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HomepageCullen Monument Inscriptions
Co. Wexford, Ireland
extracted from the works of Ian & Brian Cantwell

I have learned that Brian Cantwell has just recently passed away. Brian's work was a labor of love and, in his last years, a race against time. His devotion to the cause and selfless ambition was such that he intended that no one should profit from the volumes of inscriptions compiled by himself and his father Ian Cantwell. Brian felt that the information recovered from the monument inscriptions was an important part of Irish Heritage and should therefore be freely available to all. His attitude on such matters is a shining example of the kind of generosity that the Cullen Genealogy Homepage was founded on. A message from Ian Cantwell offers another online resource: " Your readers may be interested in the recently launched website www.iancantwell.com, which has indexes of surnames, places and occupations from three CDs: Brian J. Cantwell's Memorials of the Dead, Memorials of the Dead Cos. Galway and Mayo, and 1798 Rebellion Claimants and Surrenders. There are plenty of Cullens in the first and last that can be researched on this free online resource. "

Kelly/Collen Ann Feb 9, 1786 Age 63


Loving Memory Of
Died 12 March 1968 Aged 57 yrs
also his Father JAMES
Died 23 July 1968 aged 83 yrs
and his Uncle NICHOLAS JONES
Died 11 March 1954
Died 4 Jan 1974 Aged 84

For more information on this family, visit The Cullen Geneological History Page
The site, run by Rob Cullen, of Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand, concerns the descendants of James Cullen (b.1885 Bannow, d.1968) and Bridget Jones (1890-1974). James Cullen's father was also named James. Descendants are located today in Co Wexford and in New Zealand. Also on the site is a much better image of the above stone.


Photo courtesy of Ron & Josephine Lowe
Erected by Thomas Cullen
In Memory of his Wife
Margaret Cullen
Died 20'th Nov. 1885 Aged 60 Yrs.
Also the above Thomas Cullen
Died 4'th Sept. 1894 Aged 88 Yrs.
Also Bridget Cullen
Died 27'th Dec. 1916 Aged 10 Yrs.
Also Patrick Cullen
Died 12'th Oct. 1928 Aged 20 Yrs.
Also John Cullen
Died 22'nd Dec. 1928 Aged 74 Yrs.
Also his Wife Margaret
Died 22'nd Aug. 1945 Aged 74 Yrs.
Also Michael Cullen
Died 19'th March 1982 Aged 79 Yrs.

Ballyduff RC

Carton/Cullen Catherine Feb 1, 1841 Age 56 Carrigin wife of Patrick.
Carton Laurence Mar 8, 1862 Age 16 son of Patrick.
Carton Patrick ??? 28, 1865 Age 88 husband of Catherine.
Carton Patrick Oct 6, 1865 Age 4 grandson of Patrick.


Rocje (Roche?) William Oct 9, 1872 Age 81 Parish Priest of Ballindaggan.
North side of monument:

Ballyfad RC

Cullen Richard May 26, 1837 Age 52 of Mullawn father of Thomas.
Cullen Thomas Jul 15, 1868 Age 52 son of Richard.
Cullen Patrick Jan 4, 1895 Age 30 son of Thomas.
Cullen Anne Nov 6, 1910 Age 90 wife of Thomas.
Cullen John Jul 3, 1915 Age 60 son of Thomas.
Cullen Mary Jun 4, 1950 Age 78 wife of John.
Cullen Mary Jun 11, 1862 Age 25 daughter of James of Mullawn.
Cullen James May 11, 1872 Age 21 son of James.
Cullen John May 21, 1874 Age 25 son of James.
Cullen Bridget Nov 27, 1835 Age 58 mother of James of Mullawn.
Cullen John Feb 1, 1847 Age 70 of Tinneban husband of Bridget.
McDonald/Cullen Bridget Aug 1845 Age 25 daughter of Bridget Cullen.

Ballygarrett: St. Mary's RC Church

Cullen James Dec 10, 1856 Revd. Parish Priest Ballygarrett.

Camolin RC

Byrne/Cullin Catherine Aug 7, 1838 Age 64 of Ballyhast(?) mother of James of Ballyhast.
Byrne Terence Aug 18, 1847 Age 80 father of James of Ballyhast.

Old Donoughmore, Old

Cullen Pat Jan 13, 184(2?) Age 83 husband of Mary, father of Richard.
Cullen Mary 70 wife of Pat.
Cullen Richard Age 30 or Age 50 son of Pat.
Cullen Bryan Age 59 son of Pat.


Cullen James July 1776 Age 37 grandfather of James & Mary.
Cullin James & Mary grandchildren of James Cullen.

Kilnahue, Old

Cullen Catherine Dec 16, 1839 Age 37 of Toreduff wife of Patrick, mother of Mary & Eliz.
Cullen Mary Apr 1, 1840 Age 11 months daughter of Patrick.
Cullen Elizabeth Apr 24, 1840 Age 18 daughter of Patrick.
Connor/Roche Catherine Jun 16, 1809 Age 59 of Belcarrig wife of Michael.

Leskinfere: St. Luke's Church of Ireland

Cullen Thomas May 3, 1819 Age 46 husband of Mary, father of Richard.

