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Oct 29: Added a page concerning an An Approximation of π from Monster group symmetries and Ramanujan's Constant. Located in the Math section.

Oct 26: Added a page to the Records Archive for the Descendants of Laurence & Ellen (Murphy) Cullen of Ballyvaldon, Co Wexford, Ireland, with thanks to Carol Phelan Anderson & Craig Cullen Tafel for their years of effort on this family tree.

Oct 11: Updates and changes throughout the Records Archive continue. Placed a link direct to Neil Cullen's Homepage in the Records Archive. Added Mark Cullen's Cullen Family History & Genealogy to the Link Page.

Oct 4: Updating second page of Cullen Families of Nottinghamshire, arranged alphabetically from Joseph to William. In progress.. there were a LOT of Thomas and William Cullen families in Nottinghamshire!

Oct 3: Warren McKay of New Zealand, descendant of the Cullen Family of Upton, Nottinghamshire, has sent along some details concerning the will of a Susanna Cullin, widow of Upton, made on 18Dec1652. See the page for the Will of Susanna Cullin for more information on the will.

Jun 28: Further updates to Brendan Cullen's pages on the Descendants of James & Sarah (Murrey) Cullen. He has also updated his second page, tables of information on the Relatives of William Cullen (1857-1949)

Jun 25: A recent discount offer from FTDNA has made it possible to upgrade the Cullens of Upton DNA signature from 37 to 67 Y-STR markers. Results are due back from the lab on August 11, 2008.

Jun 8: Brendan Cullen of Dublin has has made major changes to his pages on the Descendants of James & Sarah (Murrey) Cullen. He has also updated his second page, tables of information on the Relatives of William Cullen (1857-1949).

Jun 4: A lot of my time recently has been taken up by the programming of the Haplogroup & Haplo-I Subclade Pedictor, a free utility for determining haplogroup or subclade status from Y-STR haplotype data. Another project has been the collaboration with Ken Nordtvedt on the Estimation of Clade TMRCAs and running confirmations of the analytics using computer models. The paper resulting from those efforts can be read on this site or downloaded in PDF format from Ken Nordtvedt's site.

Jan 5: Added some views of the inside of Glenade House to the Sligo-Leitrim World of Kate Cullen page, courtesy of Schiller & Schiller, Co Sligo, Ireland. Added census information on the page for the family of William & Elizabeth (Houghton) Cullen of Boston, Lincolnshire, with thanks to Wendy Parkinson.

Dec 31: Oops! Corrected link. Added two pictures of Glenade House to the Sligo-Leitrim World of Kate Cullen page. I'm attempting to get a few pictures up showing the inside of the house which is absolutely amazing.

Dec 28: Further information on the Cullens of Manorhamilton has been forwarded by David Evans of Australia. David has taken his information straight from the source and was able to extract partial family trees from Gertrude Thrift's abstracts. Text versions of these trees are now available on this page. Zipped GED files are also available for download on the Cullens of Manorhamilton page and the Thrift's Abstracts page. Also added a new search engine to the Site Map compliments of Ixquick Metasearch.

Sep 18: Additional updates to analysis of recent Haplogroup I Cullen DNA results. Additional information on the I1b2* Lichtenstein Cave DNA analysis.

Sep 15: Finished Brendan Cullen's updates to his pages on the Descendants of William Joseph & Sarah (O'Toole) Cullen, and his second page, on the Relatives of William Cullen (1857-1949)

Sep 8: I notice from the last FTP session that the Cullen Genealogy Homepage website has just exceeded 5 megabytes of webpages, images, and data! Actual html file count is just under 200 pages. In another year, the Summer of 2008, we'll reach the Ten-Year Anniversary of the website - I never thought my family pages would become so large or last so long. I'd better start making out a list now - I have a lot of people to thank!

