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HomepageCullen Births in Co Wexford
From the IGI and Civil Registration
Civil Registration info contributed by Ron Taylor

This information comes from both the records of Civil Registration in Co Wexford, Ireland and from the IGI at the Latter Day Saints Library. Thanks goes out to Ron Taylor for contributing the Civil Registration information from his own site, Ron Taylor's UK Census Finding Aids and Indexes. These two sources compliment one another nicely. Stop by Ron's site and check out what's available; you'll be surprised! In the source column of the below table, IGI indicates the source as the LDS Library while C.R. indicates the source as Civil Registration.

The table below is divided into two sections; one for the surname Cullen, and the other for the surname Cullin and other variations. In each section, the entries are ordered alphabetically by given name.

Surname Cullen
CULLEN,F28 Dec 1871OulartLaurence CULLENBridget BYRNEC.R.
CULLEN,F4 May 1870OulartThomas CULLENCatherine MURPHYC.R.
CULLEN, AliceF19 Oct 1867GoreyBryan CULLENRose DUNNEGANC.R.
CULLEN, AliceF1865ClonrocheJames CULLENAlice BARRYIGI
CULLEN, AliceF7 Apr 1865OulartThomas CULLENCatherine MURPHYC.R.
CULLEN, Alicia PatriciaF15 Mar 1871OulartMathew CULLENMary Anne MURPHYC.R.
CULLEN, AnastaciaF1864BannowJames CULLENMary CLEARYIGI
CULLEN, AnastatiaF29 Jul 1869WexfordEdward CULLENMary ROCHEC.R.
CULLEN, AndrewM13 Feb 1872BannowAndrew CULLENEllen ROACHC.R.
CULLEN, AndrewMMar 1864CarrickbyrneWilliam CULLENCharlotte SUTTONIGI
CULLEN, AnnF27 May 1864EnniscorthyEdward CULLINSophia MURPHYIGI
CULLEN, AnnF21 Jun 1864Old RossJohn CULLENEllen HENNESYIGI
CULLEN, AnneF4 Sep 1869EnniscorthyJames CULLENCatherine HOGANC.R.
CULLEN, AnneF17 Dec 1868ClonrocheJohn CULLENAnne COUSINSC.R.
CULLEN, AnneF16 Oct 1864EnniscorthyJohn CULLENEliza BREENIGI
CULLEN, AnneF22 Jan 1874ClonrocheJohn CULLENMary DOHERTYC.R.
CULLEN, AnneF23 Jun 1867CamolinJohn CULLENMary KEOGHIGI
CULLEN, AnneF11 May 1865OulartLaurence CULLENBridget BYRNEC.R.
CULLEN, AnneF31 Oct 1865CamolinMichael CULLENAnne KANAVANIGI
CULLEN, AnneF3 Apr 1865OulartPhilip CULLENKate BROWNC.R.
CULLEN, Anne ElizaF31 May 1865OulartMathew CULLENMary Anne MURPHYC.R.
CULLEN, AntyF20 Jul 1870OulartJames CULLENMary DOYLEC.R.
CULLEN, BarbaraF8 Jun 1870WexfordRichard CULLENMary LACEYC.R.
CULLEN, BridgetF20 Dec 1865FethardEdward CULLENMary ROGERSIGI
CULLEN, BridgetF6 May 1868OulartFrancis CULLENMargaret FURLONGC.R.
CULLEN, BridgetF20 Feb 1864FethardJames CULLENMary DOYLEIGI
CULLEN, BridgetF8 Mar 1870ClonrocheJames CULLENMary DUNNEC.R.
CULLEN, BridgetF13 Apr 1870EnniscorthyJohn CULLENEliza BREENC.R.
CULLEN, BridgetF10 Jul 1868ClonrocheMichael CULLENAnne DOYLEIGI
CULLEN, BridgetF22 Oct 1869WexfordRichard CULLENAnne Ellen LEARYC.R.
CULLEN, BridgetF1 May 1866New RossThomas CULLENMary KEHOEIGI
CULLEN, BrienM10 Feb 1872Old RossBrien CULLENCatherine DENNC.R.