(Parish of a family of Cullens who were stonecutters)

Smyth/Cullen Mary Oct 8, 1858 Age 25 of Motybower wife of James.

Kilmyshall, Old

Doyle/Cullin Maryann Sep 17, 1782 Age 41 Clinch also on this stone.
Clinch Margaret Jan 19, 1809 Age 52 Doyle/Cullin also on this stone.


Cullen Stephen Dec 8, 1859 Age 70 of Ballingree father of Stephen.
Cullen Ellen Feb 26, 1904 Age 68 daughter of Stephen?
Collin Michael Jan 9, 1780 Age 52.


Cullen/Cleary Mary Jan 25, 1837 Age 29 wife of Robert Cullen.


Cullin Walter Jan 4, 1849 Age 84 father of John of Duncormick.
Cullin Margaret Jun 21, 1858 Age 80 mother of John of Duncormick.
Cullin Mary Dec 30, 1858 Age 19 daughter of John of Duncormick.
Cullin Mat. Jun 29, 1786 Age 57.
Cullin ???? Aug 31 1823 Age 57.


Cullen/Byrne Anne Mar 2, 1878 Age 34 wife of Patrick Cullen.

Carrick on Bannow

Window in memory of the Cullin family Lower Bay House, Bannow.
Cullen Andrew Oct 1, 1831 Age 76 of Bannow husband of Margaret.
Cullen/Barry Margaret Jan 7, 1855 Age 71.
Cullen James May 20, 1870 Age 27 grandson of Andrew.
Cullen Mary Jan 21, 1876 Age 72 daughter of Andrew.
Cullen/White Alice Nov 10, 1876 Age 67 daughter-in-law of Andrew.
Cullen Matthew Oct 13, 1877 Age 61 son of Andrew.
Cullen Thomas Sep 1892 Age 18 grandson of 2'nd Andrew?
Cullen Andrew Feb 19, 1895 Age 84 grandfather of Thomas (son of first Andrew?)
Cullin/Coghlan Mary Feb 4, 1829 Age 65 wife of Edward.
Cullin Richard Jun 14, 1830 Age 24 son of Edward.
Furlong/Cullen Eliza Jan 9, 1925 Age 85 of Lackan House, Balyvalden.


Cullin Herbert Dec 21, 1828 Age 48 of Silverspring husband of Catherine.
Cullin/Downes Catherine Jul 20, 1865 Age 77.
Cullin Elizabeth Jan 20, 1887 Age 63 daughter of Herbert.
Cullin John Aug 21, 1886 Age 78 son of Herbert.
Cullin/Byrne Josephine Feb 26, 1934 Age 33.
Cullen James Jan 10, 1895 Age 65 father of Margaret Mary.
Cullen Margaret Mary Feb 16, 1842 Age 47 daughter of James.
Cullen/Cullen Margaret Apr 5, 1952 Age 85 wife of James.
Cullen Robert April 3, 1973 Age 80.
St Fintan's Church memorials Cullen Josephine Silverspring.

Kilkeevan Kilcavan
Church of Ireland Records

Cullen Charles Apr 1, 1723 not seen by Brian Cantwell - transcribed 1927.
Cullen Edward Apr 2, 1796 Age 48 father of William of Rospile. Not seen By Brian Cantwell.
Cullen John May 7, 1840 son of William.

Our Lady's Island

Cullin/Walsh Saragh May 6, 1814 Age 28.
Cullin Elizabeth Nov 11, 1797 Age 39 wife of John Cullin.
Cullin John Feb 14, 1836 Age 84 husband of Elizabeth. This section of reading taken from old memorials.
Mashford/Culllin Margaret Feb 1, 1875 Age 40 of Bally(larm?).

Rathangan RC

Furlong/Cullin Mary May 31, 1868 Age 58 mother of Walter.


Cullen Edward Esq. Apr 19, 1847 Age 77 of Wexford. Erected by his only and sorrowing child Catherine Eliza Daniel.
Cullen Martha Jul 13, 1832 wife of Edward Esq. and sister of Sir Robt. Brownrigg.
Brownrigg Mary Jane Jul 25, 1834 sister of Sir Robt. Brownrigg


Inside church; Roche Mary Dedication on Votive Lamps Rockview by her son Michael.


Cullin John Mar 19, 1825 Age 33 son of William of Kilmore.
Cullin William Jul 3, 1827 Age 68 father of John.
Rosseter/Cullin Anastasia Mar 7, 1803 Age 77 wife of Richard.


Cullin William Mar 19, ????
Cullin Anne May 19, 1791 Age 63 of Coolraheen.


Cullen: Land for cemetery donated by M.J. & Evelyn Cullen. Please pray for deceased relatives 1981.
Crane/Cullen Celia Jun 9, 1826 Age 64.
Cullin Moses Sep 6, 1809 Age 60 of Nockstown father of Bryan.
Cullin/Ennesy (?Hennessy) Dec 2, 1780 Age 62.
Cullin Walter Jan 20, 1836 Age 70 father of William from Newbawn.
Cullin/Furlong Mary Oct 15, 1807 Age 70 mother of William of Newbawn.
Cullin John Dec 4, 1933 Age 36.

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