Sep 8: Finished an update on the Cullens of Upton DNA page. Read how 3,000 year old remains in Lichtenstein Cave, Germany are identified as I1b2*-B . . . old relatives of ours! Posted a page in progress in the Mathematics section on the Sums of Powers of the Natural Numbers.

Sep 5: Brendan Cullen has sent along some updates to his pages on the Descendants of William Joseph & Sarah (O'Toole) Cullen. He has also updated his second page, tables of information on the Relatives of William Cullen (1857-1949).

Sep 1: Beginning site updates again after a rough start. I've begun with new DNA results for the Cullens of Upton, Nottinghamshire, resulting in a rare marker combination that pinpoints Cullens descended from the family in Upton, Nottinghamshire. Beginnings of a page of Variance Distribution in STR haplotypes. I have several page updates in the works, GEDCOM material ( Hi David! ), family histories ( Hi Brendan! ), and much more.

Mar 10: I've finished upgrading to a new computer system. All files and programs have been ( finally ) transferred to the new system. For those interested, the old system was a P166MHz MMX laptop running Win98 SE with 64MB RAM. The new system is a P4 1.6GHz desktop running WinXP with 512MB RAM. Updates will resume shortly.

Dec 6: Posted a new page of Related English Cullen Families. Thank You to Lorraine Cullin who has forwarded information on a branch of Cullens in Dry Doddington, Lincolnshire. These families are related to those in Great Gonerby and Brant Broughton in Lincs., and descended from the Cullens of Upton, Notts.

Nov 25: Posted the beginnings of a new set of data in the Records Archive. These new pages will take some time to collate and post but I will post them in progress - see the page Cullen Families of Nottinghamshire. Also made another update to the Daily Log.

Nov 22: Posted some new photos on the page for the village of Upton, Nottinghamshire. Bill Coldham, of Oxfordshire UK, has also added captions and stories for the photos. His efforts have helped to bring our Upton page to life. This is a blessing for visitors who stop by to learn more about the little village in the English Midlands that was home to the Cullen family for many centuries.

Nov 12: Posted new Cullen DNA results for new members. Their details are on the Haplogroup R1b DNA page.

Sep 24: Posted corrected DNA results for our three newest members. See their R1b results on the Cullen R1b page.

Sep 22: Posted new results to Cullen Family DNA. Three new sets of results, all of which are varieties of haplogroup "R1b".

Sep 15: Posted page Special Sums of Generalized Fibonacci Sequences in the Mathematics section.

Sep 4: I have had practically no time available in the last month or two for site work so there have been no updates at present. I know also there's a ton of email waiting to be answered and I apoligize for the long delay but it will be taken care of in the next week or so if all goes well.

Jul 4: Added a page to the DNA section of the site for the explanation of ASD calculations as applied to the age estimation of haplotype populations per Ken Nordtvedt's conventions.

Jun 22: Added a page for the Cullen DNA Results so far at the Cullen Family DNA Project. The big surprise is that two of our Cullens are the first to be included into a new R1b subclade that I uncovered while trying to match their results. The new variety, the fourth discovered to be rooted in Ireland, is called R1b-Ir/Cont.

Jun 11: Added a new page off the Cullen DNA Page. The Search Results Page is a temporary home for DNA match search results.

May 28: Opened a new section. We now have a Cullen DNA Page with some of the details of the genetic fingerprint of the Cullens of Upton, Nottinghamshire.

Apr 16: Posted an article on Charles Cullen, Survivor of RMS Titanic Disaster, posted in the Records Archive.

Mar 31: Posted more results for the Cullen Test on the DNA & Family Traits page. See also Daily Log.

Mar 6,7: Initial results of the Cullen Test are posted on the DNA & Family Traits page. Posted further results that have come in.

Mar 5: Finally posted the DNA & Family Traits page. The Cullen Test is up also and I encourage you to try it out - the discussion so far has been extraordinary on the Cullen List via Rootsweb!