CULLEN, CatharineF05 Mar 1865Killenagh and WellsEnock CULLENCatharine HOWELLIGI
CULLEN, CatharineF12 Dec 1870ClonrocheJohn CULLENMary DOHERTYC.R.
CULLEN, CatharineF3 Feb 1871ClonrocheTimothy CULLENSarah MURPHYC.R.
CULLEN, CatherinF8 Jun 1865CrossabegThomas CULLENJulyan ROSSITERC.R.
CULLEN, CatherineF4 Oct 1869Old RossAndy CULLENMary LANNENC.R.
CULLEN, CatherineF13 Apr 1864EnniscorthyJames CULLINMary ROCHEIGI
CULLEN, CatherineF18 Jun 1869WexfordJohn CULLENMary WICKHAMC.R.
CULLEN, CatherineF22 Oct 1867OulartMathew CULLENMary Anne MURPHYC.R.
CULLEN, CatherineF20 Feb 1866ClonrocheMichael CULLENAnne DOYLEIGI
CULLEN, CatherineF23 Jun 1867CarrigbyrneMichael CULLENMary MALONEYC.R.
CULLEN, CatherineF1 Jan 1868FethardNicholas CULLENCatherine WALSHC.R.
CULLEN, CatherineF28Feb 1865WexfordRichard CULLENAnne LEARYIGI
CULLEN, CatherineF19 Mar 1874EnniscorthyThomas CULLENAnne DEMPSEYC.R.
CULLEN, CatherineF17 Jan 1868GoreyThomas CULLENEliza KINSELLAC.R.
CULLEN, CatherineF7 Nov 1868CarrigbyrneThomas CULLENElizabeth KELLYC.R.
CULLEN, CharlotteF5 Jun 1870CarrigbyrneWilliam CULLENCharlotte SUTTONC.R.
CULLEN, DarbyM20 Feb 1868ClonrocheMichael CULLENBridget BOWEC.R.
CULLEN, Denis JamesM22 Jul 1867ClonrocheTimothy CULLENSarah MURPHYC.R.
CULLEN, EdwardM19 Jan 1871WexfordEdward CULLENMary ROCHEC.R.
CULLEN, EdwardM3 Apr 1870OulartEdward CULLENMary ROONEYC.R.
CULLEN, EdwardM14 Oct 1864BannowThomas CULLENJohanna JOHNSONIGI
CULLEN, EleanorF20 Mar 1868CarrigbyrneMoses CULLENAnne ROGERSC.R.
CULLEN, ElizaF30 Sep 1868GoreyBryan CULLENRose DONNEGANC.R.
CULLEN, ElizaF13 Jul 1870WexfordJames CULLENMary Anne COGLEYC.R.
CULLEN, ElizaF1 May 1870ClonrocheJohn CULLENAnne COUSINSC.R.
CULLEN, ElizaF19 Sep 1868CamolinMichael CULLENAnne KANAVANC.R.
CULLEN, ElizabethF3 Aug 1871Killenagh and WellsEnock CULLENCatharine HOWELC.R.
CULLEN, ElizabethF26 Sep 1868Old RossJohn CULLENEllen HENNESYC.R.
CULLEN, ElizabethF8 Aug 1866EnniscorthyJohn CULLENMary MURPHYIGI
CULLEN, ElizabethF16 Jul 1869OulartLaurence CULLENBridget BYRNEC.R.
CULLEN, ElizabethF25 Sep 1865CoolgreanyPatrick CULLENElizabeth DEVELINIGI
CULLEN, ElizabethF4 Mar 1872CarrigbyrneThomas CULLENElizabeth KELLYC.R.
CULLEN, ElizabethF19 Jan 1867CarrickbyrneWilliam CULLENCharlotte SUTTONIGI
CULLEN, EllenF27 Sep 1867ClonrocheJames CULLENMary DUNNEC.R.
CULLEN, EllenF25 May 1871Old RossJohn CULLENJohanna SHANNANC.R.
CULLEN, EllenF30 Oct 1866EnniscorthyMichael CULLENMary ROCHEC.R.
CULLEN, EllenF15 May 1870WexfordMiles CULLENAnty WHITTYC.R.
