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HomepageCullen Monument Inscriptions
Co. Wicklow, Ireland
from the research notes of Gar Cullen

Gar has many years of research into his Cullen Genealogy and has been very gracious in sharing his notes with us. His specific interest is currently the ancestry of Ambrose Cullen, son of James Cullen a stone mason. Ambrose was born abt 1823 and married Ann Jane Niblock 19 Dec 1850 in Belfast. A son James was born 11 April 1852. Ambrose married again to Jane Tracey and had a daughter Jane born 16 Jan 1854. There is a suspicion that James the stone mason may have been from Co Wicklow. The names Cullen and Tracey are both common there. You can read the full query on the Co Wicklow posting page. If anyone is able to help with this family, please contact either Gar or myself.

The below data is Gar's collection of monument inscriptions from Co Wicklow. The data is ordered alphabetically by Forename and then by date. The 'Approx Birth' column is based on date of death and age at death, if available. Monument Inscriptions are invaluable to those engaged in Irish genealogical research as they help make up for the lack of other records from the time period most of us are interested in. Even more useful is the fact that many of these stones record family relationships (in the Remarks column below). This table is a bit crowded at 640 X 480 screen size so you may want, if you are able, to switch to 800 X 600. Below the table is a list of the sources for Gar's material.

FornameDateYearAgeApprox BirthRemarksAddressTownParishUnion
Alice3 Mar1895921803mot to TeresaRocky ValleyKilmacanogue  
Alicia11 Oct189711896Date of death  Tomecork 
Ambrose4 Jan1892871805Date of death Shillelagh  
Ambrose2 Jan1893711822Date of death Rathdrum Rathdrum
Anastatia17 Jan1867211846sis to EdwardBlack BullKilloughter  
Andrew13 Aug1849  hus to Mary  Glendalough 
Ann1 Aug1781671714  Killoughter  
AnneJun1829751754wif to Christopher Killiskey  
Anne2 Jul1889951794 Anaghowlan Glendalough 
Bridget1 Dec1732391693  Killoughter  
Bridget29 Mar1789841705wif to George Newcastle  
BridgetOct1819621757wif to PatrickTrooperstown Glendalough 
Bridget6 Jul1908691839mot to C FAustraliaKilliskey  
Bridget2 Nov1911371874  HennessyTomacork 
Catherine15 Jun1833231810dau to Denis Killiskey  
Catherine2 Aug1874921782  Baltinglass  
Catherine24 Apr1886  wif to MichaelDroghedaLittle Bray  
Catherine13 Jun 23  AnnagolawnKilliskey  
Charles6 Dec183841834son to Laughlin Killiskey  
Charles21 May1852821770fat to CharlesCastletimonBallinamesdaKilaveany 
Charles26 Aug1888831805 CastletimonBallinamesdaKilaveany 
Christopher9 Nov1798481750son to Denis Killiskey  
ChristopherMar1833751758  Killiskey  
Constantine        Redcross
Daniel31 May1798401758  Killiskey  
Daniel7 Jul 32 son to Daniel  Glendalough 
Denis9 Aug1769721697  Killiskey  
DenisNov1841651776fat to JohnAnnagolawnKilliskey  
Edmund28 Jul1860801780 Mont-gh Glendalough 
Edward30 Mar1775191756   Glendalough 
Edward29 Mar1925811844son to Mary Killiskey  
Eliz 1843221821dau to PatrickBallyduffKilliskey  
Eliz28 Dec1857651792wif to EdmundMont-gh Glendalough 
Eliz11 Oct1867821785mot to CharlesCastletimonBallinamesdaKilaveany 
Eliz10 May1887661821mot to Michael Kilmacanogue  
Eliza19 Jul1830521778wif to JohnDerry-bane Glendalough  
Eliza T1 Jul1923641859gdau to Mathew Kilmacanogue  
Elizabeth1 Aug1810711739wif to Owen Kilmacanogue  
Elizabeth27 Feb1821741747   Glenealy 
Elizabeth14 Nov1846631783 Black BullKilloughter  
Elizabeth1 Jan1867571810mot to EdwardBlack BullKilloughter  
Elizabeth8 Mar1886541832Mot of William RathdrumKilcommonRathdrum
Elizabeth Theresa24 Oct1899141885dau of William RathdrumKilcommonRathdrum
Essie30 Jun1920531867sis of William RathdrumKilcommonRathdrum
Esther23 Jun1810731737by David  Glendalough 
Esther8 Dec1833681765wif to Daniel? Killiskey  
Esther7 May1921711850wif of William RathdrumKilcommonRathdrum
Farrell1 Oct1751491702fat to Simon  Glendalough 
Francis18 Oct1849161833gson to Francis  Glendalough 
Francis18 Oct1849161833 Ballydonnell Glendalough 
Francis22 Jan1852721780 Ballydonnell Glendalough 
Francis22 Jan1852721780   Glendalough 
Garet1 Dec1742501692  Killiskey  
Garrett11 Dec1767751692  Kilmacanogue  
Garrett30 Nov1801211780  Newcastle  
Garrett26 Nov1866601806fat to EdwardBlack BullKilloughter  
George26 Dec1793901703  Newcastle  
George13 Dec1871671804fat to TeresaRocky ValleyKilmacanogue  
George5 Apr1883731810unc to EdwardBlack BullKilloughter  
George      Kilcoole  