Feb 13: See the Daily Log for more information on a proposed DNA test for our Cullen genealogy. This test would provide information on the ancient origins of our line of male ancestors, the earliest known members of which are the Cullens of Upton, Nottinghamshire.

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Jul 6: One post for Co Wicklow, two posts for Co Tyrone, one post for Co Limerick, one post for Co Kilkenny, three posts for Co Wexford, one post for Co Roscommon, one post for Co Dublin, one post for Co Leitrim, two posts for Co Carlow, two posts for England, two posts for Co Fermanagh, one post for Co Armagh, one post for Co Meath, one post for Co Sligo, three posts for Scotland, two posts for Co Kildare, and two posts for Co Galway.

Jul 5: Two postings for Co Wicklow, Two postings for Co Leitrim, One post for Co Cavan, Two postings for Co Kildare, and one post for Co Dublin.

Nov 27: Two postings for Co Dublin, one posting for Co Mayo, one posting for Co Armagh, one posting for Scotland, and one posting for England.

Sep 3: One posting for England regarding William Robson Cullen born in 1846 in Newcastle On Tyne. He was a sports correspondent in Wiltshire and married Elizabeth Ann James.

Jul 2: One posting for Co Carlow regarding Mary Cullen who married Henry James early/mid 1800's. Mary's Cullen ancestors are descended from the Hugh Cullen of Prospect or Garrett Cullen of Craan families, both related to Cardinal Paul Cullen.

Jun 29: One posting for Co Kilkenny regarding Patrick Cullen born 1868 in Knocktopher to parents Michael Cullen and Bridget Brannigan Cullen of Stonyford.

Mar 14: One posting for Co Armagh, looking for the ancestors of Charles Cullen b abt 1830 to Daniel & Mary Cullen. Charles and his wife Mary ( nee Bullerton ) emigrated to Bathurst area, New South Wales, in 1852.

Feb 9: One posting for Co Mayo, one for Co Leitrim, one for Co Roscommon ( also posted to Co Leitrim page ), one for Co Dublin, and one for England.

Jan 9: Added one post for Co Unknown in Ireland. Looking for Francis Cullen, an American with Irish roots. Born about 1908 and served in the US Army Postal Service in Germany. Another post for Co Unknown in Ireland concerning the Cullen family that founded the 'King Kullen' grocery chain, America's first Supermarket.

Dec 27: Two posts for Co Leitrim and one post for Co Sligo.

Sep 23: One post for Co Wexford regarding Johanna Carroll of Wexford Town. Possible relative of the Cullen family due to similarity in used family names.

Sep 3: An absolutely shameful backlog of postings: one for Co Antrim, three for Co Leitrim, two for England, three for Co Roscommon, one for Co Mayo, one for Co Limerick, one for Co Cavan, one for Co Donegal, one for Co Sligo, two for Co Unknown, and one for Co Wexford.

Nov 24: One post for Co Donegal.

Nov 5: One post for Scotland.

Oct 14: One post each for Scotland, Co Sligo, Co Wexford, Co Derry, Co Carlow, and Co Wicklow.

Sep 21: One post each for Co Longford, Co Meath, and Co Donegal.

Aug 6: One post for Co Limerick.

May 28: One post for England, and one post for Scotland.

Apr 25: One post for Co Wicklow.

Mar 14: One post for Co Tyrone.

Mar 11: One post for Co Sligo.

Mar 7: One post for Scotland for a family that wrote me from South Africa. Names in the family are Robert Browning Cullen and Archibald Cullen.

Feb 14: Two more postings: one for Co Tipperary and one for Co Sligo.

Feb 8: Made two posts; one for Co Dublin and one updated post for Co Cork.

Dec 28: Made many backlogged postings: Co Cavan, two posts for Co Cork, Co Donegal, Co Dublin, England, two posts for Co Galway, Co Kilkenny, four posts for Co Leitrim, Co Meath, Scotland, two posts for Co Sligo, Co Wexford, and two posts for Co Wicklow.

