form. The spelling 'Cullin' was often used interchangebly with 'Cullen'. The following Baptism dates are noted as missing from the St. Laurence records: 1842 to 1846; 1864 to 1874. For more information on this family line, please contact Jann Callaghan Cullen, at jann@callaghan-cullen.com

LastFirstYearM/DM/DFather's NameMother's NameSponsorSponsor
CULLENBridget1816Nov/13-Patrick CullenMary WhelanAnthony DevineBridget Whelan
LOWRYJane1817May/27-Mick LowryMary CullenCharles CullenWinnifred Cullen
CULLENMalachy1818Oct/04-Denis CullenHonor ConwayJames DonnellyBridget Donnelly
CULLENMary1819Mar/27-Patrick CullenMary WhelanJohn NugentMargaret Fahy
HOLOHANHonor1819Oct/05-David HolohanNelly CullenMichael Dolan?Anne Cair?
CULLENPatrick1821May/20-Denis CullenHonor ConwayPatrick ConwayMary Conway
CULLENPatrick1822Mar/14-Denis CullenMary ConwayJohn NugentHonor Conway (sic)
CULLENDenis??1824Sep/09-Denis CullenHonor ConwayMichael NevinBridget Donnelly
CULLENEleanor1824Oct/03-Patrick CullenMary WhelanDenis CullenMary Whelan
CULLENJohn1827Apr/16-Patrick CullenMary WhelanMichael CullenMary Cullen
CULLENMichael1829Mar/21-Patrick CullenMary WhelanMichael MitchellHonor Colgan
CULLENAnne1829Apr/02-Denis CullenHonor ConwayMartin McDonaghPeggy Conway
CULLENThomas1831Jan/29-Patrick CullenMary WhelanPeter Brennan?Nelly Whelan
MANION???1833Dec/24-Thomas ManionMargaret CullenJames CullenCathy Bohan
MANIONMag1835Sep/06-Tom ManionMag CullenJohn CarrHonor Cullen
CULLENBid1838Feb/02-Ned CullenEliza BurkeJames HoranKathy Burke
CULLENMag1840Feb/15-Edw'd CullenEliza BurkeJohn DonelanAnn Agnes Donelan
CULLENWinifred1851Mar/14Mar/11Edward CullenEliza BurkeMick BurkeMaria Delahunt
CULLENJohn1856May/21May/18John CullenCatherine KirwanJames KirwanMary Kirwan
CULLENPatrick (twin)1859Mar/22Mar/21John CullenCatherine KirwanMichael BurkeBridget Burke
CULLENMary (twin) 1859Mar/22Mar/21John CullenCatherine KirwanPatrick CullenMary Kirwan
CULLENBridget1864-Jan/31John CullenCatherine KirwanTimothy KirwanBridget McDonagh
CULLENAnnie1880Dec/12Nov/29John CullenEllen BrehonyLaurence BrehonyBridget Brehony
CULLENEllen1883Nov/11Nov/04John CullenEllen BrehonyThomas HickeyBridget Broderick
CULLENMargaret1886Feb/07Jan/31John CullenEllen BrehonyLaurence BrehonyMrs. J. Brehony
CULLENAgnes Mary1891Jun/06May/28John CullenEllen BrehonyJohn HoganMrs. Hogan
CULLENFrank1893Jun/10Jun/03John CullenEllen BrehonyThomas CullenAgnes Brehony
CULLENJohn1910Sep/30Aug/30Thomas CullenMargaret McDonaghPat Michael McDonaghAgnes Cullen
CULLENJoseph1911Oct/29Oct/25Thomas CullenMargaret McDonaghFrancis CullenHelena Brehony
CULLENMichael Francis1913May/16May/12Thomas CullenMargaret McDonaghPat Joseph CarrAnna Carr
CULLENEdward1914Jun/30Jun/12Thomas CullenMargaret McDonaghPat James RobinsonCatherine Robinson
CULLENMary F.1915Sep/30Sep/15Thomas CullenMargaret McDonaghPatrick Laurence BurkeHelena Cullen
CULLENPatrick (twin)1917Feb/04Feb/02Thomas CullenMargaret McDonaghGeorge Manion Mary McDonagh
CULLENCatherine (twin)1917Feb/04Feb/02Thomas CullenMargaret McDonaghPat Michael McDonaghBridget Burke
CULLENEleanor1918Aug/17-Thomas CullenMargaret McDonaghPat Michael LeahyMary Watson

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