CULLEN, EllenF12 Jul 1864BannowThomas CULLENMary Anne MCGRATHIGI
CULLEN, Ellen JuliaF22 Aug 1866OulartMathew CULLENMary Anne MURPHYIGI
CULLEN, GeorgeM3 May 1870New RossTom CULLENMary KEHOEC.R.
CULLEN, GertrudeF17 Mar 1864OulartMathew CULLENMary Anne MURPHYIGI
CULLEN, HenryM23 Mar 1866OulartFrancis CULLENMargaret FURLONGIGI
CULLEN, HonorF29 May 1871Enniscorthy NoiUnknownAnne CULLENC.R.
CULLEN, JamesM6 Mar 1871BannowAndrew CULLENEllen ROACHC.R.
CULLEN, JamesM15 Apr 1864FethardEdmund CULLENMargaret DELANEYIGI
CULLEN, JamesM16 Jun 1869Killena and WellsEnoch CULLENCatharine HOWELC.R.
CULLEN, JamesM29 May 1870BannowJames CULLENJohanna CULLENC.R.
CULLEN, JamesM8 Dec 1865EnniscorthyJames CULLENKate HOGANIGI
CULLEN, JamesM1 Dec 1871FethardJames CULLENMaria DWYERC.R.
CULLEN, JamesM9 Jan 1871CamolinJohn CULLENMary KEOGHC.R.
CULLEN, JamesM30 Oct 1864ClonrocheMichael CULLENAnne DOYLEIGI
CULLEN, JamesM8 Jun 1870ClonrocheMichael CULLENAnne DOYLEC.R.
CULLEN, JamesM23 Apr 1871CarrigbyrneMoses CULLENAnne ROGERSC.R.
CULLEN, JamesM15 Jan 1874WexfordPatrick CULLENKate HENESSYC.R.
CULLEN, JamesM27 May 1864OulartThomas CULLENMargaret MURPHYIGI
CULLEN, JamesM4 May 1868CarrigbyrneUnknownMargaret CULLENC.R.
CULLEN, JamesM25 Jul 1869WexfordUnknownMary CULLENC.R.
CULLEN, JamesM22 Mar 1869New RossUnknownMary CULLENC.R.
CULLEN, JaneF4 Jun 1870EnniscorthyEdward CULLENSophia MURPHYC.R.
CULLEN, JohannaF11 Feb 1869NewrossMichael CULLENJohanna BRYANC.R.
CULLEN, JohannaF30 Jan 1865FethardPatrick CULLENMary CURRANIGI
CULLEN, JohnM1 Mar 1867Old RossBrien CULLENCatherine DENNC.R.
CULLEN, JohnM20 Jul 1871GoreyBrien CULLENRose DOMEGANC.R.
CULLEN, JohnM17 Feb 1870WexfordJames CULLENEllen SMITHC.R.
CULLEN, JohnM13Jan 1864WexfordJames CULLENEllen SMITHIGI
CULLEN, JohnM25 Jul 1866CrossbegJames CULLENMary CODDIGI
CULLEN, JohnM27 Nov 1868OulartJames CULLENMary DOYLEC.R.
CULLEN, JohnM15 Aug 1865ClonrocheJohn CULLENAnastacia BOLGERIGI
CULLEN, JohnM5 Mar 1866New RossJohn CULLENAnne HANLONIGI
CULLEN, JohnM22 Nov 1868EnniscorthyJohn CULLENEliza BREENC.R.
CULLEN, JohnM4 Aug 1864CamolinJohn CULLENMary KEOGHIGI
CULLEN, JohnM16 May 1864TempleudiganJohn CULLENMary MURPHYIGI
CULLEN, JohnM1 Nov 1870EnniscorthyJohn CULLENMary MURPHYC.R.
CULLEN, JohnM4 Jan 1866WexfordJohn CULLENMary WICKHAMIGI
CULLEN, JohnM25 Mar 1871CamolinMichael CULLENAnne CANAVANC.R.
CULLEN, JohnM21 Nov 1873OulartMichael CULLENJohanna WALSHC.R.
