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Co Carlow, Ireland

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From: andy_brennan***gaelic.ie
My Name Andy Brennan. My connection with the Cullen Name. My great grandfather Andrew Cullen wife Jane Butler. On census 1911 Tullowbeag also his father Thomas Cullen wife Sarah Hughes same census and in 1901 census. Can anyone give me further information on this family am trying to trace my grandmother Maggie born 1905 on census 1911. I have the whereabouts of most others name.

From: marci.young***gmail.com
I am trying to trace a Jane Cullen (born about 1820 or so) that married James Somers/Summers and had two sons - one James and I don't know the other one. She died when the two boys were quite young. I'm fairly certain that James Sr came to Australia (with her or not, I'm not sure), I am sure that James Jr did, and his descendants are all here (Australia).

We have been told that Jane is from Ireland and that James is from England. The family story is that she was sister to Cardinal Cullen in Ireland and a cousin to Cardinal Moran in Australia, but I just don't seem to be able to tie that down. We have also been told that James is from the Somers/Cocks line of Reigate and Eastnor, but I can't seem to find that either.

Does anyone have any information that might help solve this Irish/English/Australian mystery?

From: crag250***yahoo.com.au
Have small amount of information (and seeking more) on an ancestor of mine, a Mary Cullen ( married Henry James ) from the Hugh of Prospect or Garrett Cullen family line.

Only information we have on Mary is she came from Carlow and married a Henry James sometime in the early/mid 1800's, having at least one child, being Margaret James ( 1850? - died 22 August,1907 ) who married a Magnus Smith ( Ship master or Captain ) in Liverpool on the 15 June 1873.

Our families later generations maintained contact with Cardinal Cullen's nephew, Cardinal Moran when he went to Australia, who was considered 'a cousin' to the family. However the exact degree of relationship they were, is no longer known to us.

From: aschanz3***comcast.net
I am trying information on Edward Bryant Cullen and family. He came to America in 1850 and was born 16 May 1829. He was my husband's great great grandfather. The information we have from family is he was a music professor and attended college of St. Patrick's. He was son of Dr. and Mrs. Paul John Cullen of County Carlow. I saw the following listing think it may be who we are looking for.
Cullen, Paul John; Surgeon; 57 Dublin Street by Jim Roache of extract from the 1846 Directory for Carlow. Any info will be appreciated!

From: jfroache***sympatico.ca
Many thanks to Jim Roache for this extract from the 1846 Directory for Carlow:

From: jfroache***sympatico.ca
My gg grandfather was John Roach (b. 1815 0r 17) originally of Co. Carlow, later of Sheehan's Lane (now Forest Rd.) in St. John's, Newfoundland and then Middle Cove, NF (after 1846). He bought land from the Delaney family there and received a grant in 1848.

His wife was JANE m.s. CULLEN (1814-1880) also from Co. Carlow and buried in the RC Cemetery in Torbay. It was previously believed that the family was from Co Wexford but now it seems like it was actually Carlow. Cannot connect Jane with her family of origin in either Ireland or Canada. Anyone???

From: Daililli***aol.com
Michael Hanlon m. Dorothy Cullen 22aug1839 at the Cathedral of the Assumption, Parish of Carlow, Co. Carlow. Wit: John Hayden and Maria Spencer. Michael and Dorothy were Roman Catholic.
Patrick 27oct1839 Spons: John Cullen and Maria Spencer
Lawrence 27mar1842 Spons: Lawrence Cullen and Mary Brophy
Margaret 15jul 1844 Spons: Anne Kavanaugh
m. Patrick Mahoney 05may1873 in Toledo, Ohio, USA (gr-grandmother to Diane Mahoney).
Marquis 14nov1846 Spons: Jos. Lynch (cousin) and Bridget Bamrick
Mary 11jun1849 Spons: John Brophy and Anne Callinder
Rose 29may1854 Spons: James Cullen and Mary Dugan
Dorothy 06sep1851 Spons: Sidney Smith and Mary Byrne
Anne 08aug1857 Spons: Joseph (cousin) and Mary Lynch
Johanna Hanlon 03feb1861 Spons: Simon Cullen and Mary Moore
m. Timothy Mahoney 1889 in Chicago, Illinois, USA (Timothy was brother to Patrick Mahoney)

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