Grace3 Oct1746691677    Redcross
James6 Dec1776221754son to James  Glendalough 
James9 Dec1777651712   Glendalough 
James29 May1800491751hus to Mary  Glendalough 
James16 Feb1840721768fat to Laughlin Killiskey  
James4 Aug184431841son to James St MarysArklow 
James10 Jan1869701799 CastletimonBallinamesdaKilaveany 
James13 Aug1875421833bro to TeresaRocky ValleyKilmacanogue  
James25 Jul1879751804fat to DBallygillaror Glendalough 
James28 May1893701823fat of William RathdrumKilcommonRathdrum
James Patrick30 Dec188421882son of William RathdrumKilcommonRathdrum
Jane  1 dau to Loughlin Killiskey  
John16 Aug1796451751hus to Bridget  Glendalough 
John5 Dec1820381782bro to Garrett Newcastle  
John 1842521790fat to Patrick Killiskey  
John 1845241821son to PatrickBallyduffKilliskey  
John25 Dec1848671781hus to AnneAnaghowlan Glendalough 
John3 Oct185361847son to Thomas Little Bray  
John23 Jul1877851792hus to MaryBallagh Glendalough 
JohnFeb1900   Ballydonnell Glendalough 
John      Kilcoole  
Joseph4 Aug1844101834son to James St MarysArklow 
Judith8 Mar1795221773   Glendalough 
Judith12 May1817681749wif to William  Glendalough 
Judy7 Aug1771711700    Redcross
Julia11 Jan1859791780wif to Francis  Glendalough 
Julia11 Jan1859721787 Ballydonnell Glendalough 
Julia    wif to Laurence Ch of Holy Rosary Ashford
Laughlin10 Apr1788591729  Killiskey  
Laurence8 May1860801780fat to MichaelDroghedaLittle Bray  
Laurence23 Sep1881721809  Killoughter  
Laurence6 Mar1887731814 CastletimonBallinamesdaKilaveany 
Laurence    hus to Julia Ch of Holy Rosary Ashford
Loughlan3 Jun1798401758by Anne Killiskey  
Loughlin27 Jun1887731814hus to Mary Killiskey  
Lucy11 May1892631829wif to William Killoughter  
Margaret29 Jun1851691782mot to JohnAnnagolawnKilliskey  
Margaret8 Jul1889801809mot to DBallygillaror Glendalough 
Margaret  1 dau to Thomas Little Bray  
Mary1 Feb1805781727  Rathnew  
Mary24 Jul1826521774wif to RichardKnockrath Glendalough 
Mary3 Jul1831  dau to Andrew  Glendalough 
Mary21 Feb1837661771wif to DanielBallinatombay Glendalough 
Mary29 Oct1839  wif to Andrew  Glendalough 
Mary22 Oct1840671773wif to Thomas  Castlemacadam 
Mary17 Oct1859751784wif to JohnBallagh Glendalough 
Mary8 May1860701790mot to MichaelDroghedaLittle Bray  
Mary24 Sep1890331857sis to Michael Kilmacanogue  
Mary28 Jan1892711821  Killiskey  
Mary12 Mar1904821822wif to LaurenceCastletimonBallinamesdaKilaveany 
Mary Anne3 Jan1868381830dau to EdmundMont-gh Glendalough 
Mathew31 Mar1824401784  Kilmacanogue  
Mathew15 Mar1885381847bro to Michael Kilmacanogue  
Michael23 Apr1791711720  Killoughter  
Michael10 Nov1836111825son to AnneAnaghowlan Glendalough 
Miles12 Feb1801531748   Glendalough 
Miles2 Nov1866131853gson to Eliz Killoughter  
Nicholas15 Aug1795751720fat to Anne Monk Kilcoole  
Owen10 Dec1810741736fat to Mathew Kilmacanogue  
Owen31 Dec1887351852fat to Michael Kilmacanogue  
P12 Feb1878661812unc to DBallygillaror Glendalough 
Patrick19 Feb175241748   Glenealy 
Patrick28 May1812841728fat to Thomas  Castlemacadam 
Patrick17 Mar1830591771fat to CharlesBallinacor Glendalough 
Patrick17 Oct1841221819 AnnagolawnKilliskey  
Patrick23 Aug1853961757fat to Patrick Rathnew  
Patrick12 Dec1856211835son to LukeCarr-gnamuck Glendalough 
Patrick15 Apr1892321860bro of William RathdrumKilcommonRathdrum
Patrick27 Sep1905741831fat to C Fof BallyduffKilliskey  
Peter4 Aug1844101834son to James St MarysArklow 
Richard30 Nov1864661798hus to MaryKnockrath Glendalough 
Rose9 Feb1860461814sis to Patrick Rathnew  
S28 Aug1874521822unc to DBallygillaror Glendalough 
Sara  62 mot to Simon  Glendalough 
Simon9 Dec1920     Avoca 
Teresa13 Sep1884  dau yg to MichaelDroghedaLittle Bray  
Thomas1 Dec1817281789hus to Celia  Glendalough 
Thomas22 Jul1826561770   Castlemacadam 
Thomas8 Aug1854741780Date of death B-gateTomecork 
Thomas2 Nov1863191844bro to EdwardBlack BullKilloughter  
Thomas27 Jun1879591820  Killiskey  
Thomas6 Jul1952761876hus to Bridget HennessyTomacork 
Walter9 Apr1888221866bro to C FAustraliaKilliskey  
William2 Jul1839621777hus to ElizBlack BullKilloughter  
William6 Oct185331850son to Thomas Little Bray  
William24 May1866681798hus to MaryBallinahinchKilliskey  
William10 Jul1884711813son to Laurenceof CronakeryKilloughter  
William14 Aug1905631842bro to EdwardBlack BullKilloughter  
William21 Feb1932  Erected grave RathdrumKilcommonRathdrum
WilliamMay     Rathnew  
Winfred29 Aug1818801738mot to Anne Monk Kilcoole  

List of sources for the research notes:

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