CULLEN, JohnM4 Jun 1870Old RossMick CULLENCatherine KENNEDYC.R.
CULLEN, JohnM20 Jan 1870CarrigbyrneMoses CULLENAnne ROGERSC.R.
CULLEN, JohnM31 Aug 1864CoolgreanyPatrick CULLENElizabeth BYRNEIGI
CULLEN, JohnM30 Aug 1871WexfordPatrick CULLENMary SHEILLC.R.
CULLEN, JohnM10 Jun 1871WexfordThomas CULLENMarcella MC CANNC.R.
CULLEN, John DennisM19 Dec 1864WexfordDaniel CULLENJulia HOGANIGI
CULLEN, JosephM1 Feb 1869EnniscorthyJohn CULLENMary MURPHYC.R.
CULLEN, JosephM2 Jun 1867OulartMiles CULLENMary ROWEC.R.
CULLEN, JosephM10 Jan 1871EnniscorthyThomas CULLENAnne DEMPSYC.R.
CULLEN, KittyF9 May 18691039,TaghmonLaurence CULLENCatherine REDMONDC.R.
CULLEN, LaurenceM28 Apr 1869CamolinJohn CULLENMary KEOGHC.R.
CULLEN, LaurenceM11 May 1868CoolgraneyMichael CULLENMary DOYLEC.R.
CULLEN, LaurenceM15 Jan 1865FethardNicholas CULLENCatherine WALSHIGI
CULLEN, MargaretF10 May 1924BreeAidan CULLENMary SHEAIGI
CULLEN, MargaretF2 Jun 1870OulartFrancis CULLENMargaret FURLONGC.R.
CULLEN, MargaretF30May 1864OulartJohn CULLENBridget MURPHYIGI
CULLEN, MargaretF4 May 1870ArthurstownLaurence CULLENMary PURCELLC.R.
CULLEN, MargaretF27 Feb 1867OulartPhilip CULLENCatherine BROWNIGI
CULLEN, MargaretF4 May 1870OulartThomas CULLENCatherine MURPHYC.R.
CULLEN, MargaretF7 Jun 1867BannowThomas CULLENJohanna JOHNSONC.R.
CULLEN, MargaretF21 Apr 1870WexfordThomas CULLENMarcella MCCANNC.R.
CULLEN, MargretF4 Sep 1868KillannJames CULLENBridget NASHIGI
CULLEN, MarksM17 Dec 1871WexfordMiles CULLENAnty WHITTYC.R.
CULLEN, MartinM11 May 1868Old RossAndy CULLENMary LANNENIGI
CULLEN, MartinM8 Aug 1869NewrossJames CULLENHonoria COLBACKC.R.
CULLEN, MartinM26 Feb 1872CrossabegJames CULLENMary CODDC.R.
CULLEN, MaryF20 Nov 1869BannowAndrew CULLENEllen ROCHEC.R.
CULLEN, MaryF20 Jul 1871GoreyBrien CULLENRose DOMEGANC.R.
CULLEN, MaryF21 Mar 1867New RossJames CULLENBridget BRYANIGI
CULLEN, MaryF3 May 1865ClonrocheJames CULLENEllen TOBYNC.R.
CULLEN, MaryF1 Nov 1868New RossJohn CULLENAnn HANLONC.R.
CULLEN, MaryF23 Apr 1864EnniscorthyJohn CULLENMary MURPHYIGI
CULLEN, MaryF1 Mar 1867WexfordJohn CULLENMary WICKHAMIGI
CULLEN, MaryF17 May 1871ClonrocheMichael CULLENAnne DOYLEC.R.
CULLEN, MaryF10 May 1865CoolgreanyMichael CULLENMary DOYLEIGI
CULLEN, MaryF7 Mar 1866FethardMoses CULLENJohanna FREENEYIGI
CULLEN, MaryF12 May 1870FethardNicholas CULLENCatherine WALSHC.R.
CULLEN, MaryF13 May 1867FethardPatrick CULLENMary CURRANC.R.
CULLEN, MaryF3 Sep 1871OulartPatrick CULLENMary DOYLEC.R.
CULLEN, MaryF24 Jan 1871CrossabegPeter CULLENHanah MYTHENC.R.