Jan 26: One post for Co Dublin. Alexandra Cullen (1875-1959) m Agnes McDonnell (1880-1956) and had a daughter Lena Cullen (1889-1939) who m Paddy Harris (1895-1972).

Jan 19: Three more postings: Scotland, Co Leitrim, and Kildare.

Jan 17, 2005: Many backlogged postings have been uploaded to the site; too many in fact to summarize here other than to mention to County to which they were posted: Co Meath, Scotland, Co Roscommon, Co Unknown, Co Wexford, Co Leitrim, Co Mayo, Co Clare, Co Derry, Co Wicklow, Co Fermanagh, Co Tipperary, England, and Co Cork. The posts in Co's Clare and Derry are first-time posts for those counties so that is interesting.

Oct 15: Backlogged postings. Three postings for Co Wexford, two posts for Co Dublin, and one post each for Co Unknown, England, and Scotland.

Aug 14: See the Co Leitrim posting page for information on Lazarus Cullen who was born Oct 1815 in Glenfarne. He married in Ireland in 1840 to Bridget Gallagher before emigrating to New York in about 1850.

Aug 13: See the posting on the page for Co Leitrim for more information on the Cullen family that may lead to a connection to the author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Very interesting!

Jul 19: Made additional backlogged postings: One posting for Co Fermanagh; and one posting for Co Wexford.

Jul 19: Made the following backlogged postings: One posting for Co Donegal; two posts for Co Dublin; one post for England; one post for Co Leitrim; one post for Co Limerick; one post for Scotland; three posts for Unknown Co in Ireland; one post for Co Wexford; and one post for Co Wicklow.

Mar 10: Further backlogged queries. See posting pages for: Co Unknown, Ireland, Leitrim, Scotland, Cavan, Mayo, and Galway.

Mar 5: I've just updated the posting pages with backlogged queries. More to come. See posting pages for: England, Co Tipperary, Co Cavan, Co Leitrim, and Co Wicklow.

Oct 28: A request for more information concerning the connection between the Cullen and Wemys families in Dublin, Ireland. - See Co Dublin

Oct 28: Reply to a message concerning a Cullen family from Cumbria, Scotland that settled in Preston, England. - See England

Oct 14: Walter John Cullen married Charlotte Rogers about 1907 in mile End, London. - See England

Oct 14: James Cullen and Mary Ellen Cullen (ms Cullen) were married on August 27th 1908 in Glendale - moved to Glasgow Scotland. - See Co Leitrim

Oct 14: These Cullens were well known horsetrainers, Rosslare stud on the Curragh. The family crest is a pelican gluming and the motto is "we live and die for those we love". Francis Richard Cullen was killed steeplechasing in 1920 in England. - See Co Roscommon

Oct 14: Thomas Sinnott Cullin (1837-1913) lived Atchison County Missouri. Parents were Edward Cullin and Catherine Sinott of Co Wexford. - See Co Wexford

Oct 14: Edward Cullen (son of Owen) arrived in US ~1850's and m Margaret Sherman. Edward was a railroad man, died in 1901 Detroit, Michigan. - See Co Meath

Oct 14: Maggy (Cullen) Forkin m in 1920's Rhode Island. Was daughter of Michael and Maria Cullen who were age 49 and 36 as listed in the 1901 census. Parish of Killanummery. - See Co Leitrim

Oct 14: George William Cullin of Co Wexford. - See Co Wexford

Oct 14: Dominick Cullen of Ballinlough, County Roscommon. Had three sons: John (my father, 1907-1981), Joseph (Josie) and Michael. - See Co Roscommon

Jul 17: John Francis Cullen who was born in Glenfarne circa. 1898. His father was Charlie Cullen, who went to America for a time before returning to Ireland. He married the daughter of an R.I.C. Sargent from Manorhamilton and they settled in Longford where they had a drapery shop. - See Co Leitrim

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