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HomepageDescendants of Garrett Cullen
of Craan, Co Carlow
forwarded by Catherine (Cullen) Hargreaves
and her Mother, Catherine Cullen

I am very proud to make this page available on the Cullen Genealogy Homepage. This information comes from a family tree held by the Cullen family descended from Garrett Cullen of Cran. Additional notes also from Burke's Irish Family Records. This family had a hand in the crafting of a piece of Cullen history as they were the ones consulted by Father Peadar Mac Suibhne, the author of the Reportorium Novum, during his research for that great work. The original notes are with the family to this day. The basic lineage for this family is: Hugh Cullen (~1660 - ); Edmund Cullen (1717-1819); Garrett Cullen (~1773 - 9 May 1845); Michael Cullen (1812 - 18 May 1879); Joseph Cullen (20 Nov 1868 - 28 May 1941); Robert Cullen MD (14 Nov 1901 - 18 Jun 1966), who's place in the family tree below is emphasized in red text. Many thanks go out to Catherine Hargreaves and her Mother, Catherine Cullen, for sharing this wealth of Cullen Family History.

Garrett Cullen of Cran was born about 1773. He was married about 1798 to Judith Maher (b. 1783), a daughter of Patrick Maher of Kilrush, Co Kildare and a sister of the Mary Maher that was Hugh Cullen's wife. It is said that Garrett Cullen had 17 children, 5 of whom are buried in Nurney. Garrett and his wife (who died 11 Dec 1861 at 78y) are buried at Ballinabranna. Garrett himself died 9 May 1845. The history of the known children follows:
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