CULLEN, MaryF10 Aug 1871CamolinPeter CULLENMargaret JORDANC.R.
CULLEN, MaryF22 Feb 1870BannowRichard CULLENCatharine CULLENC.R.
CULLEN, MaryF9 May 1871OulartThomas CULLENCatherine MURPHYC.R.
CULLEN, MaryF4 May 1870OulartThomas CULLENCatherine MURPHYC.R.
CULLEN, MaryF24 Feb 1864CarrickbyrneThomas CULLENElizabeth KELLYIGI
CULLEN, MaryF9 Sep 1865CarrickbyrneThomas CULLENElizabeth KELLYIGI
CULLEN, MaryF29 Jan 1865WexfordThomas CULLENJulia COUSINSIGI
CULLEN, MaryF23 Aug 1869WexfordThomas CULLENJulia COUSINSC.R.
CULLEN, MaryF31 Dec 1870OulartUnknownCatherine CULLENC.R.
CULLEN, Mary AnneF19 Jun 1864WexfordPhilip CULLENEliza DONNELLYIGI
CULLEN, Mary CatherineF7 Mar 1866CamolinJohn CULLENMary KEOGHIGI
CULLEN, Mary CatherineF11 Mar 1869GoreyRichard CULLENJulia BROWNEC.R.
CULLEN, Mary EllenF25 May 1868WexfordRichard CULLENMary LACEYC.R.
CULLEN, Mary TeresaF2 Feb 1870FernsSimon CULLENAnne Teresa FARRELLC.R.
CULLEN, MathewM6 Feb 1870ClonrocheMichael CULLENBridget BOWEC.R.
CULLEN, MichaelM28 Oct 1866Old RossAndy CULLENMary LANNANC.R.
CULLEN, MichaelM1 Feb 1864Old RossBrien CULLENCatherine DEERNIGI
CULLEN, MichaelM18 Apr 1865ClonrocheJames CULLENMary DUNNEC.R.
CULLEN, MichaelM25 Dec 1873CarrigbyrneJohn CULLENMary COGHLANC.R.
CULLEN, MichaelM19 Oct 1869TempleudiganJohn CULLENMary MURPHYC.R.
CULLEN, MichaelM1 Apr 1866CrossabegJohn CULLENMary SINNOTTIGI
CULLEN, MichaelM27 Mar 1864WexfordJohn CULLENMary WICKHAMIGI
CULLEN, MichaelM21 Feb 1867New RossUnknownMargaret CULLENIGI
CULLEN, MosesM5 Jan 1871EnniscorthyLaurence CULLENMary CULLENC.R.
CULLEN, NicholasM25 Feb 1866Old RossJohn CULLENEllen HENNESYIGI
CULLEN, NicholasM29 Jan 1870BroadwayLaurence CULLENMargret CLOAKC.R.
CULLEN, NicholasM25 Jan 1865ArthurstownLaurence CULLENMary PURCELLIGI
CULLEN, NicholasM17 Apr 1871Enniscorthy NoiNicholas CULLENJohanna FLYNNC.R.
CULLEN, NicholasM14 Jul 1867EnniscorthyPatrick CULLENMargaret RYANC.R.
CULLEN, PatrickM9 Feb 1871Arthurstowngrandmother wasSarah CULLENC.R.
CULLEN, PatrickM9 Oct 1867New RossJames CULLENAlice BARRYC.R.
CULLEN, PatrickM25 Feb 1866WexfordJames CULLENEllen SMITHIGI
CULLEN, PatrickM18 Mar 1874ClonrocheJohn CULLENAnne COUSINSC.R.
CULLEN, PatrickM28 Jun 1866OulartJohn CULLENAnne STAFFORDIGI
CULLEN, PatrickM28 Apr 1871FethardJohn CULLENEllen HANLONC.R.
CULLEN, PatrickM5 Feb 1874Taghmon & GlynnMartin CULLENMary DEMPSEYC.R.
CULLEN, PatrickM5 May 1871CoolgraneyMichael CULLENMary DOYLEC.R.
CULLEN, PatrickM9 Feb 1871Arthurstownmother wasSally CULLENC.R.
