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HomepageCullen Burials
at Upton to 1750
Neil Cullen of Lincolnshire, England

Those of you who are descended from the Cullen families of Upton near Southwell in Nottinghamshire will find this page to be a very valuable resource. Much of this data is completely new; parish register entries prior to 1750 did not all find their way into other sources. We can thank a distant cousin in Lincolnshire for his hard work in transcribing the original Upton parish records for us. The earlier entries, a stylized form of Latin, are especially cryptic. I can personally appreciate how difficult it is to read documents from such early periods and Neil has done an excellent job.

CULLEN Burials at Upton, Nottinghamshire Before 1750

DateNameOther Notes
14 May 1592Margery? Cullen 
? Jun 1610Katherin CullenServant to ..
? Aug 1611Agnes CullenWife of Thomas Husbandman
1 Aug 1624George CullenThomas Husbandman
5 Aug 1628Thomas Cullen 
10 April 1645Richard ColleySon of William & Katheren
13 Jun 1647Sara Cullen(spinster?) was buried
27 Aug 1647Gervase CullenSon of William and Katheren
19 Dec 1652Susanna CullenWidow
25 Nov 1654Susanna CullenDau of George and Mary
27 May 1655Katheren CullenWife of William
20 Jan 1655Sarah CullenDau of John & Frances
16 Feb 1658Garvise CullenSon of Garvise and Katheren
12 July 1662Thomas CullingSon of William & Katheren
24 Dec 1665William CullingeWheelwright
13 Jan 1665Gervase CullingeYeoman
23 July 1666Eliz Culling Dau of John & Frances
2 April 1667Elizabeth CullenDau of George and Mary
14 Jun 1670John CullingSon of George & Mary
22 Jun 1670Mary CullingDau of John & Frances
30 Nov 1672Elizabeth CullingDau of Rh husbandman and Mary
2 Nov 1673Katherine CollyWidow
  Note: George Culling was Church Warden 1680
24 Mar 1680Sarah CullingDau of John yeoman & Frances
11 Jun 1681John Culling 
30 July 1682Sarah CullingDau of Gervas yeoman and Kath(???)
14 Mar 1688Hanah BeaneServant of Gervas Cullen
28 Mar 1689Mary CullenDau of Gervas & Eleanor
16 Oct 1689Jane CollinsonDau of William
7 Nov 1694Elleanor CullenWife of Gervas
14 Jun 1696John Cullen 
18 Feb 1696Susannah CullenDau of George
14 Jan 1698Ann ColinsonWife of Wm Collinson
1 Oct 1699Gervase CullenBaker at Sonthro
1 Jan 1699John CullonsonSon of Gervass a child
12 May 1700Frances CullenWid
7 Mar 1706Mary Cullen 
22 Sept 1707Gorg Cullen 
14 Nov 1708Gervas CullenSenr
29 Nov 1709Eliz CullenWife of Thos Cullen
24 Jan 1709Mary CullenWidow
26 Jun 1715Thomas CullenYeoman
9 July 1717Gervas Cullen(Age 55?) Yeoman 1662-1717
12 Sept 1717Ann CullenWife of William Cullen
27 July 1718Sarah CullenDau of William Cullen
18 Feb 1719Thos CullenSon of Thos & Eliz Cullen
24 July 1722Mary CullenWife of William Cullen
24 July 1722Gervase CullenCottager
23 Aug 1722Ann CullenDau of Gerv & Ann Cullen (Age 16)
21 Oct 1723Ann CullenDau of Thos and Eliz Cullen
5 Nov 1723Sarah CullenDau of Thos and Eliz Cullen
2 Jan 1727Ann CullenWife of William Cullen labourer
9 April 1728William CullenLabourer
20 Jun 1730Geo CullenSon of Theodosia Cullen widow
29 Dec 1733Eliz Cullenwife of Thos Cullen Snr
28 Mar 1736Anne CullenWife of Thos Cullen Snr (Age 42)
2 July 1736Eliz CullenWife of William Cullen
17 Oct 1736George Cullenson of Gervase & Esther Cullen
23 Feb 1736Gervase CullenSon of John Cullen
13 April 1737Thomas CullenSon of John Cullen
29 April 1737Sarah Cullen 
30 Jan 1737Mary CullenIllegit. dau of John & Mary Cullen
16 Feb 1737John CullenFarmer
7 Mar 1737CatherineDau of Widow Cullen
24 Jun 1738Theodosia Cullenwidow
7 Mar 1738Geo CullenSon of George & Esther
12 Mar 1738ElizDau of Thos and Eliz
12 Feb 1739Joseph CullenSon of Wm & Mary
5 Mar 1739Tho CullenSon of Wm & Mary
12 Sept 1743Gervase Cullen 
10 May 1750Gervase Cullen 
(Age) notes from Upton MI records of the NFHS.

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