CULLEN, PatrickM17 Jan 1869WexfordPatrick CULLENEllen ROSSITERC.R.
CULLEN, PatrickM24 May 1870WexfordPatrick CULLENMary ROURKEC.R.
CULLEN, PatrickM9 Jan 1870Killenagh and WellsPaul CULLENBridget MURPHYC.R.
CULLEN, PatrickM3 Jun 1866GoreyRichard CULLENJulia BROWNEIGI
CULLEN, PatrickM13 Oct 1864WexfordRichard CULLENMary LACEYIGI
CULLEN, PatrickM24 Jul 1867WexfordThomas CULLENCatherine GRIMESC.R.
CULLEN, Patrick JosephM1 Mar 1887TaylorstownMichael CULLENMary FITZSIMONSIGI
CULLEN, PaulM26 Feb 1867Killenagh and WellsEnoch CULLENCatharine HOWELIGI
CULLEN, PaulM30 Aug 1864OulartFrancis CULLENMargaret FURLONGIGI
CULLEN, PaulM23 Aug 1867OulartLaurence CULLENBridget BYRNEC.R.
CULLEN, PeterM10 Feb 1868EnniscorthyMichael CULLENElisabeth WALSHC.R.
CULLEN, PeterM22 Sep 1864EnniscorthyMichael CULLENElizabeth WALSHIGI
CULLEN, PeterM13 Jun 1869WexfordPatrick CULLENMargaret SHIELC.R.
CULLEN, PhilipM14 Jul 1868BannowRichard CULLENCatharine CULLENIGI
CULLEN, PhilipM4 Dec 1870OulartWilliam CULLENMary BYRNEC.R.
CULLEN, Philomena TeresaF8 Mar 1869OulartNathan CULLENMary Anne MURPHYC.R.
CULLEN, RichardM30 Sep 1870GoreyRichard CULLENJulia BROWNEC.R.
CULLEN, Richard AndrewM24 Dec 1866WexfordRichard CULLENAnne LACEYIGI
CULLEN, RobertM6 Mar 1872ClonrocheMichael CULLENBridget BOWEC.R.
CULLEN, SilvesterM17 Feb 1869CrossabegThomas CULLENJulian ROSSITERC.R.
CULLEN, SimonM17 Jan 1868OulartEdward CULLENMary ROONEYC.R.
CULLEN, ThomasM05 Feb 1864FethardEdward CULLENMary ROGERSIGI
CULLEN, ThomasM25 Apr 1868WexfordJames CULLENEllen SMITHC.R.
CULLEN, ThomasM11 Nov 1869FethardJohn CULLENEllen HANLONC.R.
CULLEN, ThomasM7 Apr 1868CrossabegJohn CULLENMary SINNOTTC.R.
CULLEN, ThomasM23 Apr 1867ClonrocheMichael CULLENAnne DOYLEC.R.
CULLEN, ThomasM10 Mar 1870OulartMiles CULLENMary ROEC.R.
CULLEN, ThomasM24 Oct 1864OulartPatrick CULLENElizabeth STEVENSIGI
CULLEN, ThomasM7 Jun 1865ClonrocheTimothy CULLENSarah MURPHYC.R.
CULLEN, ThomasM05 Apr 1866ClonrocheUnknownMary CULLENIGI
CULLEN, WilliamM13 Mar 1867FethardEdmund CULLENMargaret DELANEYC.R.
CULLEN, WilliamM4 Feb 1874CarrigbyrneJohn CULLENAnastasia FURLONGC.R.
CULLEN, WilliamM29 Oct 1867OulartJohn CULLENAnne STAFFORDC.R.
CULLEN, WilliamM28 Jul 1869OulartJohn CULLENAnne STAFFORDC.R.
CULLEN, WilliamM24 Feb 1867CarrickbyrneMoses CULLENAnne ROGERSIGI
CULLEN, WilliamM9 Jan 1868OulartThomas CULLENKitty MURPHYC.R.
CULLEN, William EdwardM16 Nov 1866WexfordWilliam CULLENJoanna CODDC.R.
Surname Cullin and other variations
CULLIN, AnnF29 Jul 1868Old RossMick CULLINCatherine KENNEDYIGI
CULLIN, AnneF1 Apr 1866EnniscorthyEdward CULLINSophia MURPHYIGI
CULLIN, BrienM28 May 1864Old RossAndrew CULLINMary LANNANIGI
CULLIN, EasterF1 Feb 1871TaghmonMartin CULLINMary DEMPSEYC.R.
CULLIN, ElizaF11 Feb 1870Old RossBrien CULLINCatherine DENNC.R.
CULLIN, ElizaF8 Mar 1867TaghmonMathew CULLINMary CORMACKC.R.
CULLIN, EllenF23 Jul 1865Old RossAndy CULLENMary LANNENIGI
CULLIN, EllenF26 Feb 1868EnniscorthyEdward CULLINSophia MURPHYC.R.
CULLIN, EllenF8 Jan 1874CrossabegThomas CULLINJuly Anne ROSSITERC.R.
CULLIN, EllinF10 May 1870TaghmonMathew CULLINMary CORMACKC.R.
CULLIN, HenryM15 Nov 1867EnniscorthyJames CULLINCatherine HOGANC.R.
CULLIN, HenryM24 Nov 1864TaghmonMichael CULLINMary DOYLEIGI
CULLIN, JamesM6 Jan 1874KillanJohn CULLINAlice CULLETONC.R.
CULLIN, JamesM9 May 1866EnniscorthyMichael CULLINEliza WALSHIGI
CULLIN, JamesM14 Feb 1868EnniscorthyWilliam CULLINMary BYRNEC.R.
CULLIN, JohnM10 Aug 1869EnniscorthyJames CULLINMary ROCHEC.R.
CULLIN, JohnM16 Jan 1868BridgetownJohn CULLINAnne CASEYC.R.
CULLIN, JohnM6 May 1870Old RossJohn CULLINEllen HENNESSYC.R.
CULLIN, JohnM8 May 1864KillannJohn CULLINMary MURPHYIGI
CULLIN, MargaretF24 Jun 1866TaghmonMartin CULLINMary DEMPSEYIGI
CULLIN, MartinM30 Nov 1867TaghmonMartin CULLINMary DEMPSYC.R.
CULLIN, MaryF18 Oct 1866EnniscorthyJohn CULLINEliza BREENC.R.
CULLIN, MaryF22 Sep 1867KillanPatrick CULLINAnne KAVANAGHC.R.
CULLIN, MichaelM28 Aug 1866KillannJames CULLINBridget NASHIGI
CULLIN, MichaelM10 May 1870TaghmonMathew CULLINMary CORMACKC.R.
CULLIN, MichaelM23 May 1870EnniscorthyMichael CULLINElisabeth HENDRICKC.R.
CULLIN, MichaelM2 Feb 1870EnniscorthyMichael CULLINElisabeth WALSHC.R.
CULLIN, MosesM22 Feb 1872TaghmonMartin CULLINMary DEMPSEYC.R.
CULLIN, MylesM12 Mar 1874EnniscorthyMichael CULLINElisabeth WALSHC.R.
CULLIN, NicholasM12 Sep 1866Bridgetown Dist.John CULLINMary HARPERIGI
CULLIN, NicholasM21 May 1867BridgetownUnknownCatherine CULLINC.R.
CULLIN, PatrickM20 Mar 1867OulartPatrick CULLINMary CULLINIGI
CULLIN, PattM23 Apr 1865TaghmonMartin CULLINMary DEMPSEYC.R.
CULLIN, PeterM29 Aug 1871KillanJames CULLINAnastatia HAMILTONC.R.
CULLIN, PeterM14 Feb 1865Bridgetown Dist.John CULLINAnne CASEYIGI
CULLIN, PhillipM13 Sep 1864CrossabegJames CULLINCatherin CODDIGI
CULLIN, ThomasM1 Nov 1866TempleudiganJohn CULLINMarey MURPHYC.R.
CULLIN, WilliamM2 Feb 1869CrossabegJames CULLINMary CODDC.R.
CULLON, EllenF26 May 1867New RossMichael CULLONJohanna BRYANC.R.

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